Swaragini – Between You and Me (Episode 6)

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“What are you doing here?” Ragini asked him as she got up and hugged him, while Laksh stood there with a stone face.
“I’m under the impression that people usually come here to play sports. No?” he said sarcastically, Ragini frowned and hit him on the arm.
“For once in your life, can’t you give me straight reply” she said, she noticed Vidyut give a weird kind of a smile to her and then she realised what he was hinting at. She turned to look at Laksh, who was glaring at Vidyut.
“Umm, Laksh you remember Vidyut, I introduced you guys the other day at the restaurant” she said nervously
“Of course, how can I forget your friend? Hi” he said forcefully
“Nice to meet you again Laksh” Vidyut said and Laksh nodded stiffly, he then turned to Ragini again.
Just then Sanskar and Sahaj came back to the table. Ragini gave a sigh of relief and Sanskar gave her a questioning look.
“Vidyut. What a pleasant surprise. It’s so nice to see you again” Sahaj exclaimed as she saw him
He gave her a smile and said “The pleasure is all mine pretty lady”
Sanskar then looked at Ragini with a wicked smile and mouthed the words “Same Vidyut?” And she nodded in response, she then gestured Sanskar by tilting her head towards Laksh. He looked at Laksh and gave a small laugh, when he saw the glare that was emanating from Laksh towards Vidyut.
“Somebody introduce us” Sanskar said in an obvious tone and pointing towards Ragini. She narrowed her eyes at him.
“Vidyut, this is Sanskar, Laksh’s cousin and my close friend, I told you about”; “Sanskar, this is Vidyut, also my close friend, who baba told you about” she frowned.
“It’s good to finally meet you. My brother has been going on and on about you” Sanskar said and Ragini gave herself a face-palm.
“I seem to have left quite an impression on your brother” he replied with a laugh
“You’re here alone? Or with someone?” Sanskar asked
“I’m all by myself. I actually came here for a take-away” he replied “I spotted Ragini, thought I’d drop by and say hi”
“Yeah, well you stuck around long after hi” Laksh murmured and Sanskar kicked him slightly
“Please join us” Sanskar offered as they all settle down on their table
“Vidyut, how is Toronto treating you?” Sahaj asked as she struck a conversation with him.
“So far so good. And since Ragini is also here, I feel at home” he said purposely. Ragini understood where he was getting at and then she reluctantly looked at Laksh, who looked like he was going to punch Vidyut in the face anytime now.
“So what do you do Vidyut?” Sanskar asked him
“I’m into financing and funding companies, who go NPA or want a facelift for their business” he said
“That is huge” Sanskar exclaimed “How did you and Ragini meet?”
Ragini glared at Sanskar, while he looked at her and shrugged in mock innocence.
“Well, she was my lawyer, saved me from a huge loss and a very expensive lawsuit. Being an alpha, she hated my laid back attitude the first time we met. She refused to take my second case, but she couldn’t resist my persistence and here we are today 6 years down the line”
“That is so cute” Sahaj exclaimed
“So basically you’re that one creepy guy nobody can get rid of” Laksh said, while Sanskar and Vidyut let out a laugh.
“Well, that’s one way of looking at it” he said
“Laksh” Sahaj exclaimed and hit him on the arm.
Ragini again gestured Sanskar towards Laksh to calm him down and Sanskar kept his hand over his mouth so that no one could notice his laugh, and gave a small nod and gestured her to go with Vidyut.
“Vidyut, let’s go dance” she said in a high pitch and even though she didn’t look in his direction, she could feel Laksh looking in her direction with anger in his eyes. She hauled Vidyut out of there.
“See you guys” he said with a laugh as she pushed him towards the dance floor

