Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika leaves Agarwal House

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Sahil grabs the collar of a media personnel defending himself and Vaidika. A lady comes from behind and pushes Vaidika who fell on the floor and screams. Bhoomi comes to help her but Vaidika now stands up in her defense. She says she isn’t responsible for her husband’s early death, for an eighteen year old young man falling in love with him, for her second husband’s accidental death before the birth of her unborn child. She feels lucky to have her owns and relatives with her in these tough times, she tells the crowd to go to their loved ones and spend time with them as well. One doesn’t realize when the time changes.
In the IV center, the nurse watch the transmission. She speaks to herself what planning of God is this, this woman bears Sahil Agarwal’s child because of her mistake. A doctor hears this. The nurse tells the doctor that Vaidika and Maya’s file was replaced. The doctor forbids the nurse that Maya should never know Maya’s donor was the man who they selected for Vaidika.
At Agarwal house, Nani watches the television transmission on Vaidika Agarwal’s leaked photographs with Sahil. People blamed Vaidika for ruining her sister’s house. Everyone in the family enjoyed, the fake Pandit was also there in the team. Sahil enters the transmissions for Vaidika’s defense. He presents some evidences he brought with them and gets it played on the show, the photographs were of the TV anchor with the producer. Sahil blames the TV anchor’s character, she clarifies that her point of view is wrong. Sahil insists similarly they are taking Vaidika as wrong today. It’s Vaidika’s mistake that she never silenced anyone and spoke up. None of them tried to clarify why he was holding Vaidika, a friend could have supported a friend as well. There, Aarya and Bhoomi convince Vaidika that Sahil’s love isn’t ordinary, he fights for her at every forum. Vaidika walks towards her room thinking about every time Sahil had defended her.
At night, Vaidika comes downstairs with her bag. She stops outside the temple and says she doesn’t want Sahil to continue his fight in her favor, nor does she want her unborn child to bear the stress. It’s better for her to leave the house till her child is born. She was apologetic to Sahil that she is leaving without having informed him, but he won’t let her go otherwise. There in the room Sahil couldn’t sleep and feels restless. He thinks when he returned from studio Vaidika was there in the room, why he feels restless then. Vaidika places a letter in the temple and leaves. Sahil wakes Bhoomi up to check if Vaidika is in the room. Vaidika walks outside until they check and come downstairs looking around. A letter comes flying towards Sahil’s feet. Sahil reads Vaidika’s note that she must leave the house. She already caused him much trouble but now she is leaving the house, he must begin a new life with Sahil.
8 months later, Aarya and Suomya were getting ready for school. Bhoomi comes to hurry the girls to school as the bus had arrived. Afterwards, Sahil sat on the bed upset. Bhoomi asks him the reason for his stress. Sahil says he tried hard to look for Vaidika but couldn’t; but he is determined to find her. Bhoomi appreciates the way Sahil has taken care of Aarya and Suomya. Sahil was still determined to find Vaidika as he only cares for her. He feels distressed that Vaidika didn’t trust him and never shared her fears with her. Bhoomi assures Sahil that Vaidika would soon return. Sahil wish when Vaidika’s child is born, everyone from the family is with her. His heart says she is around somewhere, and he won’t accept defeat easily. This is Sahil’s love and he will dig out where she has gone.

PRECAP: Bari Amma scolds Puneesh for not being able to find Vaidika even after eight months. There, Sahil was distressed. There was a ring at the door. Sahil opens the door but none was there. He was suspicious.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Naz,it is indeed disappointing that the makers will be choosing this route to prolong the story…their explanation is that there is nothing else to explore in this track…so far Vedika has denied herself Sahil’s love due to self inhibitions…now Sahil will be doing it in the name of revenge ….the writers will be really stupid to show Sahil actually believing in Vedika’s culpability in his mother’s death….whatever be the circumstances ,Sahil can never imagine Vedika doing such a thing…I don’t know how they will make this possible but if so ,it will really be disappointing…

  2. I just hope that the writers suddenly change the plot and give us what we want.. ihis is a love story and not a hate story.. Every scene, every episode should depict love..isnt this what this serial is all about? I really wanted Sahil to shower all his love and care when vedhika is pregnant.. That part is totally gone.. Y did she have to be alone, uncared? We all want that right? How lucky she is to find a love like Sahil does and yet so unlucky.. Only because of the damn society.. Anyone wud fall in love with a person like Sahil..His love is really so unique..so ethreal.. All we can do is juz sigh..sigh..sigh..

  3. Guys, I just read the spoilers. Its pathetic.

    1. Muniya

      Yea…that’s truely pathetic.

  4. Hey Cathy if you are reading this Happy Birthday to you I have stopped commenting on these crappy nonsense for now I am taking a break you enjoy your birthday.

  5. Guys pls help me to understand this…vedika wa spregnant wid yash child..then from where this baby has becm sahils child…

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