Swaragini- my friend (Episode 28)

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Thanks for your support friends and also silent readers. Thank you lovely, ragzteju,sreevijayan,febi,fats, bharathi, megha sisso,ashnoor,vk,tani,kutty,simi,keerthu,Renu kom,sraviya sri,s,fairy,niriha,dharani, asra, ammu,pooja,malu, anju,kiddoo and sherin.. I know most of them don’t want to end this. But I felt I am dragging. That’s why. Actually I was so tired in marriage works and didn’t take rest properly. It resulted in fever but now I am ok.Bharathi, now I know why you have name bharathi. You born on Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s birth date and I am feeling pity for your teacher/ lecturer. How many doubts you will ask. Just joking vaise you have strong memory power. I will clear your every confusions and don’t worry about friends. In My Pov, Parents are the best friends once you understand them and make them understand you, I felt this with my parents and don’t worry about cake, no cake stand infront of maa’s Kesari(sweet dish made of Rava/Sooji) and a kiss of parents in forehead which make your day special and all the best for your exams. What are you studying? . Kutty and keerthu, I am sorry yaar for ending this. I know it will rekindle some memories and this ff is very special to me. warning- little bit emotional content.
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Summary for present:
Veer, Suji,Vishnu and Radhika come alive whom thought to be dead. Veer is Laksh dad, Suji is Sanskar maa and Vishnu and Radhika are Rajat and Aarav parents. They misunderstood Laksh died in a accident. Sanlak and Raj parents live in a single house. Swasan and Lakshman goes to temple which is faraway from their house. While returning their car breakdown, a little boy helps them and take them to his house as it’s night and raining. Swasan sees Raglak in shock, they fainted. Ragini is suffering from memory loss and Laksh lies that he is Amrit and Laksh’s twin and made SwaSan believe. Laksh family comes to Laksh house and overwhelmed to see Laksh alive. Swasan takes Raglak to their house and Sanskar doubts that Lakhs is lying and do the tests with help of Amar, Ragini’s bhai,. Amar certifies that he is not Laksh and he is veer’s son as Laksh forced him to lie. Swara get to know that Laksh met Ragini just a year before and Sathya is Laksh’s son and worries about Ragini’s future. Swasan decides to made Raglak marry eachother. Raksh, Amrit and others take Raglak and Sathya for shopping. Elders decide to do Swasan remarriage along with Raglak marriage. Sanskar got to know Laksh’s drama and confronts him. Laksh accepts but refused to tell the truth.

Let I start the episode.
Ragini wakes up and sees Laksh who is sleeping peacefully by hugging her.
Ragini’s POV
Jaan…(smiles) you are my life jaan and I can do anything for you. still, I can’t forget that day when I see you near to death. I am scared Jaan for losing you and I can’t live without you. I don’t know when my love turned into obsession. Yes jaan, I obessed in your love even I lied to you which you hate most. I don’t have any other way jaan. I don’t want to see as a don. Once your revenge is completed , that memories will haunt you and at the same time, I don’t want to let Arjun bhai in that dark world. but he took promise from me. once, we started our life in that village, I am scared Jaan that you will find my fake memory loss. I tried my best to develop distance by saying that I hate you, I accepted you for our sathu. But the truth is I am so scared, I didn’t have any energy to lose you again and I promised myself until your life get into normal, I will not refresh my life. That promise helped me to keep distance from you and I felt guilt about sweety’s condition. But when I come here, you again converted yourself into innocent Laksh whom I love most. I saw your innocence again in your eyes that expressive eyes. Even I love Rowdy who is overprotective about his family.(Ragini caresses Laksh moustache)Rowdy… when I saw in farmer’s attire and your new attitude , this name come in my mind. My cute rowdy…(Ragini raises her hand to pull Laksh cheeks but puts her hand down and smiles).
How many shades you have jaan. I love all your shades except that don shade in which you lost your own self. When rehan bhai said that you even ready to give poisoned food to kids in your revenge, I completely shattered jaan. I found only one way to save you. I made you take decision that me or your revenge. You chosen me. you don’t know how much happy I was. But still, I can’t trust you in this decision. because the bond you shared with Arjun bhai is stronger one. Whenever you went out from village, because of farm work I was so scared. After a year, Sanskar and Swara came and we came here.

At that night, when you touch me, I lost myself in your touch jaan. I completely lost myself in your touch. When my mind snapped me, that am I ready to refresh my life and I remembered my promise and to control myself I ran to balcony and clutched swing chain to control myself. When you started to kiss my neck, I lost fully in your love. But you broke it. when you controlled yourself for me, I love you more jaan. I cursed my self but in that time also I have to act. even I ready to sacrifice my promise but you easily smoothened me and I never think you met me in orphanage. (Laksh moves in sleep and hugs Ragini tighter,smiles).
Jaan,for this smile, I can do anything even I may lose my life.
Ragini slowly kisses Laksh’s forehead.
In swasan room,
Swara’s POV
Swara wakes up and sees Lakshman who is cuddling in his father embrace. Swara smiles by seeing this.
Swara kisses their forehead and Sanskar wakes up and kisses Swara .
“Good morning baby”Sanskar wished her.
Swara make her hair bun .
“ now I am so happy Sanku. This fake Laksh is so good and smart as our Laksh. he will keep my Rago happy”Swara said happily.
“he is our Laksh, my laku baby. But now I can’t say anything to you.” Sanskar said to himself .
“Sanku where you lost”Swara asked Sanskar while smiling.
“nothing baby..”Sanskar smiled to Swara.
Swara carefully puts Lakshman in cradle.
Ragini and Swara become ready and do the pooja with their respective husbands and everyone present there expect Raj and Sathya.
In hall,
Ragini:maa, where is Sathya ?
Kalyani: I think Raj take him out.
Ragini: this much earlier…
At that time , a watchman gives a courier to veer.
Ram: what is this Veer?
Veer: I don’t know Ram. There is no name…
Vishnu: give me…
Veer gives the courier to Vishnu and Vishnu opens it and reads the papaer.
Vishnu stands in shock and a photo falls on Ragini’s foot which is sent in courier.
Ragini takes the photo and shocked. In this photo, Sathya and Raj tied in a bed and in unconscious state.
Ragini walks backward and Laksh holds her.Swara is worried to see Vishnu and Ragini’s expression.
In the secret Place,
Shekar(master planner), sharma and King, the international drug seller , some other dons who are stands for evil present there.
Shekar: tomorrow, Sultan will be no more.
Sharma: we will easily sell drugs and others illegal things.
Don 1: but, K , that don will oppose us. He is so strong even he defeated Sultan and made him weak.
King: don’t worry friends. I sent my mens. Today he and his loyal ones will be dead.
Don 2 laughs devilishly.
Don 2: tomorrow onwards we don’t have any hurdles in kolkatta and Mumbai. Enjoy…
Don 2 raises his glass and other dons smiles devilishly and raises their glass.