When they reached the dance floor, Vidyut held her and they started to dance while he kept laughing the whole time.
“You know I was extremely serious when I said that I will punch you in the face” she said “why are you trying to tick him off”
He gave her a serious expression and said “You really want to know why I am doing this? Will you be able to handle the answer?” he asked
“Vidyut, wh-” she started to say something, but he cut her off
“I did it because” he said with utter seriousness in his tone “Because, it is so much fun” and then he laughed
It took Ragini 2 minutes to realise what he just said and then she hit him again “Vidyut, stop being so childish”
“I love irritating your not-so-subtly-jealous boyfriend” he said as he spun her around
“Seriously? Stop it now. Please” she said
“Alright Alright. Listen, I am going to Vancouver for a few days, will you be okay?” he asked
“Why? I mean of course I will be okay. But why are you going?” she asked
“I have to go with Jamie, there are some company formalities that I need to fulfil” he said “I’ll be leaving tomorrow and will be back in 2 days” he said as he twirled her again “I have instructed Kathy, she will help you out in case you require anything. And I will drop off my keys with you tomorrow morning, before leaving”
“Who is Kathy?” she asked
“My assistant here” he said with a grin
She shook her head in exasperation and said “Okay”

“If I haven’t disturbed your little moment here, you can now safely return to the table” Sanskar teased them.
“Laksh?” Ragini quipped
“He went to drop Sahaj. I suggested him to go home directly” he said
The three of them sat down at their table and were having dinner. Vidyut turned to Sanskar and asked “Sanskar, would you mind if I ask you a personal question?”
“No, not at all. Go ahead” he said
“How do you feel about this engagement?”
“Vidyut, are you crazy? What sort of a question is that?” Ragini scolded him
“I think Laksh is an idiot” Sanskar said
“What? Sanskar, what rubbish is this?” Ragini retorted
“What? I have been here a whole of one day, and I see no chemistry between them whatsoever” he said “Don’t get me wrong, there was chemistry between them, but that seems ages ago. Now all I see is that he’s more about you than her”
“See, I told her the same thing. She just doesn’t listen to me” Vidyut said
“Tell me about it, she never listens to me either. I am so tired of her stubborn attitude” Sanskar added
“Guys, hello? I am sitting right here” she said
“You shut up” Sanskar said “If I didn’t stop him today, he would have punched Vidyut today” Sanskar said while laughing
“I thought I was the only one to notice that” Vidyut said
“Seriously guys, still sitting here” Ragini said
“I’ll go a step ahead and say, he’s in love with her. He just doesn’t know yet” Vidyut said
Ragini kept looking back and forth between both of them “Seriously guys? Am I invisible here?” she got irritated and walked away
They both laughed paid the bill and slowly walked behind her.
“Now if I ask you a personal question. Will you mind it?” Sanskar asked
“Go ahead” he replied
“Do you love her?” he asked
“Ah, question from the big brother.” He exclaimed “Of course I love her. What’s not to love about her? When she walks into a place, she commands respect, she’s an amazing person, she protects everyone she loves so fiercely and with such passion and vigour, the enthusiasm that she emanates is so contagious that you want to be around her always. I don’t blame Laksh when he is possessive about her. Even after having such a strong personality, she has that childlike innocence, which makes you want to protect her. So yes, I love her” he said “But the answer to your question is no, I don’t love her in that romantic way you think. You know that grey area between love and friendship, we stand there, and we’re happy, by changing this relationship into anything else, I don’t want to spoil it”
“That’s some deep stuff. I’m glad she has you; everyone is so worried about her. I don’t know why she even came to this engagement” Sanskar said
“Don’t worry; she is stronger than she looks. I’m sure you know that” Vidyut said
“Seriously, you guys are still going at it?” Ragini said suddenly appearing. They both laughed at her.
“I’m going to leave now. I’ll drop by in the morning to give you the keys” Vidyut said
She hugged him and said “Take care and come soon”. He kissed on top of her head
“Sanskar, it was really nice to meet you. Let’s catch up again, when I return”
“Same here, come over for lunch someday” Sanskar said and they both shared a brief hug and they left for home.
“He’s a nice guy” Sanskar said during the drive home.
“Sanskar, please don’t start again” she said
“No, seriously, not for anything else, he is very clear about everything in his life. That’s a very rare quality” he said
“I know; he helps me stay grounded” she said with a smile. They reached home and dispersed to their rooms.
“Goodnight, kiddo” he said

Ragini threw her purse on the bed and went to the washroom to change and freshen up before sleeping. She stepped out of the washroom and let out a loud gasp and she was pinned against the door “Laksh, what are you doing? Leave me” she said in pain

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Hey guys, your comments always make my day, every comment of yours brings a smile to my face, thank you so very much for this amazing and overwhelming response. I hope the silent readers enjoying the updates too.
I have noticed that everyone has started to like Vidyut alot. So i have decided that after this ff i will write a ff focused on Ragini and Vidyut. I hope you enjoy reading that too 😀

Keep Smiling and Stay Blessed everyone !!!!!

