Swaragini – Between You and Me (Episode 5)

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Hey guys,
Sorry i completely forgot to add a note in my previous episode. Some of you guys have been asking me as to who are the actor playing Sahaj and Vidyut, now to be very frank, i haven’t though of anyone as such, because i just wrote the characters and never concentrated as to who should play them. So if you ask me, i’d say you can imagine your favorite actors playing those roles, that way everyone will me happy 😀
Secondly the reason i’m writing this note at the start today is to tell you that there is a surprise cameo in this episode and that character will be there for 2 more episodes :D. i’m really excited to see how you guys will react to it 😀
And in the previous update smrithi had asked me to link the previous episodes. So here are the links:

And i will be responding to all your comments on my previous update tonight. Sorry for the delay. Hope you enjoy this update too 🙂

Lots of Love

Ragini looked at Sahaj and left. Sahaj entered the room and said “We need to talk, Laksh”
“Look, I know what you’re thinking and I am really sorry about my behaviour. I promise I’ll make it upto you. But for now, I really need to talk to Ragini” he said
“Sit, down Laksh” she said calmly
“Sahaj, I really -” before he could complete the sentence she cut him off and said “Sit down”
He sat down on the bed facing her and she stood leaning on the door.
“Laksh, I don’t know what kind of friendship you share with her, all I know is that I am not comfortable with your behaviour ever since she has arrived. I love you Laksh, I really do. But the moment you hurt or insult my feelings, trust me when I say this I will not sit back and watch like some helpless girl” she said
“Sahaj, I understand what you’re saying, but I met her after years. She’s my best friend and she’s my responsibility, I need to make sure she doesn’t fall into any kind of trouble” he said
“You don’t ask your best friend if the guy she’s been hanging out with ‘is a distraction from you’ and I am not a fool to not understand that there is something more than just friendship here. At least from her end” she said “As for you, let me remind you that it was you who proposed to me for marriage and not the other way around. We are getting engaged day after tomorrow Laksh; I don’t want any surprises of the wrong sort. I suggest you make up your mind”
“I didn’t mean what I said. It just came out in a flow, I need to go talk to her” he said holding his head
“You stay, I will go talk to her” she said
“No. I made the mistake, I better go talk to her” he said getting up
“I am not asking you Laksh, I said I will talk to her” she said and left the room

There was a knock on Ragini’s door. “Come in” she said. As she looked up she saw Sahaj enter and got up from her bed
“Hi, I hope I am not disturbing you” Sahaj said as she entered the room
“Oh no no, please come in” she replied
“Ragini, I just heard the entire conversation between you and Laksh, I am sorry, I wasn’t eavesdropping or anything.” She said
“I don’t blame you, we both were shouting pretty loudly. Anyone could hear us. And please don’t apologise” Ragini said
“Look, Ragini, I am a very straight forward person. I don’t know how to be diplomatic. So, I’ve wanted to talk to you about this. I have noticed a change in his behaviour ever since you arrived, and to be frank I am not comfortable with it”; “I know you both have been a part of each other’s life for a long time now. But he needs to clear up some space for me to enter. I’ve been feeling like an outsider ever since your arrival, be it with him or maa papa. When I see you all together, I don’t see myself fitting in” she said “And I am not saying this just for him, you also need to keep a little space to let someone else come into your life.”
Ragini smiled at her and said “I understand your concern and I am extremely sorry about his behaviour, trust me I do not know what has gotten into him. As for aunty and uncle, Sahaj our families have known each other for years now, from my first memory till today aunty and uncle have always been a part of me. So, they treating me as their daughter is very natural. But that does not mean they will treat you any less. And I want to assure you that I will not and cannot take your place in their lives. My place in mine and your place is yours and your place is much higher”
“Ragini, I did not mean to offend you, I just wanted to tell you how I felt” Sahaj defended herself
“You have not offended me. Trust me on that. And as far as Laksh is concerned, he needs to be more considerate with your feelings and interfere less in my life” She walked towards Sahaj and held her hand to assure her
“No wonder, everybody loves you so much” she said with a smile and hugged Ragini “C’mon lets go out and mingle with others”
“You go. I’ll just be out in a few minutes” Ragini said. Sahaj left the room and Ragini closed the door behind her. She sat down on the floor and sighed heavily, trying to soak in the events that had happened since morning. She got up washed her face, composed herself and went to join everyone.
Ragini entered the living room to see relatives arriving for the engagement. “And here I was wondering if I would ever get to see Ms Hot-Shot-Lawyer Gadodia ever again” she heard a voice exclaim behind her.
She turned around to see Sanskar Maheshwari, her childhood friend and her confidant and Laksh’s cousin. Looking at him after years, she couldn’t control her tears and he pulled her into a bone crushing hug “Okay now, calm down. You know you look ugly when you cry” he said while laughing and patting her hair.
Sujata Maheshwari, Sanskar’s mother came to them “Are you going to exhaust all your tears just for him? Save some for me too”
Ragini wiped her tears and hugged her “Okay there. I was just joking, Ragini. Stop crying child” Sujata said as she hugged her. Sanskar laughed and held Ragini as she broke the hug with Sujata.
“I am so upset with Sumi and Shekhar. Why didn’t they come?” Sujata asked her. Ragini laughed at her question and said “Like I said to your sister-in-law, your issues you sort out. Don’t drag me into this parental fight”
“What a political answer” Sanskar teased her, just then Annapurna called for Sujata “You kids mingle and you tell your mother she has had it from me” she said in mock anger and left.
Ragini noticed Laksh and Sahaj coming towards them and she tried to excuse herself, but Sanskar held onto her “Where are you trying to run off?” he asked her, she shook her head and smiled.
“Look at who finally arrived” Laksh said as he hugged Sanskar, he then went on to give a small hug to Sahaj “What a brave girl to marry him” he teased her; Laksh frowned while they both laughed. Just then Ragini’s phone rang, and Sanskar took it from her before she could answer it
“When I am here, no phone calls” he said “I hear you’ve been working too much”
“Okay. Has everyone here been talking to maa and baba only about me” she said in an exasperated tone.
He laughed at her and said “Let’s go for dinner today, just the four of us?” they all agreed to it.
Ragini excused herself and went to her room, to calm herself from this overwhelming turn of events. She lay on her bed trying to relax, when Sanskar entered her room and lay down beside her, both of them were staring at the ceiling
“So kiddo. What’s going on with you?”
“Nothing really.” she said
“Laksh was blabbering about some Vivek. Who is that?” he asked her
She sighed and said “Vidyut. He meant Vidyut”
“Vidyut Sharma? The same guy uncle was telling me about?” he enquired trying to stifle a laugh
She got up and sat down on the bed facing him, while he was still lay staring at the ceiling.
“Did he tell you also, that he wishes I marry Vidyut?”
He started laughing and nodded.
“Don’t start with that now” she pleaded
“What is wrong with that, if he’s a nice guy, then, Why not?” he asked her
“Sanskar, I don’t love him. He’s a very close friend and by forcing myself into a relationship with him, I don’t want to spoil that. Moreover, I have an amazing career, and I enjoy my work.”
“Ragini, you have literally reached at the peak of your career. You’ve stagnated yourself completely, all jokes apart, I am really worried about you now. You need to move forward on the personal front” he said with seriousness
“I’m not ready Sanskar”
“If you keep thinking you will never be ready. Laksh has moved on in his life. If he couldn’t appreciate your selfless love, even though he’s my brother, I’m still saying this, he doesn’t deserve you and you don’t deserve this loneliness” he said while patting her
“Don’t go all big brother on me please” she said and they both laughed.
“I missed you kiddo” he said
“Me too”

