SwaRagini – ek nayi kahani (S02) Pt 3

Let’s begin…

The guy makes her stand!
Only his eyes were visible to her and her dupatta has covered them in between still she could see his piercing eyes…

He moves back and Ragini had no words she was frozen for a moment.
There was some feeling arising in her don’t know why!
But yes there was some feeling which she didn’t wanted to let it go!

When she realised that she was too lost in him but to the fact he wasn’t there, who was he? The question which is arising in her heart! Why couldn’t she thank him? Why she was lacking words in front of him?
With that she turns to go..
She reach the door but still turns because she was will to see him and somewhere in her heart she knew that HE is here!

But after confirming herself that he isn’t in her vision, she moves in being disappointed to the fact that she couldn’t see him and also couldn’t thank him for saving her life!

After she went in..
A figure of a man was shown in the dark!
He moves to his jeep and droves off!

Swara who was sitting in the hall:hein? When did you go out?
Ragini:woh!! Mein.. She was about say the thing which happened few minutes ago but stopped herself
Swara:arey you were in terrace right?
Ragini:no swara, i went out few minutes back
Swara:no.. I was sitting here only!
Ragini fakes smiles:if you get chance to see someone else other than laksh
Ragini:i am sleepy..good night!

She immediately goes to her room to escape from her questions
She wasn’t understanding now, why she lied to her sister? She could have told the thing?

Ragini:ahh… What’s happening to me? Looks like i would get mad in sometime.. Ragini sleep!
Ragini sleeps covering herself in quilt

Swara comes and sees Ragini who has covered herself with the blanket from head to toe
Swara pulls the blanket from her face:dum ghut jayega Ragu, if you cover like this
She sees her sleeping with a smile on her face
Swara smiles and kisses her forehead :may your this smile doesn’t vanish!
Soon swara to sleeps


It was a deep dark and a rhythm of a soft music was heard
A spot light falls on a girl in navy blue colour salwar

A guy who dressed in black 3 piece suit was in his knees and forwards a ring:i love you from the bottom of my heart, will you give me the right to tell that you are mine? and will you give me the permission to walk along with you by entangling your fingers with me? Will you me the chance to be called as your husband? Will you marry me? Please don’t say no!!
And a girl infront of him was overwhelmed :yes!

Guy:for which question?
Girl:for every question, i love you too and i will marry you!!
She makes him stand and looks at deep into his eyes
His eyes was the thing that got printed in her heart!
His eyes was the thing which could express everything to her without a single word!
Now she has the right to say ‘HE IS MINE’

And she is revealed to be Ragini!

They both get close and their lips meet

Another voice:maaa bachao… Bhooth bhooth bhooth!

Ragini who was shouting looks at herself she was simple white colour suit:ahhh… Hein?
She looks at her surrounding and realises that she was in her room itself and it was all a dream!

Ragini disappointed :it was a dream!?

At the time sharmishta and shekar enters the room

Sharmishta:what happened?Ragini are you ok?
Raginj was expressionless and she nods in no!
Then she realises her antics and nods in yes

Shekar:where is swara?
Ragini then realises swara isn’t in the bed

They listen a voice:please please ghost don’t kill me!
The voice was coming from under the bed

Ragini still on bed but bend to see under the bef
She calls her:swara swara
Swara looks at her and screams, listening her scream Ragini too screams!

Sharmishta:arey what happened? Why are you screaming?

Swara realising:Ragini you!!
She comes out

Shekar:now say why were you both screaming?
Swara:woh when i was sleeping Ragini screamed.so i thought a ghost came
Shekar:Ragini why were you screaming?
Sharmishta:did you see any nightmare!
Ragini nos in no
Ragini:i mean i felt scared all of a sudden, i am sorry
Swara looks at her suspiciously
Sharmishta:it’s ok…
Shekar:you have scared us
They smiles and goes

Swara closes the door:now say what’s wrong?

Ragini:nothing swara
Swara:say! I am demanding you
Ragini:woh i saw a dream!don’t laugh
Swara smiles:ok i will no
Ragini:no you are now only
Swara:i will not laugh i said right!
Ragini:woh i saw
Swara:you saw!?
Ragini:i saw a guy….
Swara :a guy is proposing you! Right?
Ragini:how did you know
Swara laughs:your expression stated it
And she looks at time it was 5 in the morning
Swara:looks like your dream is going to be true!