In VR Mansion,
Photo falls down from Ragini hands and Ragini runs to her room. Laksh runs behind her.
Meenu takes that photo and shocked.
Meenu:maa.. sathya.. Raj bhai…
Radhika takes the photo and sits with thud.
Radhika:mera beta..! Sathu..! Vishnu..
Ram takes photo from Radhika hands.
Veer looks confusingly.
Sanskar: chote papa! What happened?
Vishnu: that JC transferred all the properties on Veer’s name to his name.
Janki:Don’t worry bade papa. We will get that back. I will file a case.
Ram:but he kidnapped Raj and Sathu.
Everyone shocked.
Veer sits in sofa and phone rings.
Aarav attends the call and puts in loudspeaker.
Caller:hello Mr.Singh, I hope you get the papers . what is your decision your family or company?
Caller:Good decision you will get your son and grandson in a hour.
Call is disconnected.
In Raglak room,
Ragini takes her phone while sobbing and calls Arjun. Laksh gets inside.
Ragini: hello.. Arjun bhai.. someone kidnapped Sathu. I want him back. Please do something I want my son.
Arjun(on call):rago. Don’t worry . I will come here.

Laksh shocked by hearing Ragini.
Ragini faints and at the nick of time , Laksh runs and holds her.
Laksh make her lay on bed and gives the tablet which he always gives by doctor prescription.
Laksh makes Ragini swallow the tablet and make her drink water.
Laksh Pov
What is happening here? How did cutie spoke with Arjun bhai? she have memory loss and she only remembers me and Sathu, even she didn’t remember others. Then, how could she called Ajju? How could she know about him?Arghh! it’s confusing me.wait! I will check cutie’s call history. She called this number yesterday also. I opened call recorder and played that recording.
“ hello Rago.. Jerry wake up from coma” that voice said. It’s definitely Ajju.
“ Arjun bhai. take care of sweety. I know you will take care of her. But still..”Cutie said.
“haan I found the culprit. It’s Shekar uncle,Dadu’s adopted son, Jerry said about this I never expected this. I am going to confront him tomorrow evening along with jerry”Arjun bhai said. No..Ajju shouldn’t go before Shekar. It will be a disaster.
“bhai, I also can’t continue this fake memory loss. I am going to tell truth after you caught that Shekar”Cutie replied. That means she didn’t lost her memory but this tablet. Why she took this tablets? Is she hide anything from me? I searched about this tablet in google. It gives a link. It’s it’s medicine for control pain for blood clot in brain nerves. Is she have blood clot?
My Vision blurred. Why you hide this from me.
Why cutie, why you did this to me.how can you love this much to me. I will save you at any cost. It’s your jaan’s promise if I can’t, I will follow you. I take cutie’s phone and called Ajju.
“hello rago… I reached and I am in your balcony. Come there”Arjun bhai said and I walks towards balcony.
I walked towards balcony by hiding my pain which is habituated me .
“Ajju…” I called Arjun bhai and he shocked to see me.
“Laksh..” Arjun bhai whispered my name and I hugged him tightly.
“when did you cured? How is sweety?” I asked him.
“ that disastrous day gave my memory and mental stability back”Arjun bhai answered.
“Don’t worry Laksh. I already sent Rehan to find nibble and raj and I will sent my mens too”Arjun bhai try to give me confidence.
“ bhai I want to know about Cutie’s blood clot” I said and Arjun bhai shockingly looks on me.
“how do you know?” Arjun bhai asked me.
“ it’s not a matter now”I replied.
“ when she got hit by rod, blood is clotted in her nerve. But at that time, her body didn’t have any strength to withstand operation . so doctor postponed her operation after three months.she faked her memory loss to stop you from revenge But you went along with her and I failed to find you both and I took your position and acted as K.when you return, she refused me to consult with doctor.”Arjun bhai said.
Is She scared that I would get to know the truth. How can she think that I will misunderstand her.
“ I can do anything for you jaan”Cutie’s word ringed in my mind. How can she love me this much. She risked her life for stopping me. I failed cutie as a friend as a lover as a husband I failed. I failed to nderstand you. I kneel down as I lost my energy as I can’t take more. I can’t take more. I want to yell but I can’t.
“ No Laksh. now you have to stand for your family. don’t lose your confidence.“ my mind snapped me.
“Laksh.. don’t worry .Rago ko kuch nagi hoga. First I find about nibble” Arjun bhai said.
“Ajju, he will come within a hour and JC loves Sathu more” I answered.
Arjun bhai shockingly looks at me.”that means you know about JC”
“I am the one who said to JC kidnap Sathu and raj and take properties in his name” I said.
“why?” Arjun bhai asked in a single word.
“ to break my family” I muttered while escaping a long tear from eyes.
“what? Why? You can’t. our family, each and everyone binded with selfless love Laksh. you never break it”Arjun bhai said confidentally.
“ love is not only strength bhai it’s also weakness and moreover do you think shekar can did all this alone” I asked Arjun bhai and Arjun bhai shockingly looks me.
“there is a big plan behind all this bhai, you can’t understand it”I answered.
My phone showed message and I opened it.
“work is done” JC messaged me.
Arjun bhai phone ringed and I signed him to attend the call.
Arjun bhai attend the call and phone slipped from his hand after a minute.
“Jerry..Ree..”Arjun bhai whispered. I walked towards him.
“don’t worry bhai. they are safe even your mens are safe” I said. Arjun bhai shockingly looked me.
Without any late, I make him unconscious.
“Sorry bhai, when you wake up, you will get to know every truth which I am hiding this one year” I muttered.
I called my mens and they take Arjun bhai to the house where Sweety and Ree hold now.
I entered into my room. Swara entered with Sathya.
Sathya run towards me and hugged me and I kissed him around his face and asked sorry virtually to him and Raj bhai.
“Papa, that old uncle is too good. He gave me chocolates”My prince said innocently without knowing the game which is playing with him. the game for power and wealth and they needs him for getting that.
My cutie wake up and she hugged sathya. Her tears gives me so much pain. I gave her pain only pain till she start to love me.
I gave time to my cutie and prince to talk and comes out to break my family which is the only way I have now to save my family and friends.
In the Secret place,
King ,Shekar and Sharma enjoys and drinks.
King attends the call and shouts in happiness.
King:my dear friends, our first enemy is gone. K, the don is killed in bomb blast not only him , his loyal mens also. as I said my work is finished.
Shekar: waah!
Shekar shakes the shamphine and bursts it. bubbles come out from shamphine bottle and evil dons enjoys the news.
Sharma:Shekar, King done his work. Still, your work is remaining.
Shekar:Don’t worry. K, already made my work easy. He weakened Sultan saap, now I will take his position. I will see you all after getting Sultan’s position at tomorrow evening.