“RAGINI, hurry up” Sanskar called her “We’ve to go to dinner tonight not a week later”
“Oh clam down. I’m coming” she said as she hurried rushed out of her room wearing an off-shoulder top and a printed skirt.
“Who are you? Where is the ugly Ragini?” he exclaimed
She smiled sarcastically and asked “Are we not getting late now? Where are Laksh and Sahaj?”
“They’ll be meeting us at the restaurant” he said going out of the door “By Maa, badi maa. Don’t wait up”
“Bye aunty”

They reached the restaurant to see Laksh and Sahaj already waiting for them. “Where have you guys been?” Sahaj asked them
“Sorry, she took a decade to get ready” Sanskar said pointing towards Ragini and she hit him with her clutch. He noticed Laksh staring at Ragini and he also saw Ragini avoiding his gaze. Sahaj was about to look at Laksh when Sanskar cleared his throat to warn Laksh and said “Let’s go in”
They all stepped inside the lounge and settled onto their table and called for their order and started their general banter about the engagement and the functions that were going to happen. Throughout the conversation Sanskar noticed that Laksh was trying to strike a conversation with Ragini, but she kept avoiding him. He picked up that they had a fight and decided to give them some time to talk.
“Sahaj, your fiancé is pretty boring, would like to dance with me” he said pointing at the dance floor and she readily agreed. He bent down to whisper something in Laksh’s ear and winked at him.
Ragini kept avoiding Laksh; he moved to sit near her “Ragini, I’m really sorry. I know I went overboard today. The entire day has been hell for me. Please please talk to me”
She glared at him and said “Never have I felt this insulted as much as you made me feel today Laksh, and I never expected this from you”
“I know, I know what I did and said was absolutely wrong. Please forgive me Ragini, please” he pleaded
“I think you should interfere little less in my life and worry a little more about Sahaj. She has gone through hell in these past two days because of you. Go fix that”
Before Laksh could say anything they heard a familiar voice exclaim “How lucky am I”
They both turned to see who it was. Looking at that person Laksh immediately balled his fist while Ragini smiled brightly at him “Vidyut”

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    1. AnvitaSharma

      Hey Marklotha..to clarify your doubt..in this ff i am not trying to show Laksh as a self centered person…but i am trying to show Ragini as a strong character…the makers had made her character so negative in the show in trying to win over Laksh… i didn’t like that
      Yes as of now Laksh might seem inconsiderate if other’s feelings, but that’s because he has conflicted feelings, which he is not able to understand.. i want to make Laksh fall in love with Ragini and not get into a forced relationship just for the sake of it..hope that helps 🙂
      do keep reading 🙂

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