Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika leaves Agarwal House

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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sahil grabs the collar of a media personnel defending himself and Vaidika. A lady comes from behind and pushes Vaidika who fell on the floor and screams. Bhoomi comes to help her but Vaidika now stands up in her defense. She says she isn’t responsible for her husband’s early death, for an eighteen year old young man falling in love with him, for her second husband’s accidental death before the birth of her unborn child. She feels lucky to have her owns and relatives with her in these tough times, she tells the crowd to go to their loved ones and spend time with them as well. One doesn’t realize when the time changes.
In the IV center, the nurse watch the transmission. She speaks to herself what planning of God is this, this woman bears Sahil Agarwal’s child because of her mistake. A doctor hears this. The nurse tells the doctor that Vaidika and Maya’s file was replaced. The doctor forbids the nurse that Maya should never know Maya’s donor was the man who they selected for Vaidika.
At Agarwal house, Nani watches the television transmission on Vaidika Agarwal’s leaked photographs with Sahil. People blamed Vaidika for ruining her sister’s house. Everyone in the family enjoyed, the fake Pandit was also there in the team. Sahil enters the transmissions for Vaidika’s defense. He presents some evidences he brought with them and gets it played on the show, the photographs were of the TV anchor with the producer. Sahil blames the TV anchor’s character, she clarifies that her point of view is wrong. Sahil insists similarly they are taking Vaidika as wrong today. It’s Vaidika’s mistake that she never silenced anyone and spoke up. None of them tried to clarify why he was holding Vaidika, a friend could have supported a friend as well. There, Aarya and Bhoomi convince Vaidika that Sahil’s love isn’t ordinary, he fights for her at every forum. Vaidika walks towards her room thinking about every time Sahil had defended her.
At night, Vaidika comes downstairs with her bag. She stops outside the temple and says she doesn’t want Sahil to continue his fight in her favor, nor does she want her unborn child to bear the stress. It’s better for her to leave the house till her child is born. She was apologetic to Sahil that she is leaving without having informed him, but he won’t let her go otherwise. There in the room Sahil couldn’t sleep and feels restless. He thinks when he returned from studio Vaidika was there in the room, why he feels restless then. Vaidika places a letter in the temple and leaves. Sahil wakes Bhoomi up to check if Vaidika is in the room. Vaidika walks outside until they check and come downstairs looking around. A letter comes flying towards Sahil’s feet. Sahil reads Vaidika’s note that she must leave the house. She already caused him much trouble but now she is leaving the house, he must begin a new life with Sahil.
8 months later, Aarya and Suomya were getting ready for school. Bhoomi comes to hurry the girls to school as the bus had arrived. Afterwards, Sahil sat on the bed upset. Bhoomi asks him the reason for his stress. Sahil says he tried hard to look for Vaidika but couldn’t; but he is determined to find her. Bhoomi appreciates the way Sahil has taken care of Aarya and Suomya. Sahil was still determined to find Vaidika as he only cares for her. He feels distressed that Vaidika didn’t trust him and never shared her fears with her. Bhoomi assures Sahil that Vaidika would soon return. Sahil wish when Vaidika’s child is born, everyone from the family is with her. His heart says she is around somewhere, and he won’t accept defeat easily. This is Sahil’s love and he will dig out where she has gone.

PRECAP: Bari Amma scolds Puneesh for not being able to find Vaidika even after eight months. There, Sahil was distressed. There was a ring at the door. Sahil opens the door but none was there. He was suspicious.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. DannyComments

    Oh my beautiful Vedika..you have suffered so much! And sadly you will have to suffer more …so sad

  2. Charmin Anderson

    8month leap, why, y producers cut out Sahil from being apart a vedika pregnancy journey, seeing as he is the father. I hate this so much.

  3. Sigh….I’m looking at Sahil’s body language while sitting on the bed speaking with Bhoomi and he seems like the wind has been taken from his sails…weak, lost, dejected but willing to fight without giving up…it’s like what do I do now!! He loves this woman and is sad that she didn’t trust him enough. I wish that the nurse bump into Vedika somewhere and confesses..we know that this serial is fast paced…and that Vedika gets hit with the biggest truth of her life and love this child even more because he or she is hers and Sahil’s ….how powerful this feeling should be for her, I hope she realizes how many mistakes she’s made since Sahil came into her life as she has spurned his genuine love for her time and time again. Lakshmi, you are so right when you mentioned that all heroines on these serials are perfect ,mahaan..but Vedika has many flaws and that makes her character more credible, more logical, as no one’s perfect in this world and just like how Vedika has made many mistakes and regrets a lot, it the same with us, we make mistakes, try to rectify them, learn from them and try to move on in life. I have one regret concerning the serial though…the age gap between Sahil and Vedika is too wide…maybe Vedika can find a birthpaper hidden some where which says she’s younger than what she’s actually is passing off as or she uses that age as a barrier for men to stay away from her…wishful thinking!!! Soumya is still in the picture, Sahil has a beautiful heart to take care of the girls as his own. Ohhhh….btw, how did Vedika just leave the house AND Aarya as well…she’s been doing things recently and not consulting her daughter….strange!! Only Vedika knows what goes on in Vedika’s head!!!

  4. i doubt this serial will make it to 330 episodes due to its fast paced story. i think gauri died giving birth. the show is losing its plot. Finish these tracks first. They’re bringing unecessary tracks. At least expose gauri’s husband. Bari amma and puneesh make me sick. Did shruti die?

