MMZ – Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan (Shot 2)

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Hello Darlings…..Big HELLO from Dipu….I know I said it will be little laye to post next chap but I couldn’t resist myself when I received good response from you guys…See how a word of encouragement help…so plzz comment….

“Today was my second day at the gym….”

It was a little late at evening around 8 pm. My soon to be husband and I were sitting around the dining table in one of the posh restaurant in the heart of the Mumbai city. We decided to meet for dinner. We had just begun our dinner.

It had become routine now to meet once in a week or two to know each other. It had been two months we got engaged but we hardly talked. Saral’s evenings were either consumed by office work or by cocktail meetings in hotels, where networked with fellow builders,high profile agents and his investors which consisting of NRIs and all types of businessmen. These connections were important to him for his construction business… After all, he had to take his real estate business to heights that according to him, I could never imagine.

“…….the one that’s in the mall…on the opposite side of road….” I said trying to grab his attention.

He was busy reading something on his phone. Must have been work related emails.

“Hmmm….” Was all he said..he didn’t look up…

Saral Joshi, My fiancé, is good human being as well as an intelligent businessman. He inherited values of traditional Indian family from his parents and that the thing my parents had liked a lot in him. No wonder, when the proposals started coming for my marriage, my father had preferred him over others. I had always trusted my father and my family to make the right decision for me on behalf of me.

Our fathers are business friends. And as they wisely matched us, Saral and I can transform their business friendship into a relationship.

While I grew up as my daddy’s girl, Saral is a mumma’s boy. He would never talk back to his mother and had immense gratitude for her, so much so, he can discard his work if she merely made a call. If I made that call, I was refused with valid reasons.

I always tried to admired what he likes, his dislikes..I wanted to know him as whole and wanted to share all what I wanted to.

“Sarallll…..” I said a bit impatiently
He raised his finger, indicating that I should wait a bit.

I sighed grumpily. I wanted him to pay attention to me, to ask me how the gym experience had been and whether I had faced any problems. But that was something I could not expect from him. Was it because we had not fallen in love? Did people in love behave like this?

“Saral!!! I wanted to talk to you…listen na…..” I shrieked

“Just give me a minute, Radhu….” He said and I made a face.

It had always been like that. I had to wait. Saral has always been an ambitious man. He wanted a faster and a much bigger growth, that too in recorded time. He always talked about how his father and grandfather used to run business and how he intended to run it differently.
Doing MBA from prestigious B-School Saral understand the importance of branding that’s why he changed a whole interior of his office and made it ultra-modern as soon as he take over the business in his hand. He has a passion for business and I got to know this when he postponed our marriage for 10 months as he got big contract to deal with.


“Yes baba….I am listening now..tell me…..” he said, his eyes still glued to his mobile screen.

“No..You aren’t….” I said pouting

He didn’t react.

“Why don’t you get married to your business instead of me?”

This wasn’t first time he heard it from me and this wasn’t first time he ignored it either.
He turned to look at me and kept his phone on table after locking it.

“This was important….” He said smiling softly. “Tell me now….what were you saying?”

I looked at him and into his eyes, tyring to see myself….was I even there in his life? Why did it feel like a mistake asking for his time?

“Radhu..speak now….” He said and pulled dinner plate and started eating.

I closed my eyes for sec to let go of my thoughts

“ Remember..i told you in the morning that I will be visiting the gym in the mall in front of my society….”

“Hmmm…” he nodded as he ate

“I quite liked it..As Sam too is membered there..i am to going to work out there……”

“Good..Go ahead then….”

That was not what I was expecting. I wished he would have asked more about it. I wish he would have taken more interest in talking about it…

“Actually…I was thinking if you too could join along with me…Right now I go during day time..if you come we will go at morning time…At six..what say??” I said excitedly

“c’mon Radhu…where is the time for me to do all this? You know I enjoy my golf…”

Ofcourse!! Golf was also a part of his networking. It fitted perfectly to his ambitions..

“ about alternate days then?” I insisted just for sake of conversation..

He took a sip of water and swallowed. “no baba….i mean look at me…I am fit…my routine works for me…I don’t need to go gym….”

I wish I could have told Saral that perhaps meeting and working out together would bring a new joy to our our newly budding relation…we could have get our time far from his work…

Then I reasoned myself why should worry about getting up early in the mornings….At least I would be able to spend a few hours of my day doing what I enjoyed.

Next day @ Gym

The ceiling of the gym was carved in zig zag shape having beauitiful POP designed. While lying on yoga mat we can enjoy seeing it. Speakers were installed at every corner of wall.

