Swaragini-Incomplete Love Episode 14 By Aditi Ayansh

Hi everyone How r u all.. thank u for commenting everyone it really means a lot to me. Ple feel free to talk to me..And also in this episode u’ll get to know Ragini’s haunting past. Also pls read the author’s note at the end.
Adi 🙂

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Recap: Ragini and Sanskar talks
Ragini: no Ragini u cant be like this..u need to be strong..u should stop thinking about everything else…pls ..this is the only chance..for which u waited for 2 years..u cant waste it just like that. Stay strong. Now just one more day. After that everything will be alright
Sanskar: no Sanskar u have promised bhabhi that u’ll get her sister back..And i dont know what is with this girl. She have such a loving family out there and still she is staying here..where no one is there for her..I wonder why?..But whatever the matter be i’ll take her back
Someone knocks at his door
Sanskar goes and opens it
A lady comes in
Lady: Sanskar?
Sanskar: ji haan
Lady: I am Rekha, what were u doing with Diya ?
Sanskar: diya?
Rekha: no need to frame any lie..i saw u both outside the ashram.
Sanskar: woh we were just talking..nothing else
Rekha: what u mean by nothing else? Sudha told me that she saw both of u holding hands today?
Sanskar: oh no ma’am u have got us wrong..i was just
Rekha: whatever it is we dont want it to happen again. Did u get it?..Stay away from Diya and rest of the girls here. W e dont want our ashram’s reputation to go down.
Sanskar: sorry but honestly u have got it all wrong
Rekha: u wish
Rekha goes
Sanskar: now its too risk to stay here and convince her to come back with me..i have to think something else.
Sanskar thinks
Ragini comes to room after having dinner
She takes out her diary and writes..and she sleep in tht position .
After some time Sanskar comes to her room
He sees her sleeping keeping her on the table.
He comes close to her.
But as he moved forward the vase kept there falls down (and breaks…)
Hearing this sound Ragini wakes up
Sanskar quickly uses chloroform
Ragini becomes unconscious
Sanskar checks her
Sanskar: see Ragini this is all ur fault.
Sanskar sees Ragini’s dairy.
He takes it
Sanskar: Ragini’s diary
Sanskar reads it (some pages not the complete diary ok)

Today is new year i hope this year will help me to decrease my worries. I came to know about that ashram today. And i am on my way to that ashram.”
Today was a very peaceful day for me after so many days of darkness chaos finally I am at this ashram. I met guru ji today. After meeting him I feel more relaxed. I hope everything will happen as I want. But i said my name is Diya. I know i should not have lied my i did not wanted to take any risks. Pls god be with me”
Today I got a new friend Pooja. Pooja’s family and her boyfriend’s family are not agreeing for their marriage. She is a very nice girl. She is like Shona di..very caring . Sometimes I miss everyone especially Shona di. But I am helpless. I hope everything will be alright this year. “
Today was Sudha maa’s birthday. We had special prayers for her. Today is Shona di’s birthday also. I prayed for her. I really hope she to get a good husband who will keep her happy. And takes good care of her.”
“# 76
2 years back on this dreadful day I realised many things in my life. I naver knew why dadi hated me this much. She always loved Shona di..and only Shona di. She never even consider me as her own. This thing always bothered me a lot. But I never told this to anyone. And 2 years back on this same day I decided to ask her. Because I wanted to know why she was doing this to me. And today she told me everything. ”

Sanskar keeps on reading

“She told me everything. She told that I am not her grandchild”

Sanskar is shocked.
Sanskar: what Ragini is not Shekhar uncle’s daughter

“..Yes I am no one in that house. I am not related to them. I am adopted.”

Sanskar: what she is adopted?

“..I am not their daughter. I am not Shona di’s sister. I am not related to them. I lost everything on this day. This day i realised that i am completely alone in this world. I have no one in this world. I remember i cried a lot. But then i decided i’ll find my parents so i left home. After wondering around collecting all possible information finally i reached here to meet my parents. ”

Sanskar: that means she is staying here to meet her parents.

“..Once i meet them i’ll tell them that i am their daughter. I hope that day will come soon.”

Sanskar: oh god.

“# 104
Today using my contacts i got the information that this year also my parents will come in this ashram. From Sudha maa i came to know that they come to this ashram every year. She also told me that they lost their new born daughter and they tried a lot to find her but they could not. When i meet them i’ll tell them that i am their lost daughter. They will be very happy i am sure.”

