Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode1)

Guys I will continue the episode with pragya tied with rope..

The episode starts with
Pragya tied with rope abhi In his heart thinking why I feel something wrong to happen he fires raavan statue then he finds pragya back of it then he takes the bike and in tied pragya.pragya emotionally hug here ALLAH warriyan song plays…

Abhi asked is she wanted to go back to house or not.then they both come down safely pragya gets unconscious abhi tries to console her but just then aaliya arrives and asks bhai you are helping your enemie.abhi thinks his arrogant and leaves her in the floor.Bulbul tries to console but sarla asks why are you consoling pragya…but bulbul says I am helping as she helped before.

She takes her to the room.pragya wakes up and sees nobody is there and she cries and she says that abhi helping me a lot but i am acting arrogant. I Love You abhi…and she should find the father of tanu baby..

Function get over all of them come to their room nikhil follow tanu and enters and they speak about the baby but pragya passes by hears the conversation and pragya and now I found who is the father of tanu baby

Precap:Aaliya was talking to Raj about the failure to kill pragya just pragya hears their conversation tanu sees pragya hearing from outside and gets shocked

Credit to: Narendran

  1. Nyc 1…keep it up…!!!!

  2. Can u pls tell me how did u write fan fiction???

  3. good good

  4. wooow its soo nice.

  5. Fantastic.

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