It was quite a high tech gym. Most of the machines had display that gave hell lot of information which I don’t even know how to comprehend. My membership card looked just like ATM card. It had a chip in it to mark my attendance and to open my locker in ladies room.

A juice corner contains a spacious arena to seat and enjoyed seeping various types of juices having ipads installed in aisle next to juice counter. You can find youtube work out videos and healthy diet info there.

The entire wall in front of treadmills had a series of LCD mounted on that big wall. People could change the channels from the panel on their treadmills. No wonder it was best gym in entire Bandra. Equally high fees for membership. Everything about it was grand and luxurious.

“Madam, you can scroll through and let me know who you would want to choose…” said the receptionist helpfully

I had just arrived at the reception and told them that I wanted to know about personal training program. And in no time, receptionist called another lady and she gave me info about it.

So there I was. Viewing the thumbnail display pictures of over a dozen personal trainers who trained the gym on LCD screen mounted on front was like display of menu of pizza in café. All faces looked the same.

“who would you like to choose, mam? “ asked the lady

“Wha….what?” am I supposed to pick trainer myself…like really…..

The idea of scanning pictures of well-built men in public made me was hell awkward..What if right now these trainers are secretly watching me from distance and wondering who I’ll choose? Shit!!!!

“Is how people choose personal trainers here? By looking at their pic? ” I asked unable to hide my shock

“No Mam…You can look at their profile by clicking on their pictures…It’s hyperlink….I will show you…” she said and tapped on one of the pic.
As she tapped on that man’s pic a screen got open having info about the area and level of expertise, achievement, year of experience, weekly schedule and available time slots….

I was complete embarrassed to go through all the pictures. I missed Sam at that moment.wishing she could come to rescue me from this awkward situation.

“I mean….i don’t know..any of can I judge them seeing their profile and pictures…” I asked. I’m sure I was looking even sillier than I thought I was.

However, the sales lady was smart enough to understand my hesitation. She had read from my body language that I wasn’t one of those confident girls who knew what she wanted exactly.

“Okay..let’s apply a filter….i hope you would like to go for functional training for weight loss..most of the ladies choose we can apply that filter..” she asked…I nodded

She applied a filter. A list of six trainers appeared on screen. And then I found a familiar face. I had bumped into him. Twice!!…And at that situation it gives me relief to see him again in many unknown faces.

I wonder how I could miss his face in previous displays. Now it looked easier for me to choose the right person.

Arjun….it read under his profile..Nice name..whose name Sam taken as her Trainer??? God..i have short term memory loss…

The sales lady continued talked about profile but I guess I made up my mind for the person. It’s two reason, one I didn’t know about other trainer and second Arjun was nice human being..Atleast I knew him as he was nice with me…

“ can booked for trial sessions to whom you choose for your training…” lady brought back me from my reverie.

Trail session..That’s great..i can knew by then how he is in training…I pointed out the trainer that I opted.

She asked me to wait at juice counter meanwhile she would get My soon-to-be trainer for me…I readily agreed.

I choose a magazine to read from stack that lay on the table in front of me…
“he had just finished his workout and has gone to take shower…” the lady updated me.

“Okay..i will wait here..” I agreed and started reading again. I flipped its pages and stopped on the ones that I found interesting.

“So we meet again!” a voice broke into my reading. I looked was him….

“I’m Arjun…..” he said

“ Oh…Hi! I am Radhika….” I said standing up from my chair.

“No..No..Please Keep sitting….” He said and grabbed the chair next to mine…. He was wearing his personal trainer jersey, the one he wore the day before, along with the cap…Ohhh..That’s why he wore cap that day….i told myself

As he was so near sited to me, I observed his veins, originating somewhere above the half sleeves of his T-shirt, ran under the skin on his big forearms. “That’s the result of his workout..” I again told myself

“Listen…..Listen I…..I am very sorry for what I did the other day…” I had too apologies one more time, when Arjun cut me off and said “It’s okay, Madam!! It’s been taken care of..My car got fixed…”

I felt relieved that we had it out of the way before starting our discussion.

“So tell can I help you….I have been told you want to go for personal training?”

“Oh..Yes..Samaira..My friend..told me the concept of personal training and …..”

“Oh..she did?” Arjun again cut me off

“You know her? “ I asked

“I train her…” He said smiling…his eyes narrowed in attractive way when he said cute…..

Oh!!..So this is can I forget his name when Sam told me…I’m a big Dumbo….In that moment I wondered how she would react when she got to know that the brand new car I rolled by my car into belonged to her trainer. Sam would defiantly laugh…..she was so curious to know why he helped me and maintained his cool all along the incident.

“Great!!! I don’t see her around today?”

