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Episode 55 ..
The episode starts with twinkle continuing with the past ….

Flashback back shows …
Twinkle was getting attracted towards laksh ..they both used to stay together talk eat everything ..yuvi didn’t used to come daily to college coz he went for trip that time so he too didn’t know anything regarding it …and laksh he didn’t know that twinkle is his besty(abeer) sister …after a week twinkle was fully attached to him …then she thought that she love him ..she decided to confess it ….

T : laksh can u come with me …

L : yeah sure Twinkle they both went from there …haan tell me what u wanna say …

T : ..wo..laksh ..umm ..

L : what twinkle ..say na ..

T : I think I love you …

L : what ???? Really ..?? 

T : yess …

L : I love you too twinkle ..he hugged her she was too happy..

Twinkle went from there happily and laksh went to his classmates …I told you na guys … I have won this bet she said she loves me …

Akash( laksh frnd) : yesss bro superbbb….u have won the bet …

L : I am feeling bad for her now I have to end this game ….he was going to meet twinkle when he met abeer …

Ab : hey Bhai kaisa hai Tu ??? ..

L : haan I am fine Tu kaisa hai ek college me rehkar bhi hum Nahi milte ..

Ab : haan yaar last year so I am studying badlyyyyy u know ..but bdw u met twinkle …

L : twinkle ??? How do you know her ?? 

Ab : what’s this silly questions I am her brother ?? twinki hai wo ..

L :what ??? …twinki ??? Your lil sister ??

Ab : yeah I saw you with her yesterday in library so I thought you know ..

L : acha ….chal I’ll meet you later ..

Ab : hmm okay bye …

Laksh went to twinkle …she smiled ..

L : I am so sorry twinkle ..I don’t love you …

T : what ???? ..u are lying right ..???

L : no twinkle it was actually dare given by my friends ..I don’t love you I am so sorry plzz if possible forgive me …

T : u are soo bad u played with my feelings …twinkle left from there crying …

Flash back ends …

T : that’s it from that day I didn’t met him till today …I started living my life normally then after some days I got to know that it was just a mere attraction with me I too didn’t loved him ever …then yuvi mahi became my friends and we used to rock in college …them u came back u know why I used to hide my feelings coz I wasn’t sure if this time also this is love or not ..I don’t wanted to do anything early this time ..u came and showeed what does it mean by true love …now I love you deeply madly unconditionally …i can’t think of loosing you …twinkle was crying n crying while kunj hugged her and rubbed her back inorder To console her …

K : now forget everything twinkle …I am happy u have not hided anything ..and yeah …I love you zyada …samjhiiiii ..

T : haan …she hugged kunj ..
(Bolna plays in BG ……♥♥♥♥♥♥)

T : kunj u will never leave me na…

K : never ever till my last breathe …

They both sat their in each other embrace without saying anything just They wanted to enjoy  the moment …

K : acha sun …

T : haan ..

K : chall dinner karte hai ..I know tune kuch nahi khaya Hoga hai na ..chale warna I’ll eat you he said and bite her left cheek …

T : kunjjjj ..tum itne ache kyun ho ??? ..

K : bcoz I have world’s best girl in my life sitting in my embrace …

T : I can’t even describe how special u make me feel each time ..I love youuuuuu

He smiled at her and says ab chale ..pehle khana badme romance …they laughed …

They went inside and have their dinner feeding each other …kunj knew that still twinkle was scared with the recent happenings …they went to twinkle room ..

He kept her head on his lap and caressed her hairs ..asking her to sleep ..after sometime she slept …he made her lie proper ..pulled the blanket over her and kissed her forehead ..after making sure she has slept he left back to sarna mansion …

3 days passed by twinkle came back to normal …

Next day ::::
The day started asusual everyone started getting back to normal but there was hustle bustle of twinkle wedding too …abeer Kabir yuvi kunj all went to office as they will not get time to go when the function will start so they are doing everything before …

Misha mahi meher and twinkle Leela usha babee went for twinkle shopping and their shopping too they buyed each n everything clothes sandals cosmetics jewellery everything they all got tired and returned to TM at 9:30 …

They went inside men’s were already present there Kabir took Misha with him ….twinj smiled seeing each other …

Rt : so I think we should start the wedding rituals as only 7 days left for the wedding …

Man : haan so ladies shopping done ?
U : yeah we had buyed everything ..

