EHMMBH (The New Start 1)

Hi frnds
Yesterday v see virika nd virman v can see y both brothers get separated…

In virman home..
Manvi s getting ready for the office..virat comes to her and hugs her from back nd smiles saying ‘u r looking nice manvi’
Manvi says ‘really how I m looking virat’
Virat says ‘u r looking like my princess’
Manvi says ‘thank u’ and shys
Virat says ‘ I m sorry manvi’
Manvi says ‘for what’
Virat says ‘because of me u r working so hard to maintain the family..i m really sorry manvi..I m planning to get job from in company and leaving my music behind’
Manvi get shocked and cries and says ‘no virat this s not at all burden for me please carry on in your music practice.. I m having only one thought how u r taking Care of jhanvi..she
I’ll start missing me rite..’
She goes to jhanvi and says ‘ I will spend most of the time with u after ur papa get win in this competition’and gets teary eye…
Jhanvi says ‘mumma’
Virman smiles seeing her..manvi leaves for her job after kissing virat in his cheeks..
Manvi says ‘ bye virat’
Virat says ‘bye’
Virat thinks about viren..
FB seen where viren slaps virat..

In virika home..
Viren gets ready and come down for bf
And jeevika s preparing bf table for viren..mansi(virika daughter) s seen playing with aditya(virika son).. And virat and viren’s mother r seeing them and smiles..
Viren comes to bf table and says ‘ gud morning maa’
His mom says(I don’t remember her name..if anybody knows please tell me..from here I I’ll cont wit her name as shalini for today) ‘gud morning viren..sit and have ur bf’..
Jeevika serves food for viren and her saas nd sits silently to have bf..
Viren says ‘roti and channa masala r nice ‘ to make them break their silence..
Shalini says ‘yes jeevika today bf is nice..and virat will also like it’ and smiles to herself
Sudden silence make shalini to see viren where he is getting teary eye and leaves bf table without saying any word..
Jeevika also leaves bf table without saying anything…
Shalini thinks it has been two years the family has lost all happiness due to virat’s ego and viren’s angry..
Shalini thinking about how they both had fight and virat left the house being angry on viren..
Jeevika is crying in her room thinking about some happy moments with manvi..

Just then she gets call from manvi..
Manvi says ‘gud morning di’
Jeevika says ‘gud morning manvi’
Manvi says ‘I m leaving for office di..I m hoping for gud day after talking to you..where s jiju,aditya and mansi’
Jeevika says ‘virenji has left for office for some case and aditya and mansi’ are playing’
Manvi says ‘k di I I’ll call u in evening..bye..I love u di’..
Jeevika says ‘I love u too manvi’..and both smiles..
Manvi reaches ‘GS CONSTRUCTION’ office where she works.. She enters her cabin..she s working as PA for her boss bhairav Singh..
This company belongs to bhairav Singh father Gajender Singh(it I’ll b later revealed that the main tiff between two brothers r caused by Gajender Singh)..
Bhairav Singh(bs form now) is very strict boss..and he I’ll like the workers who I’ll b taking as challenges to complete the work..
He I’ll be fell in love with manvi and determined to make her his at any cost after knowing her that she is married also..
Gajender Singh(gs from now) is having tiff with viren and determined to ruin his family happiness..
It’s evening..
Manvi reaches home and sees virat preparing tea and snacks for her..
Manvi says ‘how sweet virat u r preparing tea for me..thank u’
Virat says ‘manvi get freshenup and come for tea’
Manvi smiles and goes..she comes out freshenup and by changing dress..she comes to virat where he s giving food to jhanvi..manvi comes and both smiles at eachother..
Virat says ‘shall v go out for dinner’
Manvi says ‘y not v I’ll go out for dinner with our little angel’
Virat thinks ‘I want to talk to you about something important to manvi in dinner’

Virika home
Viren reaches back to home from office.. Viren goes to his room without talking to jeevika..jeevika thinks he s upset till now for morning incident and decided to talk to him.. In virika room viren came out after changing and jeevika brings tea to him.. She smiles to him..he s seen upset and did not smiles back..
Jeevika says ‘virenji tea’
Viren says ‘thank u’
Jeevika is about to talk about morning incident..
Viren says ‘sorry jeevika I m thinking about case..I m worried whether I m able to win this case or not..he s more powerful than v think’
Jeevika says ‘don’t worry virenji u I’ll get win this case have tea and relax’..jeevika is in sigh of relief that viren s not angry on morning incident..
In restaurant..
Virman are sitting in the table..manvi s playing with jhanvi..
Virat says ‘I want to talk to u in important manvi’
Manvi says ‘ya virat say’
Virat says ‘ manvi tomorrow s my first round of audition for ‘MUSICAL INDIA’ competition’
Manvi got super happy and hugs virat..
Manvi says ‘virat congrats and all the best’.
Virat says’i want to ask u something r u really happy.. because of me u r going through this..I am thinking of not attending auditions and carry on with job to relive u’
Manvi says ‘no virat I m really happy..its matter of few days after that v I’ll b in gud position… Don’t worry about me I I’ll handle my job..and I m happy in doing job’ they both smile at eachother..

Next day..
Virat gets ready for auditions and manvi decides to stay back for taking care of jhanvi and decides to meet jeevika..
Manvi says ‘gud luck virat’
Virat says ‘thank u manvi..bye’and kisses both manvi and jhanvi in cheeks..
Viren s leaving for case of GS…and is on the way..
GS thinks I I’ll not let you reach court viren..

Jeevika and manvi meet in park and hug eachother.. Viren is on the way back home where his car get caught in accident and some goons try to kill viren where virat helps viren before he get injured..

Hi frnds…
Sorry for long episode..I hope u all like it..I m trying to upload episodes as soon as possible..

Credit to: Sukanya

  1. its gud if its long we want a bit of a suspense

  2. Hi XXX
    I m trying my best to giv better story..there will be more suspence in upcoming days..please wait and watch the upcoming episodes..

  3. we want long updates dr

  4. Hi Ruby pearl
    I I’ll try my level best..thank u for ur suggestions..

  5. Sukanya,, dr who sats sorry for long epi……its us who say thanq…..THANQ……nd yeah VirVir’s mom’s name was VANSHIKA VADHERA

  6. Virat and Viren’s mum’s name is Vanshika 🙂

  7. Hi frnds
    Thanks for ur comments..I I’ll crt the name names from nxt episodes.. Hope u continue to motivate me to try my level best…

  8. And also I m trying to give more virman and virika love scenes..I hope u all like it

  9. Thank u for continuing ehmmbh …. And it’s wonderful …. But one suggestion is Atleast this time make virat and manvi in a very high position … Plz always y they r suffering … It’s just my request but u carry on with ur story sukanya its wonderful ….

  10. And one more dear jeevika calls manvi as manu … Plz make this change dear I like jeevika calling tht with live and care ….

  11. Hi devga
    I I’ll surely make changes in nxt episodes.. In coming episodes there I’ll b improvement in story nd in virman position..

    1. Thank u …

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