Lots of Love
Anvita Sharma

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  1. Noooo….let it be raglak only. .pllzzz I love the way u r writing it….but raglak only…..No vidyut …..plchhhh?

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Aww…don’t worry…i am not going to make Vidyut and Ragini a couple 🙂

  2. Akshata

    i was waiting for this update, finally i got it. i just loved laksh’s jealousy today. He was sarcastically hilarious. vidyut is quite sorted person, and no words for sanskar, he is just outstanding. ragini is quite lucky to have such wonderful persons in her life. why this cliffhanger????? he pinned her to the wall??? update soon eagerly waiting for the next update.

    1. AnvitaSharma

      hey Akshata..really glad you liked the update…well cliffhangers induce curiosity..don’t you think ? 😀

  3. Sowmya Johnson

    superb dear i really like it continue dear

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you so much 🙂

  4. awesome just loved lakshya jeleousy can’t wait for next one

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you so much nikky 🙂
      really glad you liked it 😀

  5. Loved it! Want more and more and more!!

    1. AnvitaSharma

      and i will give you more and more updates…keep reading 🙂

  6. I was literally rolling on the floor and laughing all the while. I read both this update and the previous one together. Dude, you are one amazing writer! You are mighty talented and I absolutely love this story. I like for a fact that RagVid are in that grey area, most of us are but we confuse it for love. Thanks for this amazing story. Love it??

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Belaaaa…thank you so much for the appreciation…i am really glad you are liking this story 😀
      Isn’t Vidyut a sweetheart

  7. Sreevijayan

    Anvitaaa..what an update yaar.u nailed it..seriously…..am hooked to ur ff..laksh is such a confused soul

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Thank you so much Sree..will try to update asap 🙂

  8. anonymous(raglak)

    girl…u have excellent writing skills….sanskar and vidhyut had a lot of fun in making laksh jealous and ragini angry…….I can’t say anything about laksh now…but i liked all d remaining characters….everyone is so sensible.and ragsan bond is amazing..the way he says kiddo…is so cute.the best thing I like in ur ff is the way ragini’s character is shaped.

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you sooooo much for all the compliments…i had a lot of fun in writing the characters too…so glad they’re being received well by everyone 😀

  9. it was amazing love laksh jealousy
    very excited to what will happened next
    plz post soon plzzzzzz

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you so much meera…will try and update asap 😀

  10. Fats

    Amazing update. Everything about Laksh: his actions and his words basically scream jealousy and I just love that ❤️. Jealous Laksh has to be one of my favourite shades so I like how it has been highlighted in the recent updates. And aww it’s cute how Vidyut and Sanskar are both such a tease when it comes to RagLak. Can’t wait to read the next part ? xx

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Fats…thank you sooo much ❤️
      i was constantly laughing when i wrote Sanskar and vidyut’s conversation..so so so glad that you’re liking it..keep reading 😀

  11. Shambhavi

    Anvita Sharma! You have written a helluva story, so I will not apologise for this!? You’ve awakened the essayist in this silent reader!!
    Girl.. Your characters are super strong and self-assured, probably a reflection of you. And I’ve really fallen in love with each of them. (That was a major hint to encourage a Vidyut story out of you! LOL!)?
    Ragini and Lakshya, who I’ve probably read gazillions of fanfics about, are totally relatable in this fanfic. They seem like any regular couple that we may come across. So thanks for that splash of reality! (Writing cliched fanfics has kinda been my comfort zone and I thank you for leading me out of that maze! Btw I’m 1 and a half fanfic old as of now, hoping to change that by this week.)
    If you ever want any sort of encouragement or whatever it may be that you want, to continue writing; do leave me a text. I loved your story, your style of writing and your personality ( if I were to judge by the characters you’ve created)!??
    All love,
    Sham. <3

    P.S. Do forgive the overwhelming use of exclamation marks, it's 3.40am where I'm from. And I just read all of your story right now!?