Rt : so kunj twinkle ??? What type of wedding u want ??? Destination …

Twinj : uhmm no papa we want the wedding to happen in Amritsar only …they looked at each other n smiled …

Man : okay Bhai as your wish …
Ba : tomorrow is Rakhi we will start wedding rituals from day after tomorrow is that okay …

All nods happily …when they heard a voice …

So bad kunj twinkle u both forgot us the voiceover said twinj smiled n turned …
Screen freezes ….
So how was the Episode ???…
Hope u all like it …
Sorry guys can’t do bak bak bhtt mushkil se epis likh rahi Hu ?? lunch breaks mein so sorry can’t give quick updates got hell bzy ….
Do comments ba byeee …
Thanks to all who commented on last one …

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  1. SidMin23

    Nice and love it how she told everything to kunj and he understood and

  2. Rochika

    Hey sameera di…thanks for posting this epi di..i was eagerly waiting for your ff…??????????????..
    This episode was stupendous di as always….no words..???????
    Kunj is sooo sooo sooo understanding, nice and kind hearted..?????????
    Awww twinj looks sooo cuteeee together…??????????
    Yehhh!!! Twinj wedding rituals are gonna start…i m super duper excited for that.?????????????
    Pleazz post asap….
    Love u!!!?

  3. wow awesome yr
    post when u free
    twinj r so sweet & luv their bond
    super excited for their marriage function
    thanks for posting
    keep writing
    post next soon
    luv u

  4. Kiya1234

    Superb episode sami ?❤️❤️❤️
    Excited for twinj wedding ??
    Kunj is so and humble man ??understanding too
    Twinkle is really lucky ??????
    Post soon plz

  5. Awesome episode… ☺️

  6. Presha

    Awespme dii…
    Loved it..
    Too good…
    Love u..
    Post soon

  7. Sana785

    Amazing …..Fabulous….

  8. Nishuu

    Amazing episode Sam baby
    Loved it

  9. Sidmin ki sadia

    Awesome. Epi di
    And woh mujhe pata hai ki woh swadarsh hai

  10. Anusha

    Awesome epi

  11. Amazing episode sammu
    Yrrr sammu tum kha thi itne din se me bahut wait kar rahi thi tumhara

    PlzzZzzzz katil bhi post kr do
    Come soon dear
    Luv u

  12. Vibhu

    Hy amazing episode .. loved Kunj supporting Twinkle .. I think Swadarsh aa gye ?
    post asap ??

  13. Farwah fathima

    Do continue and post the next one soon

  14. Awesome sam amazing
    Just so super
    Loved kunj character and their bond
    And that voices his friends na
    Love you keep smiling

  15. Aamna_2690

    Babes ❤❤
    Amazing Episode ??
    Lovely ??
    Kunj’s Support ??
    Hayee ?? Finally TWINJ WEDDING ??
    Post Soon ??
    Love U ??

  16. Aamu

    Loved twinj scenes..and kunj caringss…?
    Post whenever u r free…
    N sorry for late cmnt..
    Same as u..i m also busy?
    Love u

  17. Shalini15

    Wow my sweetness ki dukan superbbbbbbbb episode. Loved twinj bond, their understanding nd unbreakable nd blind trust on each other. Love the way twinkle told him everything nd he support her. Awesome episode. Loved it sooooooo much. Post soon.
    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ?

  18. Anshikajainn

    It was soo awesome loved it..

  19. Baby

    loved it sooo mch samieee ♥
    cute emotional lovely showed every emotiona soo beautifully ♥
    in sch an adorable manner ♥
    n den finally swadarsh are here♥
    love u soooo mch ♥

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