Fanaa : Destroyed in Love Ishra FF Part 6, 7

Part 6

Subbu laughs.
Mahi is wondered:did’nt u hear what I said?
SUBBU:ya,I heard
M:then how cud u laugh?
SUBBU:u fool,that’s not kangana.that’s her twin sister Ishita and her hus

Mahi is embarrassed:oh I’m sorry
Satya:whats up?
M:that was kangana’s twin sister and hubby
SATYA:I knew it fool

Raman-Ishita reach home.Subbu calls.Ishita takes the ph.
Subbu is quite angry:why did u leave kangana alone at home bhabhi?she gets scared
SUBBU:my friends saw u&jeeju in the hotel
ISHITA:u r mistaken.kangana was also with us
Subbu is relieved:really?sorry 4 getting angry.i’m like this when it comes 2 kangana
ISHITA:I know that.its ok
SUBBU:can u plz call kangana?
ISHITA:sorry,she’s bathing
SUBBU:ok,I’ll cal later

Caling bell rings.Raman opens the door.
Satya&Mahi were standing there.
SATYA:u r Raman jeeju.right?
RAMAN:yes,but I did’nt..
SATYA:v r Subbu-kangana’s friends.v came from dubai
RAMAN:hi,come inside
They get inside.SATYA:actually v saw both jeeju and ;bhabhi in the hotel.Mahi did a blunder.she thought..
M:just stop it.where is kangana?
Raman can’t say anything.Ishita comes.Raman is surprised 2 c her in frock.He thinks:Ishita wore kangana’s dress seeing them coming as Kangana always wears modern dress.
M goes hugging ISHITA:how r u?
M:where is bhabhi?
ISHITA:She went 4 shopping

M:2day come with us 2 hotel Rose 4 lunch
M:no excuse.We will leave the hotel after lunch.just 4 sometime.
Raman thinks:how’ll she survive there?
Immediately they take her to hotel.

Ishita with Mahi-Satya in the hotel.
M:sing man
M:why not.u were the top singer in dubai
Ishita thinks:I can’t sing like kangana.what will I do?
Suddenly Ishita faints.Mahi satya r shocked.
Mahi pours water on her face.Ishita opens her eyes.Raman comes there.
M:jeeju,kangana fainted
Raman is shocked:what happened? I’m ok
Raman is relieved
Mahi:Raman jeeju…how did u reach here?
Raman stammered:I…that…I came here 2 visit my I thought I’ll pick up kangana too.
M:where is bhabhi?
RAMAN:she’s waiting at home.she wanted me 2 pick up her

Raman holds Ishita’s hand and she gets inside the car.Ishita sits in the front with Raman.Mahi feels awkward.The car goes.
M:somemthing is wrong
M:I think this Raman is’nt so nice.can’t u c him holding her hand like husband?he made her sit in the front with him
SATYA:what’s wrong with ur brain?y r u thinking like this?is he her driver 2 make her sit back?And don’t u know kangana well?
M:ya,but still..i feel weird

Part 7

Raman and Ishita at home.
RAMAN:how do u feel now?v’ll call a Doctor.

ISHITA:no need.i’m pregnant.That’s why I fainted.
Raman was surprised:v r going 2 b parents.i luv u
Suddenly he thinks of their condition.
ISHITA:if our baby comes out,it’ll v allow our baby 2 come out?

Raman is shocked.
RAMAN:Ishita! How can you even think like that?

Ishita cries:Our future is a big question mark.I am scared whether our baby will also suffer because of us.
Raman thinks about their past moment.

Flash back..

Ishita keeps Raman’s hand on her tummy and smiles:I am pregnant Raman.
Raman is excited:Really?
He lifts her up and screams happily:I am going to be a dad.
Ishita:Raman…before getting excited look at the calendar.What is today’s date?
He looks at the calendar.
R:April 1st..
Ishita laughs:Yes…April fool…
Raman is embarrassed as well as gloomy:Means you are not pregnant?
Ishita:No I am not pregnant,I fooled you.

Raman becomes upset.Understanding that Ishita becomes sad for him.
Ishi:I am sorry Raman.My joke crossed the limit.
Raman:It’s ok.But one day it will come true.
They both smile.


RAMAN:u remember,once u lied 2 me tht u r pregnant.that time I was so happy,but I was shattered when I came 2 know that u were fooling me on april 1.after 3yrs v r blessed with a baby.v shud’nt ignore it.plz don’t abort it
Ishita weeps.
RAMAN:I’ll confess everything 2 the police,u’v 2 look after our baby
ISHITA:no,u’ll never do that.our baby shud’ve parents.v shud do anything 4 that

ISHITA:yes,I’m selfish now.i cant live without u.Our and I baby need u .

Raman Ishita share an emotional eye lock.

Tumhi Dekho Na Yeh Kya Ho Gaya
Tumhara Hoon Main Aur Tum Meri
Main Hairaan Hoon Tumhen Kya Kahu
Ke Din Mein Hui Kaisi Chaandani
Jaagi Jaagi Si Hai Phir Bhi Khwaabon Mein Hai
Khoyi Khoyi Zindagi
Tumhi Dekho Na Yeh Kya Ho Gaya
Tumhara Hoon Main Aur Tum Meri
– {KANK}

Suddenly the phone rings.Raman picks up the phone,”I’m assistant Pia will come 2 ur house.u’ve 2 give them 75 lakhs.otherwise u know what will happen.
Raman is shocked.
Again phone rings.”hi jeeju I’m Subbu. Uncle Manohar and Manorama aunty who brought me up r coming 2 ur house along with their daughter Disha”
Raman is tensed.

After sometime the fashionable Pia enters the house.
PIA:give the money soon

Suddenly Manorama Manohar Disha come.
Seeing Ishita Vasu goes and hug her:hi kangana
Manohar:but who is the other lady?
Manorama:got it,she’s kangana’s sister Ishita
Pia is stunned.
Manohar:but Subbu said both the sisters look alike
Manorama:ya,a slight similarity is there

Pia thinks:Foolish old lady.In which angle do I look like Ishita?
Pia is angry and tells ISHITA:give the money,let me go
RAMAN:plz try 2 understand our situation
PIA:no excuse
ISHITA:ok,v’ll giv money.but u’v 2 stay here and continue the drama
ISHITA:u should pretend as me
Raman Pia r shocked.


  1. Tvfan1

    I think she’ll pretend!
    Eagerly looking forward to next!!

  2. Veronica

    Amazing yaar… The fb scene and Raman Ishita eyelock was so emotional and passionate.Loved the epi. Plz update soon.

  3. Superb dear

  4. wow…. ishu is pregnant…but situation not good to enjoy…..raman’s happines hearing about good news very touching…..fb part also very nice…

  5. Kumud

    Where’s ishu twin sis body can u pls reveal the suspense of that can’t wait anymore

  6. Shakaib

    Hi jasmine di, Finally my wait is over for FDL, like subbu ignoring Mahi saying that Ishita is kangana sissy. Love part six. Love it to the core…. OMG, Part seven is ultimately thrilling, But how foes pia is lookalike Ishita. Is she kangana..?? I can’t wait to know. Update soon. Take care and reply also. Soon.

    1. Jasminerahul

      No.Pia is not the look alike of Ishita.Pia is Roshni Chopra.Manorama Manohar have not seen Ishita before.They don’t know that Ishita is Kangana’s identical sister.They just know that Kangana has a sister named Ishita.So suddenly when they saw Pia at home they mistook her for Ishita as Ishita is pretending to be Kangana before them.

      I have updated my ss Hum saath saath hain too,plz have a look

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