My wife’s murderer Ten Shots (KKB)

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My wife’s murderer
I never thought that I will be here in this black world, this dark world where I am just able to look darkness everywhere even sun is also upset from me after all I have done something, as per them that is very shameful, I shouted a lot that I am not the one but all of them just said the words “Yes You are the One”. What could I have done else the only option which was left with me was to accept that somehow somewhere in some means I am the only reason that this all happened. I just want to get out of here want to weep on her grave that listen to me once please forgive me I am not the one, I didn’t wanted to hurt you that day neither I wanted to leave you nor I even thought that something like this will happen with you, It is my mistake totally that I ignored your words and followed someone else’s if I ever could have imagined that something like this will happen with you then I would haven’t left you that day after all you was my world. People say that those souls who had some wishes left with them try to convey their messages always and I also thought like this for a while that you will come for me some day and will talk to me that this was that message that you wanted to convey to me but all that was a dream itself because you never returned and I never saw even your face again now only this darkness is around me a great dark black night always I am not able to see the sun rise also as they have prisoned me in a dark night itself a darkness, which never permit to see you the light of the sun this is my life now, the life which was filled with happiness once, the life which was filled with sweetness of love once, the life which was filled with love once, the life which was filled with hopes, the life which was filled with trust.

But now it is only filled with darkness because I am accused, the blame of killing love of my life, blame of killing my wife is on me and I have no choice rather than to accept this that I am the only one who has done all this because my own people are against me my own sister is against me my grandmother she too, thinks the same that I have committed this crime of killing my own wife, they didn’t even thought that how can I do so, I was always her supporter I was always her pillar of trust how can I do so even a single person didn’t thought about that and blamed me itself for her murder that murder which I never committed that murder which can be never a part of my life if I would have listened to her that day was the black day of my life I still can’t forget it, that was the day of Dussera people were burning effigies of Raavana in the spirit that good will win over bad and we were arguing upon some matter noise was at full swing outside people were enjoying and our argument was getting worse she was asking me to not to leave her that night as she was feeling that something is wrong that day something is going to be wrong she pleaded “Please I am begging you don’t go out today it is not good please” I yelled at her “I don’t know what is wrong with you today, you are behaving like a typical orthodox damn it suddenly you are getting instincts that something is going to be wrong what rubbish is all this it is being three to four days you are blurting out these kind of craps just enough for now please” she held my hand and keeping hand on my shoulder said “If something is related to you then I didn’t even bother to become orthodox but please don’t go out” I shouted “Enough of you just enough of you if you said one more word like this I swear I will be out of my control just look at yourself damn it you was never ever like this (I held her shoulders tightly) please don’t change yourself whatever it will be we will see it together but please don’t change yourself for my goodness this change is killing me day by day please” she looked at me with her pleading eyes I was sure that she was trying to tell me something but what was that I don’t know yet I just jerked her and left the room unknowing the fact that my grandmother and sister noticed all our fights and misunderstood all the things when I left from there, after sometimes when I returned at my room I found her seated on a chair closing her eyes I thought she is upset from me that I never heard her what she was saying I just let her remained like that as I wanted to make her understand that she was worrying for nothing which became my greatest mistake after sometime my sister went in our room according to her statement and it was just after I left the room her statements were having such words which cops told me “Sir I went in Bhabhi’s room and she was sat their closing her eyes when I kept hand on her head I found something wet is getting on to my hand at first I thought that she might have took bath but then when I took off my hand I found it totally red and understood that blood is draining out from her head and when I jerked her facing her she fell down and that moment we got panicked when we called doctor he declared that she is dead” and my eyes were drenching in tears as I was thinking “if I had heard her once if I had checked once that why she was seated like that then I must have saved her it is all my mistake I felt like my soul has left the body already I never thought that I will be blamed for all that and that Dussera will be the black day of my life now I just have one question in my heart “WHY?” why all this happened with me only and why I wasn’t able to understand that what she was trying to tell me that reason of tension also went with her within those half an hour my world got changed this Abhishek Mehra who was having the world fill of love now only have darkness in his life
He was lost in thoughts when suddenly the announcement was made for dinner time and after having so he laid down to sleep resting his head on his arms treating it as pillow and lost in thoughts again a lone tear escaped from his eyes and BG plays
Main Dardon Ko Paas Bitha Kar Hi Soun (I sleep keeping pain beside me)
Jo Tujhe Lagta Baarish Hai, Wo Main Hoon Jo Roun (You think it is rainfall, but it is me who is crying)
Main Dardon Ko Paas Bitha Kar Hi Soun (I sleep keeping pain beside me)

He was remembering all his precious moments with his wife who is none other than Pragya he remembers some moment in which he is coming from somewhere and started searching her when she comes he just twirls her holding her holding in his arms
Pragya laughing: Oh, what are you doing put me down I am feeling dizzy this is so speedy
Abhi: arey my sweet wife this is not at all speedy because what news I have got for you will make you more speedy
Pragya: if it is! then tell me what is it
Abhi: you and me are going on a holiday and that too Switzerland
Pragya widening her eyes: what!!! Switzerland, I mean tell me you are not lying (asking like a kid)
Abhi pinched her: no, I am not
Pragya: Oh, my God like really! I can’t even imagine that we will get a chance to spend some time together as you were too busy now finally I will be able to talk my heart out to my lovable person that’s you
Abhi encircling his arms to her shoulder: I will find ways for you my dear whatever the situation is
Remembering all that again he got emotional