Shekar and Sharma leaves the place.
In VR Mansion,
Laksh POV
In Hall,
After some minute,
JC’s Lawyer come here.
“Mr.Singh, as you transferred all your properties into my client JC’s name. so, when will you vacate this house? Because it’s also belongs to our client JC.” The lawyer whom I sent through JC Said.
“ but this house is in the name of Aarav who is the eldest son of this house” my papa said shockingly while looking Aarav and Aarav bhai nods his head down as he can’t see my papa’s eye.
“Sorry to say this Mr.Singh, Mr.Singhania and Mr.Maheshwari transferred all the properties which you gave to them, to you even shares in company before two years itself. Now JC is the sole owner of company who holds 90% of shares and also this house” Lawyer broken the truth infront of everyone.
I know my papa can’t accept this truth but this truth is the one who forced me to take this decision. my papa looks Ram uncle and Vishnu chote papa with painful eyes. The old friends whom can even sacrifice their lives for each other and who continued their friendship more than 50 years have painful eye lock of breaking his friend’s heart.
My maa shockingly see Suji maa and radhu maa who are her behan wala friends.
“ I thought you were my buddies, Ramu, Vyshu” my papa painfully said and walked backwards. Ram uncle and Vishnu chote papa run towards my papa to hold him but I hold my papa and my papa stopped them.
“ why? I thought you are my best friends, even I treated you both as my brothers. maa, papa even my sons treated you both as our family. even I forgot our parents are different in this. But why ramu? Why you did this to me” my papa asked them.
“ we are friends Rudra yes we live in the same house from our childhood. Mom and dad take care of both of us and loves us as you. even they gave shares in company but we are not the rightful heirs of this property. It’s your parents and we can’t claim this. It’s yours rudra that’s why we returned it you. but we will never imagned such a situation will arise”Ram uncle said.
“Do you also want to say anything, Vyshu?” My papa asked Vishnu chote papa with expressionless tone. Vishnu chote papa looked papa shockingly.
I understand my papa is fully broken.
My papa comes out of my hold.
“Ram, Vishnu. From my childhood, I always considered you both not only my best friends as also brothers. Do you know why maa and papa gave you shares in properties? Because they considered you both as their sons as me. they want all their sons have shares in their wealth. They know you should refuse that . that’s why they transferred in your sons name as their will. Today I know not only you even others also never considered me as your family neither I and kallu nor my sons. Devi, pack our bags . we will leave this house and we are going back to annur with our sons.” My papa said and walks towards his room by refusing Ram and Vishnu chote papa’s gaze and pleads.
Maa start to follow papa but Sanskar hold maa hands.
“bade maa, don’t leave us. Please…”Sanskar said even Suji maa and radhu maa hold maa hands.
“ If you really considered as your bade maa, you will never do this Sanskar. But you did and the ones whom I considered my behan’s , they also know about this. The fact is you all never considered me as your bade maa heartfully and not considered as your family” maa said while wiping her tears. Even when we thought my appa dead, maa didn’t cry. But now she cries. My family break down. This is I wanted but it’s paining me like hell.
Aarav bhai hold Amrit hands while Raj bhai try to convince Aadi.
“Aarav bhai, even when we both lived far away from you, we always considered you as my family. but you didn’t bhai.”Amrit said .
Amrit and Aadi packed their bags. Janki bhabhi and doll sees helplessly. All packed their bags.
Raksh and Adittra try to understand the situation.
Amar and Sahil bhai with their wives who come for take Ragini and Swara as a ritual shocked to see the scenario.
Sanskar looked at me. “ you know about this before itself. But why didn’t you stop this?” Sanskar asked me through his eyes.
I can’t able to answer his question. I broke the eye lock and start to walked towards gate with sathya in one hand and holded Ragini hand in another hand as support. Meenu and Amrit are walking before me.
But Suddenly Meenu stopped and hold my appa hands.
“Appa, don’t mistake me. Just think about Laxmi bhabhi. She united this family after so much struggles. If we broke this, do you think laxmi bhabhi’s soul will forgive us? Yes, I know still you both believe Laxmi bhabhi one day will return. If she get to know, her family is shattered into pieces, she can’t take it Appa. I also can’t see this. Breaking relations is very easy Appa but when you try to mend it, the scars left will never allow you to mend.For the sake of Laxmi bhabhi, please …” meenu said and looking moistly my family.
Janki bhabhi and Doll hugged meenu and cries.
Ram and Vishnu chote papa tightly hugged my Appa.
“ please forgive us rudra. Don’t punish us. We can’t take it. we are a family forever and we will never think like this” both said and my Appa also hugged them.
“ don’t dare to think like this again. You are not only my friends , you are my family my strength” papa emotionally said.
Hmm! Pure love in their friendship easily united them.
I don’t know what will I do. Can I happy for that my family is not broke down or can I become sad for taking risk with my beloved ones.
Sanskar put his hands on my shoulder and lightly side hugged me. I turned my face. he smiled and whispered in my ears” we will face this and we will support each other Laku whatever the situation and we will win”
We start to leave and at the main gate, Raksh and Adittra blocked our ways.
“Kallu maa, you always said we also your family. but you all are going by leaving us”Adittra said compliantly.
Raksh bhai didn’t say anything. He just take luggage from my papa’s hand and walked out.
Adittra come near Janki bhabhi and side hugged her and hold one hand of janki bhabhi and hold another hand in her tummy and caressed her unborn baby and walked with us.
We came out of our house. Papa turned and see the house once with moist eyes.Ram and Vishnu chote papa holded him to support him and also for their support. This house and VR Industries is the sign of their unbreakable pious friendship.
“Appa, we will definitely get back our house. it’s my promise” I said by holding his hand. he lightly tapped my shoulders playfully by hiding his tears.
Amar and Sahil bhai, swaru and Janvi and Kavitha bhabhi stands there with taxi and luggages. It’s really unexpected to me.
“ beta, I will take care of ourselves. You go to your house” Radhu maa said while caressing Swayam’s face.
Swayam hold her hands.” Radhu maa, it’s not only my di’s family. it’s also ours and we want to spent our time with our family and it’s correct time to that”
Radhu maa fully broke down” Swayam beta, our future is in risk. Why are you taking risk with your future also? please return to your house”
“ we didn’t have any future without our family”Amar bhai said.
My heart became heavy. I tried to control my tears. Yes, Arjun bhai said truth. No one can break my family.
“ maa, I booked air tickets to chennai and I arranged cabs to go annur. At evening, we will reach annur”Sahil bhai informed travel plan.
I don’t know why my eyes welled up even I feel something is breaking down inside. I want to cry in my maa’s lap. But I controlled myself.
“ we will sort out everything and I trust you Rowdy” my cutie whispered in my ears without knowing making me cry.
We reached airport and boarded into Aeroplane. Sanskar sits beside me.