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Shambhavi!!! you have managed to make me blush like a teenager with that comment of yours…i could not wipe the smile of my face while reading your comment..thank you soo much for the appreciation, love ❤️
      and you’re right…a part of every character is a reflection of me..i now have you to support and encourage me whenever i feel like i am not able to move forward with my story…thank you for that…and i loved your ff’s, such sophisticated writing..i can never match up to that level..i am a fan..keep writing and keep reading too 😀
      lots and lots of love ❤️:D

  12. Sindhura

    Awesome and who is vidyut

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you sindhura..i haven’t decided who should play Vidyut..you can cast your favourite actor for his role 😀

      1. Sindhura

        Nobprob dear

  13. A.xx

    fba love how vid and sanky added fuel to lakshya’s fire..
    love how they both teamed up on rags to annoy her and love lakshya’s jealousy and the overall bond betweem all of them….feel bad for sahaj and can’t wait for next partso post soon.xx

    1. AnvitaSharma

      hahahah…i kept laughing when i was writing that…glad you liked it..do keep reading 😀

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      thank you ashnoor 😀

  15. Awesome episode and loved it a lot.Sanky and vidyut bonding is superb,but missing Raglak scenes. Waiting for more Raglak scenes. I liked vidyut as a good friend of Ragini. After this ff plz write more Raglak stories. Plz don’t make Ragini and vidyut as pair.

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Thank you Ammu 🙂
      Don’t worry..i will not pair up Ragini and Vidyut..they will remain friends

  16. Amazing update

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you lovely 😀

  17. Deesh

    Anvi! Yaar again u rocked it!! Sorry I was not able to comment on the previous update. And both the updates are awesome. Loooovvvvviinnngg it sooooo much!! Please do update the next epi soon. Am waiting. Loads of love. ?☺

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Deesh…don’t be sorry..as long as you enjoyed the update..i am happy 😀
      keep reading 😀

  18. Super dr……….. Waiting for ur another ff also…….. I luv it dr………. Wat a Love triangle b/w raglak………… I luv possessiveness of lak………. feeling bad for vidyut and sahaj……..

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you keerthu…will try and post asap 😀

  19. Asuasl u r always amazing i loved ur talent u rocked today no words to express

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thanks alot sanchami 😀

  20. Pooja26

    waise u can make pair as ragini & vidyut !!!!!! ;0 😉
    ur wish ….. jst joking……. all will beat me for dis pair 😉 😉
    lovely part dear …….
    loved vidyut here !!!!!!

    post asap…..

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Thank you so much pooja 😀
      Glad you liked it 😀

  21. Jazzy

    awwww i m sooo haooy that u will write one on vidyut too bczzz i m liking him more and more in ur ff heheheh actually more than laksh but i liked laksh jealousy

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you sooo much jazzy…really glad you’re liking the updates 😀
      keep reading 😀

  22. Superb… I love vidyut’s grey area explanation, laksh unknown jealousy for Ragini, Sanky’s nd vidyut’s care for her, Ragu’s stubborn nature… Overall a nice chappy. Take care nd update soon.

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you kutty…will try and upload asap 😀
      keep reading 😀

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    1. AnvitaSharma

      Aww…thank you nitu…Don’t worry Ragini and Vidyut will remain friends only 😀
      keep reading 😀

  24. Raglakholic

    It’s simply awesome
    Loved it
    Loved vidyut nd sanskar conversation
    Now what will laksh do
    Eagerly waiting to read
    Please do continue soon

    1. AnvitaSharma

      Thank you soooo much…i will try and upload asap..keep reading 😀

  25. Crystal089

    awesome superb loved it laksh jealous it was cool and sanskar and vidyut putting salt on his wounds and making him more angry was literally hariclous plsz update soon………..

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you crystal..really glad you are enjoying the series…keep reading 😀

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    Amazing yaar sanskar vidhyut conversation about Ragini is quite interesting keep going

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you so much..will try and post asap 😀
      keep reading 😀

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      heheh..glad you liked it
      keep reading 🙂

  30. Ragz_teju

    it’s simply superb… loving it

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you so much 🙂

    1. AnvitaSharma

      thank you 🙂

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