“# 160
Today a person came here. He was calling me Ragini. I tried to avoid him but he got me. He said he is Sanskar and he is Swara di’s brother in law. I was very happy learning that Swara di is now married but now also i cant return to them. So i told him i am not Ragini. Thankfully he didnt have any photo of mine with him. But why is he here. Is he here to find me? If it is that so then what will i do”
Today Pooja is finally happy. Thank u god for filling her life with happiness. Today i had to be with Sanskar. Its only because guru ji wanted me to go with him. I dont think he has fully believed my story he still calls me Ragini. And i had to be very catious because of this.”
Today also i had to go with Sanskar. He told me about Swara di but i acted like ignoring him. But i know i am missing them all but i just cant go back to them. Feels like Sanskar is here to take me back to Swara di. But i cant just go and he never stops calling me by my name. He is always around me saying that he does nt anyone other than me”
Today i had a bad day. Sanskar found out everything about me. He got my and Swara di’s photo. But i cant step back now. He is blackmailing me that he wll tell everyone that my true name i Ragini and i am not an orphan. But now nothing can stop i have to stay here for 1 more day and after that everything will get sorted. I have stay away from Sanskar because Sudha maa is thinking that there is something goin between me and Sanskar.”

Sanskar closes the diary
Sanskar: oh my god..what is all this..i cant imagine she ..she left everything to find her real parents. But Ragini i know more than anyone Shekhar uncle Sharmishta aunty and Swara bhabhi loves u. And u desereves to be with them.Sanskar sits on the bed thinking.
After sometime he sees Ragini waking up slowly
Ragini sees Sanskar
Ragini is about to shout Sanskar closes her mouth.
Sanskar: dont u dare to shout.
Ragini looks on
Sanskar: i know everything about u.
Ragini struggles.
Sanskar: ok i know u dont want to come to ur home. But u dont understand.
Sanskar leaves her.
Ragini: u dont know anything about me. And dont u try to take me from here.. i will not come with u
They hear some noise.
Ragini is about to shout.
Sanskar closes her mouth again.
Suddenly The door opens.
Ragsan are shocked to see the person.
Author’s note : wait…how was the episode???? Was is shocking thrilling dhamakedaar..i hope so
Well now that my shaitaan dimang is back now u all r going to get lot of twists turns and suspences ..and that too back to back. Are u my favourite squad excited???????…..So next episode u all will get a BIG ZOR KA JHATKA…. and pls let me know how is the current plot going..both positive and negative comments are welcome..also suggestions…and pls do comments. The suspence queen is back now…
Hey squad i am updating all my stories in wattpad also. My wattpad id is @ABGopika
And pls be feel free to talk to me. And u know na u all are my friends..its just like i have another family here. And by the way next episode will be a MAHAEPISODE…so r u all excited pls pls pls..tell me through ur comments.
Love u all
Take care. Keep on smiling. Keep on reading. Stay healthy Saty happy Stay blessed.
Adi 🙂

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  1. superb, so ragini’s mystery is out, what will sanskar do now?? waiting for the next part, are ragsan trapped??

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Mishty di 🙂 i’ll update next part soon..well haan Ragsan are trapped

  2. Superb eagerly waiting to know that person.

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Ishu di 🙂 will get to who that person in the next episode

  3. Amazingggg again twist ???

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much di 🙂 now its going to be raining twists

  4. awesome. Thank God finally I got ragsan stories today ?

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Vini di 🙂

  5. Superbbbb duperrrrrrrrrrr damaka update. So ragini is not shesumi daughter!!

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Maha di..how was the twist di??? 🙂

  6. Vinu


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      Thank u so much Vinu di 🙂

  7. Awesome.waiting for next part.

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much di 🙂 will update next part soon

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      Thank u so much di 🙂

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    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Manu di 🙂

  10. Amazing update di… who is that person? Can’t wait to read … post next part soon…

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Ria dr 🙂 u’ll get all ur answers in the nxt update dr. keep on reading 🙂

  11. MKRS

    Fabulouuuuusssss update dr. I think this is the first time you wrote long part!!! ragini’s mystery out. Now what twist you were talking ??? waiting for next chappy.

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Mk di 🙂 Yh this is the first time. Twists are on its way di stay tuned. will update soon 🙂

  12. Awesome yaar. Feeling sad for ragini. And don’t dare to call me di. I’m aditi for you only.

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Aditi 🙂 …opps now onwards no di..ok love u take cr 🙂

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Tara di 🙂

  13. Ossssssssooooooommmmmmmm damn interesting yaar.

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Sug di 🙂 thank u sooooo much 🙂 take care

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Anu di 🙂

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      Thank u so much Keerthi di 🙂

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      Thank u so much vani di 🙂 dont wry everything is going to be fine soon

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    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Nive di 🙂 yh truth is out now..well about that person u’ll get to know it soon 🙂

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    1. Aditi.Ayansh

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      Thank u so much Pinky di 🙂 ..good guess let see who it is in the next update keep on reading di 🙂

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    wonderful update di 🙂 loved the way you write…

    1. Aditi.Ayansh

      Thank u so much Sweetheart..Thanx alot take care dr 🙂

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