My Sansku knows that I know about this issue but still he didn’t confront me even didn’t ask me a single question. He understand that I am broken and still he try to support me without knowing anything. How can he trust me this much?. My plan’s first step is totally flopped now I will plan another one to save my family and my cutie. My Cutie.. who is my soul.
At evening,
We reached our house where I spent my younger days, where I lived carefree and happily.
Janvi bhabhi and kavitha bhabhi make all elders take rest. In this house, totally only five rooms. We decided to allocate one room for elder mens, another room for elder womens, the third room for Raksh and Aditra,Sathya as Adittra is pregnant, one room for other womens, the last room for mens.
I walked outwards and sees a mango tree. I take my flute in hand and climbed in that tree and starts to blow the air in flute to reduce my pain. When I opened my eyes, it’s already night.
I take my phone and called dadu and informed him to come to my village.
Laksh pov ends.
Janvi enters kitchen and boils milk. She hears sound outside and comes to see. At that time, a men comes there and mixes some tablets.
Janki serves everyone , Sathya all ready slept,Sanskar refused to drink as he don’t like milk.
All the youngers gathered in Terrace and laksh comes.
“I want to something important “ Laksh announced.
Everyone looks him.
“ I already know JC.he do all this to take revenge from me. tomorrow I should go to kolkatta with Ragini to work under him”laksh lied.
Amar looks him suspiciously.
“ no Laksh. whatever problem raises, we will face it as a family”Aarav said determinedly.
“ we will not allow you to go Laksh” Raksh bhai said.
“ bhai try to understand. he can’t harm me but he can harm you. I know how to handle him. if you want me back, there is only one way. You should built a firm like VR Industries within six months. He promised me that if you did this, he will return all our properties and he will never enter our life again” Laksh try to convince them.
Sanskar try to figure out the matter.
“what is the matter inbetween you and that JC , Laksh?” Raj asked him by observing Laksh.
“ I can’t tell bhai and it’s swear on me that Maa or papa shouldn’t know about this” Laksh said and go to room and act as slept.
In Mehra Mansion,
Sultan sits in his chair and Shekar comes there.
Shekar: dad, why you called me?
Sultan: Laksh asked me to come his village as he want to speak some important things. Arrange travel plan we should reach there at early morning,sheku.
Shekar nods.
Shekar(in mind):Luck favours me. ha ha ha..
The next day morning,
At 5 AM
Laksh wakes up first and sees others are sleeping peacefully in terrace. He comes down.
Laksh comes down and hears a knock, opens the door.
Sultan hugs Laksh and Laksh reciprocates it.
Sanskar wakes up by hearing birds chirping sound.
Sanskar comes downwards and shocked to see Laksh and Sultan unison.
Sanskar’s POV
What the hell? That Sultan, what is he doing here? Still, I keep patience only that he is my Arjun’s dadu. how can Laksh smile by seeing Sultan?
At that time, another man enters. Why Laksh is shocked by seeing him?
“Dadu, he is the one who killed our Arjun” Laksh exclaimed by seeing him.
“what are you saying Laksh? he never can do this? He is my adopted son Shekar, he loves Arjun as his own son”that Sultan replied with shock.
“I can Dad ,I can”that person haan Shekar said.
Suddenly some mens comes and overpowers Laksh and I ran to help him. we both fight with that mens but that mens overpowered me and Laksh and bound our hands with ropes. But definitely Aarav bhai, Raj and Raksh should heard our sound and others also but why they didn’t come out to help us.
“ I already said Laksh you will never win over me” Shekar said with smirk.
“ how can you Shekar? I trusted you and treated you like son”Sultan said shockingly.
“ ok dad. I will tell you from first. You treated me like son for saving you from enemies and I entered in your house. From my childhood, I admired your position. But your son Durga always come in my way. He loved that Annapurna and Sharma Sharma..” shekar called some one and a man enters.
He is Mr.Sharma but Laksh sent him to jail how can he come out.
“ this Sharma also loved her. But they insulted him and I loved Kalyani, she also insulted me. I used it for my revenge and I try to kill Durga by Framing kalyani in this. You believed that and I instigated you against Veer singh family. you just separated Amrit from his maa Kalyani to make her feel of losing son as I forced you. I used your name and did all the miseries after in Kalyani’s life . when you asked me about this, I just said I am taking revenge for my bro’s death.”Shekar said.
Is Sultan didn’t separated my maa from me?.
“Arjun come into your family. I scared that he will come in my way and I tried to create rift using Subatra but it will not work. Laxmi married Arjun and he started to live with singh family. but suddenly he come in my way what can I do. First I cut the break.. he escaped but I fixed bomb in his car. Arjun escaped but his wife Laxmi died in this. Everything gone correctly, but this Laksh come inbetween. He saved Arjun but I killed him by giving poison food when he married Subatra. Pity girl! She invited her death, herself by inviting me for her marriage. I don’t know how this Laksh escaped. He again come in my way by saving VR Industries from accident”Shekar continued.
What he killed my Laxmi bhabhi. She is like my another mother who show love unconditionally to everyone.
“ why ? you want my place then why you tried to destroy VR Industries?” Sultan asked painfully.
“Veer singh grandfather named 600 crores worth properties in grandson’s name. I got to know about this. I know that Shiv kapoor want to revenge against Arjun. I told him about Surrogacy but his wife Ragini saved him even she escaped. Now I will get properties and power by killing you all. Sorry Dad. I can’t kill you. I will always keep you with me. I love you dad but I love power more than you”Shekar said and laughed devilishly.
Sathya.. where he is.
“I already kidnapped Sathya yesterday night itself and killed others by mixing poison in milk”Shekar smirked by reading my expressions.
“first I will kill this Laksh. no I want to see pain of losing in his eyes. So,..”shekar pointed gun on me.
I smiled to him and closed my eyes. Because I don’t want to live without my baby or my Lakshu(Lakshman).
I heard shot sound but why didn’t feel any pain. I opened my eyes. That Shekar’s hand injured by gunshot.
I saw Laksh laughing devilishly and his hands are free. Some mens make me stand.
I stared my Laksh. is he really my LAKU. My Laku is innocent but he.. his dark cold eyes…
“King what is this?” Shekar asked a man who entered just now.
Suddenly some mens blindfold my eyes and put music in my ears through ear phones. I can’t hear anything and I can’t see anything. What is Laksh hiding from me?
Sanskar pov ends…
Laksh POV
Sorry Sansku. I never let you to know my truth. I don’t want to lose you sansku. You never withstand the truth of mine. By seeing my devilish laugh, you doubted me that I am your laku or not. I am your laku sansku but my another side is so dark and you can’t withstand it.
“King what is this?”Shekar screamed and my chain of thoughts broke down.
“ arre Shaku baba.. why are you screaming? See naa my ears are paining.” I said while rubbing my ears.