Ragini:no i don’t think so
Swara:oh challenge?
Ragini :challenge! But it should by today only
Swara:how can say it today.. Within somedays!
Ragini:then no challenge, dadi is searching a guy for me so it may happen
Swara:no babes! Dekhna shayad woh tumhare zindagi mein entry kar chuka ho?
Ragini remember ‘HIM’ his piercing eyes
Swara sees her lost she smiles
Swara:who knows? Today or tomorrow if he proposes you,then?
Ragini composes:no aisa nahi hoga, i know!! And if you lose
Swara:jo tum kaho and if you lose?
Ragini:same jo tum kaho.. But phir bhi soch lo
Swara:i cant say today but he would come soon! And meine soch liya hai

Same day morning

Ragini when getting ready:yeh swara ke dress mujhse nahi hote, i am good in my own attire!
She wears a NAVY BLUE COLOUR salwar and ties her hair into a pony tail
And applies a thin stroke of kajal on to her eyes!!

Dadi:Ragini, come with me to the market!
Ragini:ok dadi

They leaves

Dadi was buying vegetables

Ragini sees a beautiful red bangles, she gets attracted to it
Ragini:dadi, i would be back
Dadi:but, where are you going?
Ragini:i would be back!! Dadi within 5 minutes

She moves to the shop but she sees the bangles missing
Ragini:arey bhaiyya, here there was a red bangles.. where is it? Please I want it!
Shopkeeper:there was only one piece of that pair of bangles,a guy bought it 5 minutes ago!
Ragini disappointed :oh!!
Shopkeeper:you try something else madam ji
Ragini:no bhaiyya.. It’s ok..

She disappointedly moves from there when she feels someone pulling her dress
She sees a little chubby cute boy, he reflects her his cute smiles
She smiles
He gives her a box

Ragini:what is this?
She takes it and sees the same bangle

Ragini:who gave you this?
He smiles:bhaiyya ne

He points to a direction :usne!
She sees a guy in black whose back was faced to her

The little boy runs from there!

Ragini:why did he give me this?
She thinks to ask him and not to keep his money as she don’t want to lose the pair of bangle too as she liked it so much

Here boy takes the balloons :thankyou
Guy infront of you;no thankyou, we are friends right and even you helped me!

Ragini sees the boy and she identifies the person with him to be the same guy

Boy sees her:didi is coming! And bye mumma would be waiting for me

He goes

And the guy stands he has wore black trousers with the black full sleeve tee
His lips crawls into a charming wide smile

And he starts to move

Ragini:excuse me!! Listen..

He still keeps moving with a wide smile

She follows him

She reach a place but she missed him.. Where there was none!

Guy was standing behind her

She tries to see then she feels some standing behind her

Guy:Ragini aap shayad mujhe dhoond rahi hai?

She immediately turns and what attracted her most was his eyes
She remembered last night’s incident! But she didn’t realise this stranger was knows her name

Ragini brushes of her thoughts :this bangles..
Guy:oh yaa.. I only sent with the kid

Ragini takes out money
Guy:no no no no no..
Ragini gets startled by his no’s

Ragini:i don’t want to keep your money…
Guy:arey it’s my money is your money only!
Ragini confused:excuse me!

Guy:arey how can i take money from my LOVE! My soon to be wife!

Ragini shocked:whaaaatttt?

Guy smiles:Relax!! i love you from the bottom of my heart

She remembered her dream! Is she dreaming again?

Guy:no your not dreaming

Ragini again gives him a shocked to look:daaadiiii…

She moves back!

Guy smiles:oh you want to fix our marriage,tell me where is your dadi i will myself talk to her

Ragini looks at him weirdly

Guy:but before i would introduce myself to you, i am working as HR in kk&sons constructions and i also do part time job in slim fit gym and i stay alone after our marriage we both would be together!

Ragini herself:i thing he has gone made na ata na pata na hero na villain yeh mere peeche kyu pada hai?alien kahi ka.. Ragini run before you get mad!

She runs

Guy:arey,listen my name atleast(shouts) myself Armaan.. Aur armaan ki armaan hai aap mujse shaadi karle!

Ragini listened him but runs
He laughs and brushes his hair:the day is not far Ms. Ragini Gadodia!

To be continued..

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