Swaragini Blooms Again (Episode 12)

Scene 1
Swaragini and Sanslak goes their respective houses. Annapurna and Sumi ask them What happened. They say it’s all over we can’t do any thing. Sumi asks what. Ragini says we again joined this beautiful world. Otherside Laksh says the same. Sumi and Annapurna cries happily and hugs their children. Sumi asks where is ur father. Swara he gone to enjoy with his friend leaving us and laughs. Sumi calls Annapurna and says our dream come true. Annapurna says yes Sumi I told u our children will make this they did it. Sumi says let them come we will go out somewhere. Annapurna says ok Sumi.
Scene 2
In night
Sanskar thinks about Swara and smiles. Laksh while hearing music sees Sanskar and asks him
Laksh: what bhai who is the girl
Sanskar: how did u know Lucky
Laksh: I did PhD in this bhai go and call her.
Sanskar: Lucky u r great and hugs him.
Sanskar calls Swara but Ragini takes it.
Sanskar: hello Swara
Ragini: No I am Ragini she is with mom I will tell her
Sanskar: Ok
Ragini: wait tell Laksh we are going to picnic tomorrow
Sanskar: ok and cuts
Just then Swara enter and asks who’s phone. Ragini says Sanskar called. Swara says Ok I will talk to him.
Scene 3
In picnic spot
Shekar and Dp talks and smiles. Sumi and Annapurna sees this while cooking and smiles. Other side Swara and Ragini play hide and seek. Sanslak fresbee. While running Ragini falls on Laksh. Ragini gets up her dupatta stuck in his watch. Ragini takes it and goes. Laksh sees his watch and smile. Sanskar comes there and says looks like someone gone to dreamland. Laksh hits Sanskar and he runs. Swara while searching for Ragini drips and falls she shouts. Sanskar heard her voice goes there. He sees Swara hanging.
Swara: sanky help me
Sanskar: Shona don’t see down and he gives his hand give me ur hand.
Swara: No Sanskar
Sanskar: trust me give me ur hand.
Swara gives her hand and Sanskar gets her up. Others come there. Swara hugs Sanskar and cries. Sanskar says don’t worry Shona nothing happened. Others smile and leaves.

Precap: Dp and Annapurna asks Swara’s hand for Sanskar. In garden Sanskar propose Swara.

Guys from my survey in FB, Twitter and web votes are swasan so I made them pairs.

Credit to: Rini

  1. kalakki….superb yaar..go ahead

  2. Wow.,…… Superb actually my mother tongue is Telugu for this episode my only word in Telugu is kevvvu…keka….

  3. gud going nce track ….

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  7. awww that is so cute

  8. I swear why is everyone making ff on swasan. Swara and sanskaar don’t even look good together. Rini yaar plz change it to swalak and ragsan

    1. Lila swasan will look awsome than swalak yaar so even see in swasan point of view also and please rini don’t change the track yaar

  9. rini….superb..swasan rockzz…n ruby pearl r u 4m Kerala????

  10. Wat a track….boht acha tha …or mujhe swasan achi laga….i m a Malaysian indian girl….n my fav drama is swaragini?

  11. Nice episod i like . Plz update your next episod fast … ☺☺☺☺

  12. sruthi robin

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