Swaragini- A Beautiful Knot – 11

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It was another blissful morning where Raglak were sleeping peacefully. The alarm started to ring, both did not want to get up .

Laksh: Ragini plz stop the alarm, while adjusting the blanket

Ragini: no u stop I am sleeping likewise both were arguing without opening their eyes. After a lot of argument both got up and stopped the alarm at the same time. Both got ready.

Ragini checks him and adjusts his shirt. Now perfect.

Laks holds her by waist, so mrs maheswari looking happy anything special

Ragini : puts her hand around his neck : yes mr.maheswari I am very happy and thank you.

AP: Ragini come for bf dear.

Raglak :ya mom.

Both leave to dining table.

Ragini: Mom I will serve

AP: no no beta I will serve today from tomorrow u will do and I will rest winks at her.

Ragini : smiles deal accepted mom

All laugh looking at their antics. Sanky came down with a bright smile looking fresh and free of tensions.

Sanky: Good morning, dad, mom.

AP: (praising) I am very happy , all thanks to my new DIL she bought all the happiness back

Sanky: Dad I want to discuss something important

AP: Sanky not now at least . Eat properly we will talk later.

Sanky: Mom plzzzzzzzz its

DP: Its ok Sanky go ahead.

Sanky: Dad, I want to marry Swara.

All were shocked by his sudden decision. AP just dropped the bowl which she was having. Laksh choked the food and was coughing badly. Ragini was in shock as it took some time to realize what is happening.

Sanky: I know but believe me dad , I want to marry her and I will be happy only with her.

AP:Noooooooooo I will not accept for this marriage and Swara not even in my dreams

Sanky: Why mom but I love her

AP: You dnt know about her

Sanky: I know

AP: No you dnt. I thought she was innocent but no see how she has trapped my son how cheap of her. I should not have trusted her.

Ragini: Mom plz Swara did not do anything. In fact she does not know anything

AP: She may be you friend, I can only feel pity for her for losing her husband on the same day of marriage but don’t expect anything more than that from me.

Sanky was shocked to know that Sahil died on the same day of her marriage. He promised himself that he will never enquire or talk about her past.

Laksh: Goes near sanky and hugs him, I am very proud of you bro.

AP with shocked expression :Laksh you too

DP:AP if he loves her then whats wrong in that. I think we should respect his feelings. He is the one who has to live with her.

AP: What are you telling, a daughter in law should bring happiness and peace not bad omen

Ragini : Mom what r u speaking

AP:ya ragini, what is wrong in what I said,her parents death , the moment she married her husband died I don’t want to lose sanskar and touches his face with tears flowing continuously.

Laksh: Mom how can u think so low. Ok if that is your problem then let me tell you Sahil did not die because of Swara but on the process of saving me

If he would not have saved me that day, I would have died years back he saved me and breaks down. Ragini runs to him and holds his hand in assurance and wipes his tears
Ragini: ya mom, 2 years back you all wanted to know why Laksh was upset and worried thats for Swara. I will tell you everything

Sanky: Ragini plz I dnt want to hear anything plzzzzzzzz.

Ragini: But Sankyit’s important to know

Sanky: No ,it’s not necessary . Mom if you agree I will marry her with your blessing orelse I will marry her and live alone. Swara will be my wife no matter what. This is my last and final decision. Today night I am leaving to London and leaves.

AP: (Shocked) This is…. This is what I told before entering only, sanky wants to leave us for her if marriage happens only GOD knows what will all happen to my family and son.

Raglak try to convince her, she leaves immediately to her room without paying any head to anyone.

DP goes to Sanky’s room. Sanky was packing his clothes.

DP: Sanky are you sure, it is a very bold decision. I am proud of you but at the same time it’s not as easy as you think. You have to face lot of hurdles. Sometimes taunts of the society , relatives, neighbors unfortunately our society is still male centric. So decide well and pats his shoulder I will stand by you and ur decisions.

Sanky hugs DP thanks dad with happy smile. But his smile vanishes but mom

DP releases the hug: dnt worry about her. I will talk to her. When r u leaving’

Sanky: In the evening dad

DP: All the best my son

Sanky reaches London and meets Shemish. Shemish hesitated in the beginning but accepts by Sanky’s convincing answers.

Sanky: can I meet swara

Shemish: Ya she is in her room.

Sanky knocks the door. Swara opens the door and shocked to see sanky.

Sanky smiles seeing her state and enters inside by moving her aside.

Swara: You here

Sanky: Ya I am here to marry you. Swara’s eyes grew wide as plates, mouth open and was standing like a statue.

Sanky rocks swara shocks.

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  5. awesome plzzzz give raglak moment and yaa ragini should make her family unite again she OK I think ragini is gonna do like Malkin track but here to tell anupurana and for making swara back this should only be know to Dp who wants to unite their family but than dp is out for work and that day ragini is gonna open her truth butbefore that lakshya marry kayya and thrown her out after that swara is also separate from sanskar bcoz of her raglak separate and plzzzz give raglak moment and next part soon don’t be late

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