  5. Yes Naz Sahil seems lost and broken. ???His Vetika ji did not trust him enough. He had suffered so much and now at such young age caring for 2 teensge girls. Love him to bits??

    I think the other child in promo could be Maya’s as they are both pregnant at the same time.

    I read on spoilers that Anjana is going to died and Vedika will end up in jail. One of BA’s plan. She will slowly poison Anjana and she will somehow end up dying while being at Vedika’s place. Seem that the leap won’t change BA and Punees wicked ways.. I wonder if we will get to see anymore sadika moments??

    Pranav … Shruti has gone to America for treatment after her burns..

  6. Friends… It’s really painful to see Sahil being away from Vedika during this time of pregnancy. Even though they won’t have been husband and wife but I believe that they are, he would have been there to give her emotional support and physical help and could have taken care of her like a husband should… I’m really ?… How’s he going to feel years from now when it’s revealed that he’s Vedika’s child father? He’s going to be broken but knowing him, he’s never angry for long. How much can Sahil bear, how much pain must he experience? ?????…even I’m hurt for him????????

  7. Muniya

    Now this 8 months leap before 5 years leap??…Why??
    Couldn’t they show…Sahil taking care of Vedika during her pregnancy??
    And how come Vedika leave the house all of sudden…even not telling anything to Aarya??…
    Bhoomi is still good…that’s a good thing…don’t know what will they make the character later.
    And also the spoiler says…Sahil’s mother will die…BA will poisoning her for long time…that ‘s why she die…but somehow Vedika is accused for her death and she is in jail…Sahil tries to make her confess the truth but she never speaks the truth…that may be the reason they will show behind 5 years leap…may be.
    Sahil is always ready to fight for Vedika…but she’ll never be with him.
    Hv to wait for 17th…

  8. Naz,this is really confusing me…Vedika has already left the Agarwal house …we know BA will swap Vedika’s baby with Gauri’s …but how will it be possible unless Vedika returns ,gives birth and then goes to jail on a murder allegation…I have read a spoiler indicating that Sahil will get furious with Vedika at this time and promises that so far she has seen the loving side of him and now she will get to see the nasty traits of his personality…Ofcourse some spoilers can be misleading because I can not imagine Sahil becoming furious at Vedika…and the way he sits there ,after Vedika leaves the house,shoulders stooped,looking helpless as if he has lost the very essence of his life.Regarding the age gap, I too have the same complaint ,18 years is too much…almost a generation gap …Ofcourse Vedika doesn’t look her age but as you know due to this reservation only ,I missed watching the earlier episodes.So far the script writers,the director and most importantly the actors particularly Karan have made this gap look insignificant. But with the leap of five years ,Vedika will almost be fifty and however beautiful a woman may be ,age will definitely catch up …So it will be a bit impractical if Vedika continues to retain her younger looks after the leap..I don’t want to be harsh but I would like to see if Sahil’s adoration will be the same if Vedika appears with a few strands of grey hair,if not crow’s feet near her eyes….I hope the makers won’t be hesitant to show these practical aspects as they are imminent to a woman of Vedika’s age ….otherwise the very idea behind their venture will be defeated..

  9. Friends… I read that Sahil is going to hate Vedika ???after his mum death. How is that possible???? BAis going to fill his head and turn him against Vedika by continuously reminding him that Vetika killed his mother and the fact that Vetika is not saying anything make him angry. Sahil will cut his hand and fill Bhomi mang in front of Vedika’s. Vetika will raise Gauri’s daughter and BA will kidnap her son and lied to Sahil the she does not want the child.. This beautiful serial haf completely gone off track ??

  10. ???…im missing Sadika’s romance and it seems forever lost now…. Why did writers do this to us? I’m not liking all the spoilers at the moment. The main concept of the serial is eroding daily…the love story of an older woman younger man is turning into something that isn’t what it’s supposed to be. Lakshmi… I’m waiting also to see if Vedika is aged in the 5 yr leap, you and I have the same problem with the age difference….don’t know what the writers were thinking na!! However, you’ve missed the beautiful moments between this couple from the beginning, they made my heart skip beats…

  11. Naz,it is indeed disappointing that the makers will be choosing this route to prolong the story…their explanation is that there is nothing else to explore in this track…so far Vedika has denied herself Sahil’s love due to self inhibitions…now Sahil will be doing it in the name of revenge ….the writers will be really stupid to show Sahil actually believing in Vedika’s culpability in his mother’s death….whatever be the circumstances ,Sahil can never imagine Vedika doing such a thing…I don’t know how they will make this possible but if so ,it will really be disappointing…

  12. I just hope that the writers suddenly change the plot and give us what we want.. ihis is a love story and not a hate story.. Every scene, every episode should depict love..isnt this what this serial is all about? I really wanted Sahil to shower all his love and care when vedhika is pregnant.. That part is totally gone.. Y did she have to be alone, uncared? We all want that right? How lucky she is to find a love like Sahil does and yet so unlucky.. Only because of the damn society.. Anyone wud fall in love with a person like Sahil..His love is really so unique..so ethreal.. All we can do is juz sigh..sigh..sigh..

  13. Guys, I just read the spoilers. Its pathetic.

    1. Muniya

      Yea…that’s truely pathetic.

  14. Hey Cathy if you are reading this Happy Birthday to you I have stopped commenting on these crappy nonsense for now I am taking a break you enjoy your birthday.

  15. Guys pls help me to understand this…vedika wa spregnant wid yash child..then from where this baby has becm sahils child…

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