“She have rest day today…we gave one day off among any day from week..most of the time Sundays are off…I trained her 9 am to 10 am…”

I recalled that Sam had told me that her trainer was quite good…I realized that accidentally I was on right track…

“So I can’t train you on that slot…..I am available at 10.30 to 11.30 slot….” He offered

I was confused about deciding my slot when Arjun broke my trance and said “ You can decide it later as well..after trial session..but we can do trail session tomorrow as I already gave my next session to another client..sorry but I already committed that to that one…” he said loking at wrist watch

“Oh..No problem..fine with me…” I said

Arjun let me walk through various machines and gave some basic knowledge about what he gonna train me…it sounded French to me…but at least I got familiar with equipment I was going to lift..or pull…or whatever…

“have you recently checked your BMI?” Arjun Asked

“What?” I asked trying to understand what he said

“B-M-I.” Arjun repeated

I looked blankly.he smiled. His dimple showed up on his heart started beating faster…

What was happening to me?

“ it’s Body Mass Index…” he said looking at me

“oh..okay…” I nodded still unknown to what he said…I assumed Arjun wanted to know my weight and was throwing some technical term to impress me..

I had already subtracted my actual weight by 2 kg..on second thought I took liberty to subtract 2 pt something and then giving it round figure I settled on subtracting 3 from my actual weight…yess that will be nice no. to tell him about my weight…

But Arjun spoke again “ You didn’t get it, did you? It’s part of your body composition report….”

And all I heard was the loud thudding of my heart in my chest….Dhak..Dhak..Dhak…

So how’s it? From next chap, radz training gonna start..which will hell lot of fun….
Yeahhh many of guessed right..this story wasn’t about billionaire n all..but about couple we can found next day to day life….Most of the incidents are blending of reality plus imagination ka tadaka…hope you guys will like it…
See you soon..Love you loads…
Thank you soooo much for your love on first shot….Muhhhaaa!!!

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  1. sorry dipika…i forgot to drop comment on your first one…but it was good..and this one is the bomb…gym love…along with Radhika my heart beat dhak..dhak..:)LOL..thanks for the update…waiting on your next…

    1. Dipika

      Hey dearyyy pls don’t say sorrryyyy u shared ur words with me thts the biggest thing for me….Thank u sooooo much dearyyyy.. Love u lots ? ? ?

  2. OMG OMG… Deepu u r awsme girl… cnt evn imagine… such a talented person u r.. n arjun he is so sweet n calm awwww!!!! I love this Arjun also… handling the situation with a cool mind…. so coooool!!!! Radhu loves for simple life whch has only luv n care… bt she culdnt gain it till now… i hope she will gt sooon..

    Lovely episode i luvd it to the core deepu… love u n tc…

    1. Dipika

      Heyyyy thank you sooooo much darling.. M on. Moon by ur words.. Thank thank u.. Can’t say it enough… M soooo much happy.. U made my day.. Love u lots dearyyyyyyy
      ? ?
      ? ?

  3. oh my god ..m in love with this already…and today its
    dipu do u go to gym 😀 just kidding..u wrote arjuns dialogues very professionaly..loved it to the core..

    1. Dipika

      Neetzzz darling thank you sooooo for ur lovely words.. Yeah u guessed the right.. I go to gym thts y i knew this terms.. N putting blend of reality n imagination.. Thank u sooooo much dear.. Love u lots ?

  4. Brin

    Amazing episode, Arjun is going to be Radhika trainer, love it, can’t wait for Radhika’s training to begin, Dipika you nail it, well done. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Hey Brin darling thank you so darling.. Love u lots ? ?

  5. arti viswanathan

    Excellent episode yaar dipika… How do u get stories like these yaar…. Omgnow radhika also joined in gym where sam has a good trainer like arjun…tc loads of love muuuuhaaaa. And i loved it today’s episode is excellent, superb and marvelous episode dipika…

    1. Dipika

      Hey arti darling thank you sooooo much for you lovely words.. Loads of love ? ? ?

  6. Jessie

    Deeeepppzzzs…… dhak..dhak…dhak….wowww…this is so awesome girl…that y he wear cap…I was grinning like a idiot..can’t get enough my judwa behna….rock star…!! Loved it….wow.. Arjun all cool and casual…Am so in love with it….thanks a ton for this beautiful story….muahhhh…love u loads…TC…so eager 4 next one…Will read again…wanna…seriously…I just loved. .loved…and loved…

    1. Dipika

      Jessss darling thank you sooooo much for making me smile wide.. Oh god my cheek is paining.. Hahahaa u knw u will recall tht cap incident.. Love u lots my JB
      ? ?