Shekar turns towards his mens and ordered.” Kill them..” poor boy.
“Arre Sheku, still you can’t understand” I asked him while sitting in chair. I signed my mens and they tied Sharma’s hands backside. I put silencer in my gun and pointed towards Sharma.
“ please leave me… I will never come in your life”Sharma pleaded.
I closed my eyes. How My cutie falled in my lap with bleeding head and her painful eyes come in my visoion. I opened my eyes with a jerk.
“Rod…” I roared.
My men give me a rod and I stared that rod.
“do you remember Sharma how you hit my cutie?” I asked him to remember. His pale face and scared eyes told me that he remembered.
I hit his shoulder with rod and I heard broken sound of his elbow bone.
He try to scream but my men gagged him.
He rolled in pain and I stopped him by my leg. I turned his face by my foot.
“waah! The cunning Sharma who can spoil a girl’s life that too for rejecting his proposal , who can kill anyone for his profit, who can even sell his mother nation for money is in …my foot. Am I dreaming Dadu?” I asked dadu while analyzing sharma’s expression.
“ how can I kill you Sharma, tell naa? By shooting, but you will easily die, by poison, no no.. you can’t get pain. You should face a painful death. What can I do? Arre you are so smart in killing people. So say how can I kill you? I don’t have so much time. ok” I said sarcastically.
I took a rusted knife and remember how Shekar stabbed my sweety. Yes, I want to see his painful death but something is stopping me. I closed my eyes and try to gather strength to kill Sharma .my Cutie’s face come infront of me. her Angelic smiling face.
I throwed knife in anger which stabbed in Sharma’s leg. I sit in chair and hold my head with my hands. My cutie’s smiling face again come in my eyes. I heard a gun shot and I opened my eyes. Dadu shot Sharma and put his hands on my sholder and signed me that he can understand my feelings. I hugged him and my eyes stamped on Shekar who is reason for all this miseries.
I slowly walked towards him.
“stop there. If anything happens to me, My mens will kill your son” Shekar tried to blackmail me using my prince.
“ do you think that I will let you touch my son?” I asked him while slapping him. Dadu turned his face as he can’t see this.
Shekar looking me shockingly.
“ I got to know about your identity when you attacked me on Ooty by your wound on your hand. I suspect you that someone is helping you other than Sharma. I waited to collect each and every information about you. one side, K removes your mens from sultan and I take loyal mens with me. but outside, you think you made Sultan weak. One important person helped me.” I said and walked towards King.
“Do you know who is he?” I asked Shekar and he nods no.
“ he is my mamaji Durga Prasad mehra , the one who thought you died.” I exposed and Shekar eyes widened.
“So, you killed all don’s who will oppose you and do illegal activities” Shekar asked shockingly.
“ you are smart Shekar. Yes, everyone suspect you that you killed them because they died in your party as Dadu mens poisoned their drink. . well! It’s time to sent off you” I said devilishly.
“no..no..” he screamed.
I see Dadu a minute and I shoot him.
Dadu start to cry” why Shekar? Why? I raised you as my son. Even I am ready to give my position but you falled for that illegal dons and decide to help in their illegal activities. I waited these years that one day you will change and come to stand for justice, why you betrayed me?”
DP mamaji hugged Sultan and cries. I still wonder how they love this much Shekar who even ready to kill them for his profit. I know that Shekar also loved sultan in a corner of his heart that’s why he can’t kill sultan.
“ he didn’t die dadu, I just make him paralyzed by shooting at his spinal card. He is still alive but his body can’t work forever.” I said .
I signed my mens to clean the mess and make everything as like previous.
Dadu and Dp mamaji leave house by handovering my sleeping Prince to me. I take him to bed and make him lay on bed next to my cutie.
Ohh! Sansku. I don’t know how I will handle him. I run to him and signs my mens to leave the house.
My men left and my house looks like previous.
I walked towards My Sansku who is sobbing silently.
“Sansku.. it’s me Laku” I whispered in his ears and freed his hands. He removes the blindfold and ear phone.
“Is he said truth? Is he really killed our family?”Sansku choked.
“ no Sansku. All are safe. They are sleeping because of sleeping pills which I mixed in milk” I said truth to convince him.
Sanskar’s POV
“ no Sansku. All are safe. They are sleeping because of sleeping pills which I mixed in milk” Laku said which shocks me.
He knows about this attack before itself. That man haan Shekar what he said, Laksh have some properties on his name which was given by Bade papa’s grandfather.He tried to break our family to not take risk on our lives. How can he?
“ what is happening here,Laku? What is the connection between you and sultan? That JC is really your enemy or not?” I asked him calmly by suppressing my anger.
“Everything is ok. Sansku. That’s all. Try to forget about the incident and don’t tell to anyone about this” he pleaded to me.
“stop it Laku. How much you will hide? You know everything but you still hide this things from me. when you tried to break our family, I know Laku how much it gives you pain because you don’t want to take risk in our lives. Please share with me, Laku” I pleaded to him but he remained with his new expressionless face.
“ you hurt me very much Laku” I blurted out and starts to walk outside.
Laksh POV
Sansku is asking me about the mysteries. I can’t tell. If I tell about this, he will get to know about my another identity and I have to tell him whole truth. Nowadays I can’t meet anyone’s eyes . I felt guilt of hiding my identity and playing with their lives.
Sansku pleads to me to share my problems. What can I tell? Now I am dealing with international dons and criminals to save my family. Still, the struggle is not finished. Now I promise you Sansku, once I cleared all the problems , I will tell you truth.
“you hurt me very much Laku” Sansku said and starts to walk out. I started to follow him.
“Sansku stop there” I shouted but he seems didn’t affect by that.
He is walking in farmside and I ran behind him. I try to hold him but he jerked his hand.
I start to fall on Well which is nearby and while falling, my leg get hurt. I tried my best to swim but I start to immerse in water and blackened out.
I felt someone pressing my stomach hard. I lightly open my eyes.Sansku is pressing my stomach and I am vomiting water . I stopped and Sanskar worriedly looked me that I didn’t vomit water. Am I looking water pump to him.
He take my head in his lap and start to cry.
“Laku, please open your eyes. I will never ignore you and even I will never ask what you are hiding. Don’t leave me”Sanskar cries.
“Promise..” I asked.
“ promise..”Sansku muttered subconsciously and I started to laugh. He slapped me hard and I hold my cheeks and hugged me.
“ you are very stubborn Laku” Sansku said and helped me to stand.
“ who is JC?”Sansku asked.
“ you promised me,Sansku” I reminded.
“ ok, Bade papa himself will ask you”Sanskar blackmailed . I started to lie.
“JC is a don who helped me to solve this issue and in return, I should give VR Indstries but I made him accept the challenge if you all start a company and develop that too half of VR Industries, he will return but In this period, I should accompany him in plans” I lied without anyother way. I felt so guilt to lie to my sansku.
