Childhood love come into real (abiya)ff-6

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Hi guys this is Sowji…thank u for encouraging me thank u for all ur support…i specially want to thank
priyanka,reshma_pradeep,aishwarya,sethidish002,honey,sandy,ashika,priya,asmithaa,b_ani,ishni…thank u silent readers…if i missed any name i am asking sorry for them..and special thanks for them..some of people suggest me tamil songs so i wil add tamil and hindi song..let move to dream ff.the ff no is 6..the ff begin with abi and his family member welcoming abi parent elder brother and his family member and abi father sister family both family welcoming here..abi father elder brother name is ram kapoor and his wife sarala kapoor..his son name ranveer(MATSH hero) (elder brother).. his sister name purvi(KKB)..Rockstar dadi have 2 daughter one is sarala another janaki..janaki have one daughter and one son..her elder son name is arnav..younger sister name is bulbul..remaining all role same in KKB akash and rachana are newly married pair..he is younger than abi..raj-mitali pair are same.rajali pair have 2 children like KKB..taiji and his husband also same character in KKB abi father sister name reema mehra his husband name is rocky…they have a daughter..she is arrogant she is little bit villan of abiya love..she called abi as chacha(mama)..she love abi madly and deeply to get his wealth…this family is one part villan of this ff..she is criminal minded girl..her name is simmi…she is very pretty…but boys don’t like her…because of her arrogant..elder daughter name is simmi…this family have another daughter she is our lovely khushi…she is opposite pole of simmi…open minded…she always support truth…khushi is good type of girl and she like her sister..she don’t like her behaviour…whole family hug eachother…simmi stared at abi move towards to him..she hug very tightly…abi feel like uncomfortable but family sake he stand silently…after abi break her hug silently talked his uncle(purvi father)…suddenly alia came she saw them..shouted excitement she hugged everyone…for a while hour they talked…abi mom gave a snacks and juice to them..(abi father have one more sister…

it is important role of this ff not yet reveal about them it wil come future ff) whole family member know about abi another sister except purvi,alia,bulbul,simmi,khushi,rachu…they never knew about her…screen shift to priya…now time is nit 8.30pm..she and her brother watch the movie in set max channel…they both have snacks and whenever break they talked some other topic…they both watch a kabhi khushi khabi kham movie…they felt little bit sad…they already finished dinner..after movie finished they hug eachother and nothing talk..both go to sleep their respective room…unknownly both slept…screenshift to mehra mansion alia purvi khushi shared a room…on the other side abi purab ranveer arnav both shared a room…that much huge bed abi have in his room…same like alia..abi parents show all elders room…simmi get a single bedroom for her…she don’t like mingle with others…alia showed akash rachu room..they all had a dinner..abi mom prepared lot of item..they all have heavily their dinner…all r very tired…after dinner they go to bed…sleep happily and peacefully…next day sunday morning all wokeup at 9 to 10 between time they wakeup..all boys went to gym to maintain own body…all girls freshen up come to hall…after boys came they also freshup come to hall to have a breakfast…actually purvi engagement held on that week friday…they all come before a one week..because of engagement preparation…all youngster wil plan to go for a purvi engagement shopping…on the other side priya also wil plan to go for shopping..because her mam called her..she is fashion designer..she get a big event for famous company…

she is costume designer for that event…actually that is modelling show…she need a lot of things to prepare a costume for event… actually that event is conduction on next month…she want to show a demo in her college…so she decide to go for shopping…screen shift to all youngster they are go to famous shopping mall in that city…alu text to her darlu told about her shopping…darlu told to alu about that event…all r in car…suddenly she get a alu call,attend a phone darlu told about whole incident to her…alu excitedly loudly asked really wow superb congrats my darlu…suddenly all youngster staring at her because alu voice is too loud and when she would get excitement…actually all people jerked thats y they are staring at her…she suddenly looked at everyone and funnily managed suituation..after talk slowly..told about shopping mall she wil also come to join with us…darlu said k i wil try to join with u…hereafter only i wil ready for shopping…
I finish my ff is here what wil going to happen next abi wil meet priya at shopping mall he wil know same girl is alia wait and watch for next ff…

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  1. Rithu

    Very nice I like aliya prita bonding very much

    1. Sowji

      Thank u rithu…thank u encouraging me..

