IT’S COMPLICATED… — Avneil , Twinj , AdiYa and MaNan ff (CHAPTER 3)

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WARNING ⚠ : I should have warned before only but I forgot. this contains Self harm , eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and bullying so if you want you’re not comfortable with it you can stop reading.


Scene 1 – stonehills campus
(Evening , 4 PM)

Usually nobody is seen around the campus after classes but today some students were there sitting on the benches in the campus ,probably because they had to discuss their music project.

Manik was sitting on the bench waiting for Nandini , while Avni and Neil already began there discussion . Kunj was sitting on the bench near water fountain waiting for his partner , Twinkle who had no idea that this project even exist, yes because she wasn’t present in music class and none of her friends informed her anything.

Manik seemed to be somewhat upset and anyone could tell that this was because Twinkle didn’t talked to him the whole day. She didn’t came to any of the class ,god knows what she was doing this whole day but adding to that priyank was nowhere to be seen as well.

“Hey, you haven’t brought any notebook with you? How are we going to discuss ?”. Nandini asks sitting beside Manik and looking at his hand which was empty , he neither had notebook nor pen.

“Well god has given us something called mouth and I’m pretty sure we can discuss with that”. Manik replies rolling his eyes at her .

“Can you talk nicely for once”. Nandini says sitting on bench frowning .

“You can leave anytime if you don’t like the way I talk miss murthy”. He said glaring at her.

“I’m here to complete my project.. so let’s get to that”. Nandini replies opening her notebook.

“Do you even know what love is ?how will you write a song.. I’m sure you didn’t even had a single boyfriend till date”. Manik says letting out a little laugh from his mouth.

“I don’t think you have to be in a realtionship to experience love , anyways take this page and start writing your lines..”. Nandini says handing Manik a piece of paper and a pen.

Both get busy in writing their lines.

Yes I wanted you ,more than I can ever say
Yes I closed my eyes and dreamt about you all day
but I don’t know when my love turned into hate
Was it your fault or was it all planned by fate…

Nandini wrote this in her paper and then folded it … tears started building up in her eyes for some reason.  Manik noticed the sadness on her face. He wanted to ask what happend but he didn’t… instead he looked away  trying to avoid her eyes and hide the pain on his face. But pain !! Why !!!they both hate each other , right ?

Scene 2 – Staff resident , stonehills

Zoya is lying on her bed with her phone in her hand. She looks at her lockscreen with a sad smile. Tears start building up in her eyes.

I miss you..”. She looks at her lockscreen and then hugs her phone close to her chest.

“Come back..please..”. She cries.

Scene 3 – Stonehills campus
(Evening 6 PM)

Avni and Neil were talking and discussing their project.

“Like seriously what a stupid project ?”. Neil said laughing.

Avni also faked a laugh.

“I don’t think anything like love even exist and I am writing a song on something that doesn’t even exist”. Neil said laughing carelessly .

Avni seemed little hurt when he said this but she laughed too.

“Yeah… but maybe love exist .. maybe”. Avni said looking at him.

“You are saying this… come on bro”. Neil said packing everything in the bag again because it was snacks time and they had to go to their hostel.

Avni was just sad for some reason … it was obvious because she just got brozoned. Yes if you’re wondering, girls also get brozoned.  But like every other girl she was also an expert in hiding emotions so she gave him a wide smile.

Yes Avni and Neil were nothing more than best-friends but she didn’t liked it at all when Neil used to hangout with other girls ,and she sometimes used to feel sad because she thought she is not as pretty as those girls , she is not the type of girl boys want ,she wears oversized clothes instead of girly dresses , her shoes stand nowhere when compared to those high heels … all these thoughts make her sad sometimes …sometimes.

“Let’s go.. it’s snacks time.. bye”. Avni says with a smile and walked towards her hostel.

Hey have you seen Twinkle? She is my project partner but she didn’t came here to discuss”. Kunj asks Avni stopping her.

“Oh fish!!! I forgot to inform her.. here ,take her number and ask her”. Avni says remembering that she had to inform Twinkle about the project but she forgot. She gives kunj her number and then goes inside her hostel.

Kunj looks at his phone thinking what to do now. He decides to text her instead of calling because as always he is too nervous to call.
He saves her number and then opens her profile … wowwww his eyes widens when he sees her profile pic.
He slaps his head
Kunj !! No… don’t think that.. you’re just a stupid idiot nerd in her eyes.

He mentally slaps himself again and then texts her.

Kunj – hey its kunj , we have got a project in music and we’re partners .. so.. when do you think we can discuss it ?
(Sent at 6:30 pm)

(Read at 6:35 pm)
Twinkle – how the hell you got my number.. be in your limits you nerd.. I don’t have any interest in project but then again my marks depends on it… umm … so let’s meet in college park at 8 pm..see ya later

Kunj kept his mobile back in his pocket. And walked towards his hostel but then he remembered that its not allowed to go out of hostel after 7 … oh shit!!!..he decides to text her again but the text doesn’t get delivered.
He goes to his room and sees Manik sitting there.. manik was looking sad for some reasons but kunj was relieved to see that … atleast he won’t bully him now.
He ignores Manik and goes to his study table and opens his books .

After sometimes he sees the time…its 8 o clock..and Its dark outside ,he looks down from his window and sees  Twinkle walking in the park , probably waiting for him.

She’s already there, she broke the rule.. really… but how can I break rule and go now.. but her phone is switched off I can’t even inform her that I won’t come… godd… what should I do now..

He run his hand through his hairs thinking what should he do now .. but then closes the book and goes out of the room. Manik sees him going somewhere so he looks out of the window and sees Twinkle and Kunj there…

He fumes in anger and throws Kunj’s book from the table in anger.

Very good twinkle , you have time for everyone but not for the one you call your bff”. He thinks and rolls his eyes.


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