Sanskar nodded now he will definitely work hard and develop a new firm.
Soon, we reached house and I informed cutie that we are going to Kolkatta as Arjun asked ,leaving Sathya to Swara.
After I packed bags , I searched my cutie. Maa said she is in terrace and I walked towards terrace.
“Shona, take care of my prince and jaan in my absence. Promise me that he will never miss me”my cutie asked promise from doll .
Doll hugged my cutie”Rago, why are you doing this? Please don’t do this”
“ I have very less time, Shona and I don’t want to disclose it to anyone. But my smart detective behan caught me. I want to live my life’s Last minute, by seeing my smiling face of jaan. I can’t see him sad. He will definitely lost his hope in life but this time don’t let him go from you and this family.”My cutie said .
“Rago..”Doll started to cry. I hold wall for my support.
“Make my jaan marry Kavitha’s bhabhi sister Kavya, she will keep him happy and it’s not a easy task”My cutie said , kissed doll’s forehead . I climbed down and sit in chair.
I don’t know how much time I sit like this. Someone touched my shoulder.. it’s my cutie. I closed my eyes tighter and a long drop falled down.
“Rowdy, don’t worry. Everything will be alright.” My cutie said with smile.
“ everything will be alright” I said to myself.
I go to men’s room and I take my diary and start to write. No one can’t open my diary without the help of my watch.
“Sanskar..” I called him and he stared with confusion. He is the one who made me forgot all my sorrows when he is with me, my strength, my weakness and my soul friend .
“ it’s my diary and it will tell you a truth. “ I said.
He tried to open.
“ I put a lock when the time comes, it will open it automatically” I said.
“ I know you are a tech freak, what is the need to show with your diary?”Sansku asked me sarcastically while tapping my head.
“to keep my secrets always secret” I smiled and hugged him to hide my tears. He is the one who can easily broke all my walls after my cutie.
“I want a promise Sansku..”I asked.
“ Take care of my prince till I return. In your love, he will never think like he is missing me in these months” I asked him.
“ I will take care of our Sathu and you will complain me when you see our bond”Sansku said with a teasing smile and he didn’t know what he has done to me.
I asked Sathya to spent more time with sansku and he kissed my cheeks and promised. My prince.. even though I spent very little time with him in my life,but he make me feel my life is fulfilled. Going far away from him, it’s pains me a lot. I kissed his forehead and he start to cry.
I whispered in his ears” Papa, love you a lot. Don’t hate me and don’t cry”
He stared me with moist eyes as he can’t understand. but” prince also loves his papa lot and he will never hate his papa. Come soon”
My family bid bye to me and cutie. I smiled to them . Cutie put her head on my shoulder, she started to sleep and an unknown peace filled in my heart.
In travelling, she didn’t ask me a single question about travel. She and sansku both trusts me than them. I should save her at any cost.
At evening, we stop our car infront of a huge house.
I hold my cutie’s hands and gestured her to come inside. We both entered and My cutie shocked to see Arjun with mouth full of food and Sweety is smiling.
She looks me surprisingly .
Dadu see us and walked towards me , hugged me tightly.
“Dadu, cutie is there. We will speak later” I whispered him and signed Annapurna bua to take Sweety and Cutie inside.
“Cutie, she is my bua and our house uncrowned princess Annapurna , Arjun bhai’s maa“ I whispered in Cutie’s ear and we both takes blessings from Annu bua and Durga mamaji.
Bua takes Cutie and sweety to a room.
Arjun and Rehan hugged me tightly.
“thanks thanks for everything Laksh” Arjun bhai said emotionally and I slapped him lightly.
“why are you always slapping me?”Arjun bhai asked me with a pout by remembering I slapped him when I was acted as Laxmi.
“Don’t dare to say thanks. In friends, no sorry..” I said.” No thanks ..”Arjun and Rehan finished in unison with a smile.
“ ok now say how you find about Shekar uncle?” Arjun asked me.
“ I found him by the mark in his hand. but I suspect someone is helping him from backside. Once I settled in village, I met Dadu as I lied to cutie that I am going town to buy seeds for farm. We both planned all this. I don’t want to leave a single stone against my family. At that time, SM Industries tried to buy VR Industries shares. We take the help of Dadu’s loyal mens and find about Mamaji as he is owner of SM Industries. one side, you cleared unloyal mens from Dadu and I take Loyal mens with me but it showed outside, K is weakening Sultan. We make Mamaji enter that group as a international Drug dealer King and we made the underworld believe that K is killed and Shekar killed other dons for his profit. I captured VR Industries by using the name of JC and created a new company as subsidiary of SM Industies Now problems is solved but we have to clear this issue by destroying that all don’s group also.” I explained.
“ but when will our family return to VR Mansion?”Arjun bhai asked.
“After six months, Arjun bhai. now they will start a new firm and definitely they will make the stronger firm. Ram and Vishnu chote papa’s self respect stops them to accept our wealth. Now they don’t feel like that because new firm is solely their hardwork, their earning” I answered and Arjun bhai nodded half heartedly.
At that time, Bua come there with smiling cutie and sweety.
“ohh! I am an idiot bua. I met you first time and I didn’t present you any gift. Haan ! I have a gift” I said in dramatic way.
Everyone looked me with question in their eyes. I take rehan with me and walked towards bua.
“Bua, now I am returning your precious one. Rehan, your son,Arjun’s twin” I handed Rehan hands in Bua hands.
Bua’s hands are shivering in happiness and her eyes become moist, Rehan also.
I handed DNA Results to dadu but he didn’t open it and throw it.
“ I don’t want proof for my Grandson’s word” Dadu said while caressing my hairs.
“ ok, enjoy your time . now I will leave with cutie as I want to spent my time with my wife” I winked at cutie and she start to blush and try to hide it.
I take her out and go to her house where she lived with her parents before their death. I know what the turmoil she going through. I side hugged her. My memories with her come infront of me and she remembered her moments with her parents.
“ our beloved one’s never leave us, cutie . just try to remember your good memories” I consoled her as she cried by remembering her parent’s memories. Slowly, she start to sleep by hugging me. I kissed her forehead.
Ragini’s POV
My jaan takes me to my parents house. Unknowingly I remembered some memories.
A little girl of 5 years is running and a couple runs behind her.
“:Rago.. eat it naa.. you have to go school. It’s getting late.” My maa said.
I showed her tongue and man lifts her from behind.
“why my little princess today is so desperate to cut school.” My papa asked me.
“ papa, I don’t want to go school. I don’t want to stay away from you. I am missing you while I am in school” I said.
“:ohh! Princess, if you go school, you will study and you will become doctor, you can give injection to teacher.” My papa said and winked at me.
I tried to touch them but they faded in air. Reality hits my mind they are no more.I tightly clutched my saree pallu to control myself.