  7. Jewel

    dipika, this is awesome. this is really interesting and different story on ardhika…. her hesitation to select the trainer, that part was really nice, i liked that a lot. and the last part, she only heard her hartbeat when he seriously explaining about bmi….. u wrote simple things very beautifully…. and i love ur way of writing…. waiting for next one….post soon…

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh Jewel darling i m always eager to read ur view cos u always make me grin hard… Thank u sooooo much darling.. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  8. Myra

    Glad to finally have a real life story….man, this was a much needed relief….thankful!

    Plus, your writing style….geez, its a stress buster…..
    Update soon
    Love you loads…?

    1. Dipika

      Myra darling m soooo relived u like the concept based on real. Life.. Thank u sooooo much for motivating n loving me… Love u lots ? ? ?

  9. Vasuraj

    Nice one.. Totally diff plot
    Loved it

    1. Dipika

      Thank you sooooo vasu dearyyy.. Love u lots ? ?

      1. Vasuraj

        Waiting for next one… Post it soon if u can?

    2. Dipika

      Heyyyy vasu dearyyy i will try to come as soon as possible.. Love u

      1. Vasuraj

        Take ur own time dipu
        No worries?

  10. It’s really good.

    1. Dipika

      Rasha dearyyy thank you for your lovely words.. Love u lots ? ?

  11. Sathya

    Dipu darling…oh gosh…its amazing dear. I was smiling like an idiot from the start to the end. I blushed continously when Rads saw her face in the profile, when he sits opposite to her and her observation on his veins …wowowow…girl u r rocking. Awwww you know what, now u r making it more curious to know about the personal trainers before joining the 😛 😛 😛
    You know what the same BMI was told to me, me and my akka were blinking at him of not knowing what it is? You remember the funny scene i told you na…lol i m so excited to read tht here…

    Awesome one girl and pls post WOS soon. waiting for that dumbo neil’s reaction. Love you dipu.

    1. Dipika

      Satzzzzz darling u never make me. Blush, smile, overwhelmed with your soooo sweet n lovely words.. Gosh.. That vein part.. I really observed that.. Hahaha.. Craxy me.. N i did too tht bmi thing.. Lol.. N yess how can i forget tht incident u told.. God seriously m still laughing hard.. N tht will b blockbuster chap whn i will include it.. Hahaha.. Thank u sooooo much darling.. I was waiting for you here.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

  12. Nice episode

    1. Dipika

      Thank you so much chashni dearyyy.. Love you loads ?

  13. Superb dipika. …will wait for the next one. .

    1. Dipika

      Thank you so much dearyyyy.. Love u lots ? ?

  14. Gauri

    Was waiting for written on the stars and and this one…..this was such a breather ..just like a breath of fresh air…. Radhika was so natural trying to get her fiancee’s attention….then meeting with Arjun…her mind talking so beautiful 🙂 Dipu you have stolen hearts of mine…bu dont worry I have a whole basked for you ????????????????????? love u

    1. Dipika

      Gauri darling i was so desperately waiting for you comments n now m smiling like maniac…. Lol.. Basket full of heart.. Awww.. Thank u sooooo darling .. M so dancing in happiness.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

  15. omg this is cute

    1. Dipika

      Thank you so much moni

  16. Meen

    Wow dipika ….amazing dear….Arjun here is so calm & smart……. They both compliment each other……lovely update dear……sorry for d short update muuuuha

    1. Dipika

      Meen darling thank you sooooo much for supporting me darling ? ? ? ? ?

  17. Awesome wowwww lovely marvellous episode. …dipsss my sweeeeeetheart. ….I’m loving this love at gym…..the story is really outstanding. …very natural n so adorable interesting. …saral n rads relation intro was showing like normal arranged business relationship status where two ppl r together just for sake of their families n business. …but rads is not like those business types. ..she is very simple, adorable, innocent girl who wants her life to be simple also, filled with happiness….loved the way u described the gym…it’s very luxurious. ….loved it…..rads innocence was so cute when gym lady told her to choose her trainer…..n her response…awww…so sweeeeeet. ….arjun n rads official meeting was very interesting. ….arjun is very nice n gentleman. ..sooo down to earth…..loved their cute convo….soooo adorable n mind blowing plot n outstanding narration. ….keep it up honeyyy. Love you loads. muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug my sweeeeeetheart darling dipsssss ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ 😉

    1. Dipika

      Roma diiiiiii wow u always made me feel spl huhh… I soooo much in love witg ur words.. Tht i always waits for it. Thank u sooooo much for supporting me n loving me di.. Love u lots ? ? ?

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