Khushiyon Se Milna Bhool Gaye (I forgot what happiness is)
Tum Itna Kyun Humse Door Gaye (Why did You go so far away from me)
Koi Kiran Ek Din Aayegi (One day a ray of light will come)
Tum Tak Humko Leke Jaayegi (And take me back to You)

He remembers his moments with her they are playing with ice balls and chasing each other, sometimes she was teasing him and sometimes he was teasing her and he was thinking that why the hell those moments went from him

Main Raah Pe Aankh Bicha Ke Hi Soun (I sleep with my gaze fixed at the road/path)
Jo Tujhe Lagta Baarish Hai, Wo Main Hoon Jo Roun (You think it is rainfall, but it is me who is crying)
Main Dardon Ko Paas Bitha Kar Hi Soun (I sleep keeping pain beside me)

He was remembering the day which was black day according to him for him that how she was pleading from him not to go and how he just ignored her he was thinking that if he get a chance then he will rectify all the mistakes he did that night just one chance he is needed he would have rectified what he did wrong now this punishment of being getting prisoned is also like death also hate him now every single happening is angry with him everything is hating him to the core indirectly as pressurized by everyone else he had started to think that he is the only reason behind her death.

Pankh Agar Hote (If I had wings)
Udd Ke Chala Main Aata (I would fly to You)
Rukta Na Ek Pal (Without wasting even a single moment)
Qaid Yeh Kaisi Khuda (What kind of jail is this, O Lord!)
Saans Bhi Roothi Hai (Even breath is upset with me)
Seene Mein Aaj Kal (Inside my own chest nowadays (I’m not even able to breath freely nowadays))
Aaj Kal… Aaj Kal… Aaj Kal… (Nowadays)

Main Dardon Ko Paas Bitha Kar Hi Soun (I sleep keeping pain beside me)
Jo Tujhe Lagta Baarish Hai, Wo Main Hoon Jo Roun (You think it is rainfall, but it is actually me who is crying)

Main Dardon Ko Paas Bitha Kar Hi Soun (I sleep keeping pain beside me)

He was in a half sleep when he heard a clicking of that metallic lock it was a constable, he entered the cell and ordered him “Mr. Abhishek you have been called into Commissioner sir’s cabin right now” he didn’t utter a word and just moved with the constable he was walking straight like a robot and soon they were in the commissioner’s cabin.
Commissioner: Constable Shindey you called that prisoner
Constable: Yes, sir he is here
Commissioner: let him get in
The constable just nodded in yes and sent Abhi in the cabin here as he came in he greeted commissioner
Commissioner: finally, Mehra your prayers worked after six months’ case of your wife’s murder is reopened
Abhi being clueless: my prayers! And case is reopened? But why? I was declared the culprit right!
Commissioner: actually this case was very tricky and was never closed but as every member of your family was saying that you are the only one who is the culprit that’s why we were forced to prove that you are the only culprit but it seems someone in your family believes you more than other than else that’s why they appealed in High court and from there orders are being given to us to reopen this case and this time we are not handling this case as this went to an advance level so CBI officer Shanaya will investigate it
Abhi being confused: wait! What you said one of my family member did this! Who is it
Commissioner: your brother Mr. Raj and your mother-in-law they did this
Abhi was about to say something but was cut off by a voice which came from his back it was of a girl who was saying “The commissioner’s cabin is for him and there only he can ask questions not a prisoner can do so” he turned around to see who was it and saw that a lady who was in blue formal jean and denim jacket which was black in color and she was wearing white shirt under the jacket hairs were tied up tightly she was wearing formal shoes a black watch in her hand totally looking like a corporate woman was there in front of her
Commissioner: Meet Shanaya she is handling your case now and Shanaya Mam he is Mr. Abhishek Mehra whose case you are handling now.

Shanaya making a smile which was filled with attitude: a culprit remains culprit sir irrespective of the fact whether he is culprit or not once he is accused it means it becomes his/her identity and in your case, he has even been punished too so how can you say him MR he is just a culprit nothing else till he gets clear chit that he is innocent
Commissioner: it is my habit madam I use to call like this so that even a normal person shouldn’t feel that he or she is not having any respect
Shanaya rolled off the table weight which there and while going out said to Abhi
Shanaya: Abhishek or shall I say murderer you are bailed from here but you all will be house arrest until this case gets solved
Saying this she went out and Abhi was looking at her that how casually she was hitting the weak point of feelings for everyone
Commissioner: don’t mind her words because the more she is harsh the more she can solve these kinds of tricky cases the good thing is she brought your bailing orders too so you will be out from here let’s see whether the accusations are true or your truthfulness is true.

to be continued…
uff here is shot one lets see how you find it 😉

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