I slowly walked towards my bed room.
I can see a little girl lays inbetween her parents.
“what happened to my princess? Why she is not sleeping?” my papa asked me.
“ Princess need a story to go sleep” I said with my puppy eyes.
My papa take me and make me lay on his shoulder and started to tell the story of cindrella.
I slowly walked towards bed and try to touch his face but it’s faded the next second I touch it. my parents memory start to occupy me. now I am longing for them after a long time. I want my papa’s comforting warmth, I want my maa’s lap where I can pour all my feelings. I want her to caress my hair to forget about my pain. Pain of going far away from my jaan.
My vision got blur and my jaan side hugged me and whispered im my ears” our beloved one’s never leave us, cutie . just try to remember your good memories”. he slowly takes me to bed and made me lay on bed and lay beside me. I tightly hugged him and he caressed my hairs. I tightly digged my face in his shoulder. He is the only one where I can get my maa’s love and papa’s protective warmth… my jaan. his touch make me forget all my pains and I slowly start to sleep. I wake up as my jaan shaking me.
“what happened Jaan? Why are you waking me? let me sleep” I said with a sleepy tone. But he take me in his hands and put me in bathroom.
“take bath and wear this” my jaan handed me a black colour blouse and black colour skirt.
I stared him with question but he closed the door.
“you only have fifteen minutes fast” my jaan instructed me. what is he doing now. Nowadays he become really mysterious.
“ my cute rowdy..” I whispered and take bath , come outside. He also come there with towel in his waist. I think that he take bath in another room.
He looked at me and come towards me. I nodded my head down by forgetting my state and my cheeks start to turn crimson red.
“Cutie..”my jaan whispered in my ears. I closed my eyes by observing his hot breath in my neck. Suddenly a cloth wrapped in my eyes. I touched the cloth. But he handcuffed me. what is he doing.
“ hey! Rowdy! What are you doing?” I asked my jaan.
”Just few minutes cutie.. have patience” he said.
I felt something wrapping me. I can feel it it’s a saree. He is drapping a saree .
“Do you know how to wear the saree?” I asked him by forgetting he was the one who acted as Laxmi.
“I learned it in youtube” he answered. I sighed. What can I expect from him. he was the one who learnt about flirting in youtube, nerd… I scolded him virtually.
“don’t scold me kuttimaa” he said with a husky voice. He make me sit in a chair and take my ankles in his hand. it tickles me.
“ha ha. Jaan, what are you doing? Leave my anklets” I said to him and tried to take my ankles from his handbut his grip is increased and I gave up. Is he planning any romantic date? But the time should be 2 in the morning as my guess.
I feel a anklet in my foot. Then he take my hands after freeing my hands. I tried to take blindfold but he hold my hands and kissed my lips lightly.
“ don’t dare otherwise I will punish you like this” he said seriously.
“then, I am ready to bear the punishment” I announced my decision and then start to blush after knowing what I said. I can hear his laugh.
I feel bangles decorates in my hand. it must be atleast 10 in single hand. he again handcuffed me. what is he doing? He really confusing me.
“ if you don’t tell me what is running in your mind, I will cry” I start to blackmail him but he put me gulabjamun in my mouth.
I forget about him and start to feel the sweetness of gulabjamun . he knows very well how to handle me afterall he is my jaan who is undertstanding me very well. It’s so hard to act before him and now my life is in risk so I decided to continue my act. He will definetily broke down when I leave him but my Prince will make him old Laksh and my shone will make him life normal. I don’t kavya will be good mother to my son but she will be a good partner for my jaan.
He put lipstick then takes the blindfold. I see myself in mirror but he covered me with bed sheet.
I glared him but he laughed at me. my stern look unknowingly turned into smile.
He take mascara in his hands and put in my eye brows. Then again blindfold me. he put oil in my hair and combing it. I feel a sweet scent of jasmine and I feel he put it in my combed hair. Then he put ear rings in my ear lobes.
Finally he take me in his hands and walks. He put me in car seat and put seat belt. I inhaled his sweet scent . he started the car and after few minutes or hours of travelling , he stopped the car and unbuttened the seat belt.
He take me in his hands and I feel coldness in air. I must be in some area which near to water surface. He make me stand and freed my hands,opened my blindfold.
I can see my reflection in water as I stand near a pool. Is it really me? I bended and touched my face. I am in bridal make up , wearing sandal red saree with all the jewels and my blouse is also red colour but I wear black colour naa. He stands beside and making me feel so beautiful with his presence.
I looked him and he take a black cloth and pulls a thread. A black cloth fall down and the real sandal colour cloth seen .
He is.. I don’t know what can I say. He bended and cupped my face”Cutie, when our first marriage , I was unconscious. In second marriage, you lost your memory now I got to know you cured before a week and waited for correct time to tell. I want to marry you now with our full consent. Can you marry me again?” my jaan asked me.
I don’t know what is he saying.may be Arjun bhai lied to him.
I nodded him as yes. I want to see him always happy and he smiled to me. for this smile, I can do anything. I said this to me myself.
Suddenly a light shown in the middle of pool and I can see a mandap which I decorated with different type of roses and silver colour screen and white light. I searched boat as there is no boat.
He hold my hands and signed me to walk. I put my first step in water by locking my eyes into my jaan. but the surface is hard. I looked down that the water is frozen.
He smiled to me. I don’t know what to say. He amused me. I feel one minute that I am living in heaven or am I dreaming.
He pinched me”auch!” I muttered.” It’s not dream Cutie. Now you know” he said by taking me in his hands.
As we entered the mandap, the water again back to normal state. My pallu and his shawl both drowned in water when we take up, it both tied.
“even Nature also want as unison” he said happily.
Pandit ji come in boat and our marriage ritual started. We started to take pheras.
I promised him that until I am alive, I will never let his smile go away from his face. when we completed our pheres and sit. At that time, Sun start to rise but moon is not set. Still the sky is little bit dark with orange shades. Both is in sky. I can see moon lights fall on his face. he filled my mang again with sindoor and make me wear mangalsutra. It’s the best minute in my life now I am ready to face my fate whole heartedly. I start to fall on his dark brown eyes which always make me forgot about the surrounding.
Pandit ji left.
Laksh POV
I decide to keep her happy as much I can. I decide to marry her again to remind her that I will never leave her and make her happy . I don’t know why I chosen marriage . I wake her in midnight and she is so confused. I beautified her face and her expressions, I lost myself in her expressions. My cutie.. she is the one who completes me. I take her to pool where I arranged everything. I felt so happy when I see us in water. I holded her hands and walked towards mandap. When we entered into mandap, her tip of pallu and my shawl drown in water and when we take it out, it tied. May be nature want us together. At the moment, I decide what ever the situation appears, I will not leave her even death can’t separate us. I love my cutie.. when I filled her mang, I can see sun rays fall on her face .sun is start to rise. She is my sun who gives life to me and I am her moon . I start to fell on her eyes by forgetting everything.
