Kaira : Together for a moment called Forever by Vrushy ( Chapter 38 )

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Chapter 38
The worst Nightmare !!

Finished, Naira’s world had collapsed this time. She trusted Karthik more than herself. She had refused to marry him because she was afraid of taking in the fact that he had already shared his emotions with someone else which she wanted only to be hers.

She lived in the hope that one day, that fear will leave her completely and he will be hers forever but…perhaps she must not have met Gayatri and given her a lecture about relations and compromises. She cursed herself for doing that.

Okay, she has never met his needs but at least he must have thought about her before welcoming Gayu back into his life.

‘She will definitely support us.’ his words echoed in her ears and she closed them with her hands. Its the most painfull line, she had ever heard. How can she do that ?!! Karthik is only hers and will be hers forever. Karthik is her husband not Gayatri’s.

No !! Naira cannot let him go to her again because Gayu had given him enough pain and being Karthik’s wife, she will never let this happen. Yes, she is determined now but Karthik’s mobile ringtone brought her back to realty.

“Yes Dii. I am busy with some work and won’t be able to come tonight. Yeah, inform Naira. Okay. Take care of her. Bye.” Karthik said and disconnected the call.

“Seriously ?!! Where are we going tonight ?!!” Gayu asked.

‘To attend your funeral’ Naira hissed venomously.

“Let’s take a stroll by the beach. Only you and me.” Karthik said.

“Wow that’s cool.” Gayu said.

“Yeah and tomorrow will be a big day. We will tell my family about getting back together. I pray that Naira accept us.” Karthik said. Gayatri laced her fingers with his, assuring him. He smiled as reply.

“She will.” Gayu assured him.

“She will.” Karthik repeated.

Naira walked two steps forward, towards them to stop them but there was a sharp pain in her head. It jerked her back to where she had been standing. All this mental tension had lead to migraine and she suddenly remembered that she had stopped taking pills.

She tried to walk further but her head was pounding hard. Her vision started to become blurr and noises around her grew more faint. Her eyelids were becoming heavy by every passing minute.

Naira blinked her eyes several times and saw Karthik moving far away from her with Gayatri. She made a failed attempt to call him because now it was clear for her that she is gonna loose him completely.

“Karthik, come back. Come back to me. You can’t do this to me.” Naira screamed but the voice didn’t come out of her mouth.

She slipped and fell on the ground. She tried hard to keep her eyes open but her head ache was not allowing it. Its then she noticed that she was crying, crying for him.

“I love you Karthik.” Naira whispered and with that, she closed her eyes letting the darkness consume her.


Naira opened her eyes blinking several times. She sat up holding her pounding head and inhaled deeply. Everything was so blurr but then suddenly it became clear.

Karthik. Gayatri. Their reunion.

She gulped and sniffed, the smell was so familiar. It had recently become her favourite scent. She knew who’s scent it was, even with her eyes closed.

Slowly and steadily, she opened her eyes and met her favourite brown orbs staring right back at her.

She looked around and realised it was their room. She turned to her left side and unlocked her mobile to check the time and it was 2:28 am. She frowned and turned to her right feeling his presence.

He looked at her with a look full of concern on his face. Naira wondered why would he be concerned for her and moreover he must have been with Gayatri. What was he doing here ?!! Naira scrunched her face in confusion at him.

How did she reach their room ?!! Her heart started beating faster. What was going on ?!! She was totally confused and lost.

“Are you fine ?!!” He asked with a scowl on his face. His concern again shocked her.

“Shouldn’t he have been worrying for Gayu than me ?!!” Her mind taunted her.

“Wh..I…Me..um..” She stuttered absolutely not understanding how to react.

“Seems like you saw a bad dream.” Karthik said.

Precap : Cuddles !!yeh

Ohkay, so peeps I am really tired of explaining myself again and again. Whenever I have adapted my FF from some novel, I have mentioned the fact in the Authors note always. I never claimed that the work was mine if it was not.

The same is mentioned in the first five Chapters of this FF. I had already stated that this FF is adapted from one of my favourite books at the start itself. I being a writer understand the dedication and hardwork that goes into penning down something so I would never falsely claim something mine until it isn’t.

I read a few comments and I was deeply hurt. I don’t know about the other FF that people are talking about but I was going to mention the book’s name, from which this story is adapted in the last Chapter of this FF, like I did in “Love me till the end” And “Perfectly Imperfect”.

I am sorry. I didn’t meant to vent out over her, but I am just very deeply hurt as this is not the first time that I am being blamed. I am just dissapointed. I woud also apologise if I have hurt anyone. Forgive me.

Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

  1. Aishbee

    Vrushy just tell me that it’s a dream…. Coz its been haunting me from yesterday…. And in like Karthik can’t do this…. And I’ve been hating gayu for it…. Just tell me it’s a dream please please??

    1. Vrushy

      You will get to know everything in the next Chapter. Don’t worry !!

  2. Aishbee

    I’if you say that’s is a dream then a tight hug from my side????

    1. Vrushy

      Wait for the next part to give me a hug !!

  3. Aishbee

    Yes point number 1 …we know you vrushy even I haven’t seen you… We know this at least that you are original ….in the sense you don’t copy paste and change names…..
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    And moreover you have exams…. That’s really great I really don’t know how you handle your academics and tu hand in hand….. You must be really really talented…..
    And please don’t get hurt…. Don’t take it to your heart…. Just one…. All this happens…. So just let it happen…
    And annoyed thing you don’t have to be sorry…. You are a human at the end of the day….
    Bade bade desho mein aisi chotte chotte bath hothi rahthi hai senorita ??????
    But anyways I’m very Happie that you’re back once again…. There are few humble followers of you…. So never get disappointed by anything…. Stay happy and blessed…. Love you tons

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
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      Your comment means a lot to me. A little love between all the hatered just gives you hope. You did the same for me.
      Thanks again for supporting me !!
      Love you.

  4. vrushy..just think any the negatives ones..looks only on positives only..we r the followers of ur work…
    plz don’t b hurt. ..just focus on urwork..
    v r wid u..
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    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
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    Amazing part
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    1. Vrushy

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  6. Fenil

    Awesome chappy.
    So its dream of Naira.
    She was so tensed even i m.
    Can’t wait for next.
    Yaa i saw her comment i replied there also.
    We know you always mention in start and its just coincidence that two person select same novel for their ff you choosed for Kaira and that person for RagLak.Don’t take it so on hearts its not good for health.we r with you as always.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
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  7. very nice chapter upload the next asap

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  9. Shivaya khanna

    Omg vrushy what a suspense it was Nairas dream cannot believe it I mean like other I too started hating Karthik but this was great I loved it vrushy don’t worry we all know you your work and originality maybe somebody has adapted another ff after reading the same book this is a big possibility anyways loved the chapter waiting for next pls post soon and we all love your work never stop writing

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    Hi Di as usual amazing part.
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