SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 49

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Episode 49

Lakshya is sitting on the bed waiting impatiently and looking at the watch at constant intervals… Ragini is standing at the window enjoying the cool night breeze while closing her eyes and smiling… She is still Kavya… They are still in their wedding attire…

Lakshya “Ragini…”

Ragini doesn’t replies…

Lakshya “Ragini….”

Still no reply…

Lakshya “Baby doll…!!”

Ragini still isn’t replying…

Lakshya “Where are you Ragini???”

This time Ragini gets irritated by his constant banter and turns around… Lakshya smiles like a little child when he looks at her face…

Ragini “What Ragini Ragini Ragini?? Can’t you say at once..?? And I very well know what you want to say… For you are repeating the same question from that time… Ragini how long?? Ragini how long?? Ragini how long?? Tell me how on Earth is Ragini supposed to know that how long?? Even the maker of Polyjuice potion wouldn’t be knowing how long we have to wait!! We didn’t drink as instructed but in little amount at every half an hour!! So definitely it will take time… But no… The Lakshya Maheshwari is not ready to underst—-”

Ragini couldn’t speak further for her lips were tightly sealed by Lakshya’s..!! He was sucking her lips really hard and Ragini was unable to respond due to shock!! His hands were caressing her waist and then he pinched her waist!! Ragini realizes that she has to kiss him back else he will go mad!! She wraps her arms around his neck and starts reciprocating… Lakshya pulls her closer by her waist and their bodies almost merge with each other!!! They both could feel the movement of their chest which was activating more hormones in them…

Lakshya then felt Ragini’s grip loosing around his neck but he held her waist more tightly pulling her even close… But then Ragini starts hitting him on his chest… Lakshya was also falling the short of breath so he breaks the kiss slowly… They both look at each other intensely… Lakshya pecks her lips… Ragini blushes… Ragini has got her face back…!! They both her breathing heavily…

Lakshya “How was it..??”

Ragini “Breath taking!!”

Lakshya “And??”

Ragini “Amazing..!!”

He smiles and leans towards her… He buries his face in the crook of her neck and is nuzzling there… Ragini smiles feeling ticklish and caresses his hairs closing her eyes…

Lakshya “And what else it did??”

Ragini “Made me want to have you more and just for me..!!”

Now Lakshya is planting wet kisses on her neck..!!

Lakshya “I am just yours baby doll!!”

He bites her on her neck… She pulls his hairs feeling his sweet torcher…

Ragini “Aaahh..!!! Lakssshhhyyyaaa!!!”

He kisses her at that spot only to ease her pain… She smiles at his gesture…

Lakshya “I wanted to hear that…!! Let me help you get off that heavy attire!!”

He holds her by her shoulders and removes the veil… He then opens her hairs and removes the head jewel… He is about to proceed further but Ragini holds his hands and stops him…

Lakshya “baby doll??”

Ragini “My turn…!!”

Lakshya smirks… She removes the wedding Garland off his neck and is unbuttoning his sherwani…!!

Lakshya “One question is bothering me from yesterday baby doll!!”

Ragini “You can ask directly Lakshya… You know I always answer you…”

Lakshya “After we got to know the Prophecy,where you vanished for the whole night??”

Ragini smirks and opens the last button as well… Lakshya is shirtless now… Ragini slides her hand over his bare chest and drools over him… He smirks and holds her hand pulling her closer… He turns her around and pulls her… Her back dashes with his chest..!! He is removing her earrings and heavy necklaces while nuzzling her…

Lakshya “Tell Please…”

Ragini “If I wouldn’t have vanished yesterday,then you would have got married to that lizard!!”


After they all saw the Prophecy and planned everything,Ragini also went with Swara and Sanskar to their room leaving a pouting Lakshya behind…!!

After they reach SwaSan’s room…

Ragini “Sanskar… I need your help…”

Sanskar “Say no more… I know what you are up to!!”