Pandit ji leaves and I come to reality.
“ first take sweet” I said and make her eat Gulab jamun which she loves most.
I take her in my hand and she encircled her hands on my neck.
“ I love you jaan” my cutie said with little bit blushing. I lost myself in her angelic face.
“ I love you cutie. You are my soul..” I said to her and she leaned to kiss my lips and lightly kissed , falls unconsciously as I mixed little bit sleeping tablet in her last sweet.
I kissed her forehead . A long drop fall on her face from my eyes.
“ I will never leave you cutie..” I said to my cutie who is unconscious in my hand. Again I frost the water by using frozen nitrojen, I walked in it and put my cutie in seat, drive it to hospital.
I arrived hospital and put my cutie in stretcher.
Arjun and Rehan put their hands in my shoulders to support me.
“ you should be strong Laksh for your cutie” I said to myself by controlling my tears.
Dadu and Mamaji arranged best doctors of world and Sweety and Annu bua is waiting before Operation theatre.
Doctors analyzed her current status and decided to do operation immediately.
Doctor started the operation and I stared the red light on in the outside of OT Door. Light is off and I am waiting for doctor’s positive answer. I want my cutie back at any cost.Doctor come outside .
I looked at him with hope in my eyes.
“Sorry Mr.Singh, we removed blood clot but your wife falled on coma . “By saying this doctor left by broking my world.
Arjun’s POV
Three months leap
Rago falled on Coma. By saying this doctor left. Jerry hugged me and cries. Even though I caressed her hair, my gaze fall on Laksh. within a minute, his face become pale, his eyes become soulless I can’t see his state. I hugged him and try to pacify him.
“she will return for me..”he said “He said to himself.
I looked at him . He smiled to me . the smile of destruction, pain which he going through.
“ she will return to us. You have to live for nibble(sathya), sanskar and me. you can’t leave us. Don’t lose your hope” I tried to my maximum.
He didn’t reply and he went to Rago’s ward. After half an hour, he came out.
“Dadu, I am going to office” he informed and went out. In this three months, I tried my maximum to keep him with me. Doctor said that if Rago didn’t wake up soon, we will lose her forever as her internal parts started to fail. I hide it from Laksh. he can’t take it.
Now he is in hospital with Rago.
“Tommy, can we go?” Jerry asked me. she always stay with Rago at morning to take care of her.
We both arrived hospital and entered into Rago’s ward. I see Laksh is sleeping by holding Rago’s hands.
“Laksh..” I touched him. why his body is so cool.
“Laksh..” I shaked him and he falled on my arms. His nose is bleeding .
“Bhai..”Jerry shouted in shock and cries.
“Doctor..” I yelled and he admitted Laksh in ICU. No I shouldn’t leave him alone. It’s my mistake.
Dadu and papa come to hospital with maa. Laksh is not that much weak to suicide. I decided to check the CCTV footage and sound recorder which we fixed in Rago’s ward for safety.
In CCTV Footage,
Laksh walks inside of Rago’s ward weakly and hold her hands.
“Cutie,. I completed all my responsibilities except our prince but he will never miss me. he is so happy with Sansku and Swara even he started to call them as dad and mom. Our family is also living in this Mumbai. They started a firm on my name Lakshya Industries and running it successfully .Raksh, Shyam and Amar, Sahil bhai mortaged their properties and arranged capital investment. Even Swaru also helping them but he discontinued his studies for helping them in office. I did all arrangements to make them takeover VR Industries and VR Mansion. Now there is no enemies for our family . for world, K is dead and dadu is also died. Now he is not sultan, he is chairman of SM Industries. I know cutie you are punishing me for broking my promise. But I can’t take it. did you remember our dance in competition? In this, you left me because of death and I live with your memories. but I real, I can’t cutie. You are my soul without you I can’t live and I can’t see you dying infront of my eyes. I am so tired on Pretending to be strong. I can’t live like this cutie. I lost my hope cutie. doctor gave me only four hours for you and I waited for three hours. I can’t see your death infront of my eyes so I also come with you. I can’t bear that pain. now even Death also can’t separate us. I love you cutie… your jaan love you so much”
Laksh kisses Ragini’s forehead and falls unconscious on her arms.
CCTV Footage ends…
Arjun kneeled down and cries loudly.

In Veer’s house,
Swasan room, At night,
Sathya is playing with Lakshman.
“arre Little dost. Tell me Sathya…”Sathya teaches Lakshman to spell his name.
“Sa..th..i..yaa…”Lakshman spelled.
“not sathiyaa..Sathya..”Sathya try to correct but Lakshman is Lakshman.
“Sath..i..yaa..”Lakshman repeated and Swara chuckled, which makes Sathya pouts.
“Mom.. see my little dost is not correctly spelling my name”Sathya complained.
Sanskar comes inside.
“Don’t worry my prince. He will spell your name correctly when he will grow like you..”Sanskar take Sathya in his hand and twirled him in air.
“Dad..”Sathya hugged sanskar.
“ wait I will put this files in alimira”Sanskar said and open the alimira and sees Laksh diary is open.
“waah! It’s opened. Now I will read”Sanskar told himself.
Do you remember our college days? Even we both spent only four to five months together, we are best friends. We started to understand each other without words. Sometimes, I wondered how you love me this much. We both hanged out , teased our professor. We enjoyed so much in that little period. I became your laku you became my sansku and You are my best friend sansku. After that, we got know our father’s friendship and we became cousins. Whenever I need you,you supported me unconditionally. I always make you take my responsibilities. Now also, I made you take my responsibility of Sathya. When you read this page, I and cutie left the world forever.Cutie have a blood clot and I can’t live without her. Love is blind Sansku. In her love, I forget everything. I changed myself for her. But that change only risked her life. I will try my best to keep my cutie with me . if I fail, I will also go with her. You can call this love or obsession but the truth is I can’t live without her . she is my soul sansku.I made this page open by coding, when my heart beat falled down. I am a tech freaknaa. That’s why. Take care of my prince sorry our prince and and don’t say about this to maa. She never bear this but when she get to know, just support her to come over the pain. Your Laku will always alive in your memory as a moon in sky. Bye sansku..”
Sanskar drops the diary and Swara takes it and reads.Sanskar kneeld down.
Both Swasan have a painful eyelock and Sanskar hugged Swara , cries silently.
“Dad , mom.. you both making my little dost cry by your crying”Sathya said loudly.
Sanskar takes Sathya in his hand and kissed his forehead.
Sathya encircles his hand in Sanskar’s neck”everything will be alright, dad”
Sanskar hugs Sathya with his hand and Swara pacifies Lakshman and puts her head on Sanskar’s shoulder.
Swasan both stares moon and their tears shines by the light of moon.

Precap: Climax- part3

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