  2. Hi sowji I really like your story line but there is something a miss whenever I read Priya I couldn’t imagine Pragya over there someother’s face is coming to my mind and I think that’s why many of them told u to change the name..When I read Priya it’s not getting to my mind as Pragya so there it cause a discontinuity to the story that I couldn’t read further as mind is not readily accepting Priya as Pragya it makes me to lose the interest.And one more thing it ll be wonderful if u gave some punctuations and spacing etc it ll be much prettier to the script while reading.Im not meant to hurt you I’m just conveying what I feel..Ur story seems to be good one so I thought to say all this.
    Nice work!!!Keep on going!!

    1. And one more thing u said it was ur dream fan fiction so I really want it so better and you have to give ur best of it.So only I said all this.

      1. Sowji

        Thank u srimathi..sure..everyday i wil give always my best ff…

    2. Sowji

      Trisha thank u for ur comments…i agree ur all point…thank u talking with me too loyal..but i can understand ur suituation ..but sorry i can’t change the heroin name… i agree ur all never hurt me..ur comments encouraging me alot…don’t time i wil try to reduce these mistakes…

  3. Aishwarya12

    Awesome…loved it… waiting for next epi

    1. Sowji

      Thank u aishwarya12..thank u for encouraging me..

  4. Awesome dear…i guess abhi father one more sister pragya’s mom …i cant wait..pls update nxt part soon…

    1. Sowji

      Thank u priyanka ur guess is correct…i wil update it so soon…thank u for encouraging me..

  5. nice epi waiting 4r next 1

    1. Sowji

      Thank u ishni thank u for encouraging me..

  6. Hi sowji. it’s very nice.I think Abhi’s father another sister is Priya’s mom only.

    1. Sowji

      Thank u anshu..ur guess is correct thank u for encouraging me…

  7. Saranya24

    Superb dear????

    1. Sowji

      Thank u saranya24 thank u for encouraging me..

  8. Superb episode yaar awesome characters selection so much characters it is going to be so much fun and lovely waiting for the next update

    1. Sowji

      Thank u minu thank u for encouraging comments..

  9. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s good!!!!

    1. Sowji

      Thank u reshma_pradeep

  10. Princesskrisha

    Awesome n super epi sowji may i know your age to call you as di or frnd or choti if not its ok anyways im 15

    1. Asmithaa

      hiii meri darlu princess!!! R u in 10th grade??? I am also 10th!!

      1. Princesskrisha

        Asmitha di im 11 they joined me in school soon n di cant i call you di anymore but i wish to have you as my diiiii pls tell me diii love you di

    2. Sowji

      Thank u princeswkrisha..just cal me watever ur wish..i am elder than u…if u cal me as my name its also no problem watever ur wish u have to cal me..and thank u encouraging me..

      1. Princesskrisha

        So ill call you sis as youre my cute n lovable sis

    3. Asmithaa

      Oh my darlu princess!!! Do u wish to have me as your diii??? Sure Chellam!!! You can call me as diii choti!!!

  11. Asmithaa

    Omg!!! Omg!!! The ff is getting superb day by day.. It is such an wonderful epic!!!! I love it sooo much yaar!!!! I can’t wait Abhi meeting pragya( Priya).. U and ur ff is awesome!!!!

    1. Sowji

      Thank u asmithaa…

  12. CuteVanshu

    Superb epi

    1. Sowji

      Thank u cute vanshu

  13. B_Ani

    its awesome. super gud…i am loving this. keep going dr????

    1. Sowji

      Thank u B_ani….

  14. Awesome n wonderful…u gave a rocking epi today…there r so many characters …surely will be very interesting…I am finding ur ff very interesting now and I really love ur ff sowji di..excitedly waiting fr next epi…take care…love u dear…keep writing..!!! 🙂 😀 😉 😀 🙂

    1. Sowji

      Thank u ashika…thank u for encouraging me..

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