Swara “And how come you know when I being her sister don’t know??”

Sanskar “Because we are partners in crime!!!”

Ragini smirks and they do high five!!!

Swara “What you guys are going to do?? Ragu… My blood pressure is increasing!!”

Ragini “Chillax Di… Have your beauty sleep… You are going to be bride tomorrow!! Brides shouldn’t look tired before marriage itself else what will people say??”

She smirks mischievously and winks… Swara and Sanskar blush and are red!!

Ragini is laughing…

Ragini “Let’s go Sanskar… She is alone right now..!!”

Sanskar nods and turns into eagle… Ragini takes a bag and then sits on him and they both fly out of the window leaving a worried Swara behind…

RagSan reach Kavya’s window and stealthily peep in… They see her pacing about in the room…!! She isn’t in a good mood..!!

Kavya “How can they do that?? How can Lucky spend night with that cheap dancer!! I am doubting my choice now!! First he was with that ugly Ragini Gadodia (Ragini fumes) and now with that down market dancer!!! Aaarrrggghhh!!!! I can’t even go there else that Sujata Mehta will scream in her high pitched voice!!!”

Ragini “Sanskar… The time is right… Barge in!!!”

Sanskar obeys her… Ragini holds him tight and they both break into her room via window!!! Ragini jumps off Sanskar and lands on the floor on one knee… Her long hairs are covering her face… Sanskar also turns into human and sits in the same pose as Ragini bowing his face…

Kavya “Who the hell are you both??? And what are you doing in my room without my permission!!??”

They don’t move and keep in the same position…

Kavya “Show yourselves or I will curse you…!!”

Sanskar (without moving or showing his face) “In the same way like you cursed your brother?? Or rather cursed to death!!!”

Kavya widens her eyes in shock!! She looks at both of them…

Kavya “Rajat..?? Kavita..?? Is that you both??”

Ragini (still in same pose) “Aarrgghh!! Don’t call us by those cheap names!! We don’t want such filth on us even by misunderstanding!!!”

Sanskar and Ragini both dramatically and slowly lift their faces up and smirk and Kavya drifts in horror…

Kavya “You bit**!!! I will show you what it’s to mess with me…!!! Sectum—”

Ragini’s reflexes were way too quick!! She takes Sanskar’s wand from his waist and points at her…

Ragini “Expelliarmus..!!”

And the spell hits Kavya before she could complete her spell… The wand bounces from her hand to Ragini’s hand and it all happened in a blink of an eye!!! Sanskar was flabbergasted at her quick reflexes!!! And it wasn’t anyways a tough task for her… She had disarmed her once for a same spell in the same way…!! She again points her wand at her…

Ragini “Incarcerous..!!!”

And once again Kavya is tied up in rope from a little below her shoulders upto her toes…

Ragini “Sanskar… Where that person went who few seconds ago was showing me her worth??”

Sanskar “I think turned half mummy…!!!”

RagSan laugh and do high five!! Ragini returns his wand to him and holds Kavya’s wand…

Sanskar “So Ms. Clingy Lizard Arora… How it feels to witness the history repeating itself?? Which is more humiliating for you?? And this time even Mom isn’t here to free you?? What will happen of you now??”

Ragini was looking at him open mouthed!!! Sanskar looks at her and closes her mouth…

Sanskar “Don’t give me that look… Lucky tells me everything!! Except the things he does with you of course!!”

Ragini blushes and turns red..!! Sanskar chuckles…

Kavya “You both!!! What do you think that you will be saved by tying me up here?? No..!! I will shout and tell everyone about your presence!!!”

Sanskar and Ragini look at each other bored…

Sanskar “She is not just Lizard but also a brainless creature..!!”

Ragini “Exactly…!! Who tells the plan out so loud???”

