My first love -Twinj ff Episode 4

Hii guys. Sorry I am bit busy with my workshop so didn’t posted for two days. Now it was finally over….. Huff….. Anyways leave that study stuff, let’s start the story….

Twinkle was suddenly fainted. Before she could reach the floor, kunj came and took her in his arms. Sweat is dropping from his forehead. He was continuously patting her cheeks.

Kunj: twinkle uto… Kya hua tumhe… .

But there was no response. He called his family doctor saying as emergency. Doctor reached in 5 minutes. He checked twinkle’s pulse rate and temperature.

Kunj : doctor what happened to her…

Doctor : Nothing to worry Mr. Sarna she was fainted due to weakness as she didn’t have anything since morning. I gave her injection. She will get conscious in half an hour.

Kunj : thanks doctor….

He send doctor back and was angry on twinkle for not taking care of her health .But he realised that he only gave twinkle that much work.

Kunj( thought) :ee bukkad ek gante ke liye bhi bhuka nahi rah sakthi thi, ab pura din kuch nahi khaya…

When she gain conscious, he rushed to her and made her sit. Then he brought soup and started feeding her. When she try to speak, he pushed the spoon into her mouth. He made her have the total soup, then cleaned the left over soup on the corner of her lips. Then he gave her medicines and asked her to rest there only..

Twinkle : but where will I sleep…

He moved his cupboard aside and there was a room behind it. The room consists of two beds. Both of them layed down. Due to medicines ,sleep over took twinkle quickly. Kunj  saw her and she looking cute while sleeping. He couldnt resist himself, came to her caressed her hair and planted a kiss on her forehead and went to his bed and slept.

Next morning, she woke up and saw Kunj ready in his suit looking hot. She was shamelessly staring him. When he looked at her she diverted her gaze.

Kunj : Miss. Taneja u have only 20 minutes time. Get ready  I ordered a dress for u and ya  we have to attend 5 meetings today. So I don’t want any fainting drama today.

Saying this he left from the room. Twinkle was thinking how will a person can be caring and sadu at same time. She get ready and went to her seat. Yuvi bombarded her with his questions.

Yuvi: kaha thi tum kal raath ha…. Upar se phone bhi switched off aa raha hai.. .

Twinkle explained everything to him which happened yesterday night. Now he was scolding her continuously and she was sitting there with her puppy dog wala face.

Twinkle : bas karo mera baap…. Kitna sunathi hai… Aage se aisa nahi hoga…

Yuvi : agar hoga tho, pack karke amritsar bhej doonga aunty ke pass…

Twinkle : par mujhe ek baath samaj me nahi aa raha hai ki kal raat kunj ne itna care kiya aur subah back to his sadu avataar…

Yuvi: I think he loves u

Twinkle : then why he left me….

Yuvi : I have a plan to find if he loves u or not?

Twinkle : what is your plan…

Yuvi told the plan which is muted.

Twinkle : but we want a bakra for it….

Suddenly twinkle grinned and yuvi understood it.

Yuvi : soch na bhi mat….

Twinkle anyhow convinced him. They decided to execute the plan from Tommorow. The day finished with meetings and presentations. Both twinj left to their homes.



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