Swaragini- A Beautiful Knot- 10

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Hi guys thank for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Guys this episode I dedicated to Raglak and the previous episode is for Swasan. I am not able to give in one chappy so there will be one chappy dedicated to Swasan and the other chappie for raglak.

The whole MM is busy with preparations. The house is decorated with lights. At the entrance had the bride and groom name perfectly written in

heart shaped. All were looking busy as if no one has even a minute. The whole house is decorated with white and red flowers, and a beautiful

mandap setting in the middle of the living room. There were some lavish exhibitions and lovely displays of jewellery and gifts with gorgeous

decorations strewn everywhere.

AP and DP welcomes their guest and sometimes calming where a group of complainers who were not satisfied with something or the other.

But AP and DP are enjoying their precious moments as it was the first wedding after so many years and time to celebrate.

Sanky comes down with a golden sherweni , gives a warm smile to everyone but did not show his emotions which was burning from inside but

happy for his brother and he knows well to control himself that his family needs him the very moment.

At first priest ask to bring the groom. Sanky goes and brings Laksh who is looking handsome in his off beige with golden works in it. Laksh

was bit nervous but sanky was full time beside him and making sure that everything goes well.

After few rituals the priest asks for the bride, and Rags descends down with a beautiful red lehenga which is highly ornated with gold and silve

r embroidery. She has worn matching gold and precious some jewelry complementing her attire. Her hair is beautifully plaited and decorated

With flowers, she also wears a ghunghat as a respect to their elders present.

Agni is considered as the main witness to the marriage . At first they sit infront of the agni to perform the rituals in assistance of the priest. At

this point, the RP pours sacred water in Rags hand and places her hand in Laksh’s hand, officially giving away his most precious gift to the MM

family. Laksh cousin ties the end of the Laksh scarf to the Ragini’s leghnga with betelnuts, copper coins and rice, symbolizing unity, prosperity

and happiness. The knot represents the eternal bond of marriage and a new beginning.

They then circle the fire seven times, in a clockwise direction, which signifies seven goals of married life which include religious and moral

duties, prosperity, spiritual salvation and liberation, and sensual gratification. Ragini leads the Pheres first and then Laksh leads them,

signifying equality of the two partners and their determination to stand beside each other though happiness and sorrow.

He then ties a mangalsutra which is a sacred thread symbolizing his promise to take care of her as long as he is alive. A tear of drop escapes

from ragini’s eyes. Laksh kisses on her forhead. Ragini misses her mother in this occasion. Laksh then fills her hairline. Priest announces that
they are husband and wife.

They get blessing from elders while RP is in tears and guilt for not giving proper time to Ragini. Sanky hugs Raglak and wishes them. Raglak

and sanky had some photoshoot and went to dinner.

Sanky and raglak was having their dinner. But Laksh was sensing the silence in Sanky and the way he was behaving.

Lasksh: Sanky I know how difficult

Sanky: Interrupts him, Laksh I am fine, gives a faint smile and rushes out with tears. He did not want anyone to notice him.

Ragini: Give him some time, he will be ok

Laksh: I hope so. I just wish Swara is fine and both leaves.


Ragini changed her dress and was in her normal attire. Laksh also freshen up and comes near her. Ragini was just staring blankly at the sky.

Laksh: what are you staring wifey

Ragini: smiles and hugs him still looking at the sky.

Laksh: How everything went so fast na today we are married it is as if like our first day meet and smiles.

Ragini: Oh hello its already 3 years that’ was a long time.

Laksh: Oh k k madam, indeed it was are you happy while looking at her eyes.

Ragini: Ofcourseeeeee I am, I got everything girl would long for a caring and loving MIL and FIL who treat me as their own daughter, sanky more of a friend than bil .

Laksh: With fake anger so I dnt fit anywhere in your priority list.

Ragini: Pecks his cheeks, you are my soul so is there a need to mention.

Laksh was impressed by her answer and slightly bend towards her lips, ragini closes her eyes as she sensed his intentions. Laksh kisses her slowly with love and care. I love u

Ragini: I love u

He Carefully carries her in the bridal style. Ragini blushes hard which made him go crazy.

Laksh: You look gorgeous when u blushhhhhhhh. Ragini hides herself in his chest. Laksh was losing himself on the alluring beauty before him. He gently placed her on the bed.

He was again kissing her fast, hard deep conveying all his emotions through the kiss. He drove himself harder into her. She was whining with

the pleasure and that was good. She also moved with him enjoying his senses in smoldering pleasure. The moans and pleasure were filled the

whole room. He kept on slowing himself. He pushed her knees up higher. He was almost there so as she . They climaxed and slept peacefully

in each other’s embrace for welcoming their new life with love and joy.

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  5. its awesome amazing brilliant outstanding mind blowing no world to describe it plzz see Na swasan ff are so much plzz raglak ff writer try to write more for raglak plzz for raglak write more raglak ff plzz this is a request hope u full fill plzz CVS has done so much partiality to raglak we have to prove that even if that raglak are the best and have equal fandom plzzz give more ff and yaa thanks also that u give so much precious time to raglak but plzz many raglak ff is started and left in the middle but a swasan complete their ff and none ff raglak reach 100 so plzz

    1. Mirna

      Hi nikky dear sorry but I am also a swasan fan. I was writing on Swasan. One of my best friend wanted me to write on raglak so I decided to write on both Swasan and Raglak 🙂

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      I always thought i cannot do justice to both pairs so never attempted that this is the first time i am trying dear hope will give justice to both thanks dear 🙂

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