Destiny- pre-planned journey by God – Chapter 4

chapter 4

Strange connection they had without meeting each other. Ani loved her a lot.. after reading her mails which she wrote at 6 month separation made him fall in deep love for her.

On the other hand, khushi was in duo mind. She was in love with him blindly but scared too as she had never met him. Khushi was backstabbed by her friends many times. That’s y she was not able to be stable in her live story.

Once she called ani

ani : hi how r u

khushi : I m gud n u

ani- m fyn.. missing u..

khushi- I wanted to say something.. I want to do frndship with ur brother.

Ani- no need I can’t share u with anyone. Now I go home I don’t like u call from std booth

khushi – hmmm

Ani had three wishes when ever he meets her. He wants to feed her something from his hand. He wanted to hug her once. N see her nicely.

once he planned to come Pondicherry to meet khushi . He was going Tirupati with his frnds. But khushi said no to meet making reasons. She was afraid.


She was afraid if he meets her and doesn’t like her. If he leaves her after meeting her. She didn’t want to lose him. So she decided she won’t meet him.

Days went .. khushi got mobile. They talked to each other every day for hours.ani wanted to know each n everything about her. They used to talk at night.

After khushi sleeps,Ani used to sleep. Whenever Ani used to go movie night shows or to his home town,she used to sleep once he reached safely.

Though it was distance love story they lived it well.. Ani was making khushi eat lunch. (Imaginary) suddenly his mobile got stuck n switched off. Khushi stopped eating . Ani knew she won’t eat. He borrowed his friend mobile n made her eat.

One day Ani sent his pic through mail. Finally khushi saw her love for the first time. She was very happy. Ani started insisting her that he wants to see her. After so much of hesitation, she agreed.

she went cyber cafe,she started cam. They saw each other. The cam was not clear. She was looking bad because of bad clarity.ani asked her to adjust the cam properly. She tried adjusting n broke the cam. She got scared. She informed Ani. She left from that cafe n went another cyber cafe.

she asked the person to on the cam. This cam had very good clarity. Finally they saw each other.

a guy with very soft hair and a girl in salwar with traditional look with bindi. Ani wanted to keep seeing her. By the khushi realised ,she dropped her I card in old cafe.she thought she is gone.she didn’t have much money to pay for broken cam


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