Kavya realizes what blunder she did while RagSan share a devilish smirk…

Sanskar points his wand at her…

Sanskar “You know… I knew that someday I will definitely curse you!! And see the day is here!! You torchered my Swara way too much… You captivated my brothers!!! You caused so much emotional pains to my dear ones… I had to bear the cruciatus curse because of you… You harmed my loved ones and now each one of you have to pay… I wish I could apologize to your brother and I wish you would have been even 10% of what your brother was…!! I won’t kill you for Sahil would be sad and I have to return his favour!!! I wish you learn from your mistakes…!! Totalus Obliviate..!!!”

As soon as the curse hits Kavya,she becomes unconscious..!! Ragini goes and plucks few of her hairs… She opens a bottle and puts them in a green liquid and it boils…

Ragini “Now you go and take care of her…!! Take Aisha with you… She will know better what to do with her… And I will take her place…!!”

Sanskar nods… He turns back to eagle and Ragini keeps Kavya on his back… He flies out of the window…!! Ragini drinks the Polyjuice potion and turns into Kavya… Just then Kavita enters the room… And Ragini starts acting like Kavya…!!


Now Lakshya has removed all her jeweleries and only her waist girldle is left..!!

They both are facing each other and are standing very close to each other… Lakshya is trying to unhook that last peice of jewellery but is not able to…

Lakshya “So that wand you gave me was of Clingy Arora??Yuck!!!”

Ragini “You didn’t have wand because of me and it was important for your safety so I handed it to you… Anyways it belonged to me for I had disarmed her..!!”

Lakshya nods… He removes her dupatta which was draped as saree and throws it away leaving her only in her blouse and lahenga… Ragini blushes under his gaze… He smiles seeing her… He bends till her belly and moves her face backwards where the girdle’s hook was… While doing so,his stubbles were caressing her belly giving her ticklish sensations and she clutched his hairs softly feeling good and closing her eyes… Lakshya smirks… He slowly turns her around and unhooks her girdle with hai teeth… Ragini shivers at his action… He kisses her along the backbone all the way up to her neck and stops at the place where the strings of her blouse were… He pulls them with his teeth itself and kisses her where the knot was… Ragini was breathing heavily… Lakshya holds her by her waist and caresses her belly moving his hands up to her br*asts… He could feel her breathing deeply… He bites her earlobe and squeezes at the same time which makes her moan his name out of pleasure… She turns around swiftly and seals his lips with her… And they both drown into a passionate kiss… Her arms were around his neck while he was unhooking her blouse from the back and then caressing her bare back… She shivers at his touch… Lakshya breaks the kiss and Ragini hugs him blushing… He smiles and kisses her hairs…

Lakshya “I love you..!!”

Ragini “I love you too…!!”

Lakshya breaks the hug and lifts her face up by her chin… They both look in each other’s eyes…

Lakshya “Be mine…”

Ragini “Forever..!!”

Lakshya lifts her in his arms and takes her to the bed??



Swara and Sanskar are busy romancing… He is helping her in removing the jeweleries while continuing his mischievous activities… Teasing her by caressing her belly, pinching her waist… Kissing her neck and hands… Swara was smiling and blushing at the same time… Swara was standing in front of the mirror while Sanskar was standing behind her sinking his face in the crook of her neck and putting soft kisses there… Swara was giggling at his actions…

Swara “Sanskar…”

Sanskar “Hmmm…”

Swara “How you escaped Rajat’s examination??”

Sanskar “I am an animagi eagle Swara!! Eagles are known for their sharp visions… I saw Rajat preparing his wand to cast on me and Lucky… But I was also ready for any forthcoming thorn in our way… My wand was tucked under my arms and as soon as Rajat casted the revealing spell,I cast the protective spell… The Salvio Hexia one which absorbs and not reflects… So I was saved…!!”

Swara “You are so Impressive!!”

Sanskar turns Swara and she hugs him tightly clutching his hairs… Sanskar was still drowning his face in her neck crook and gave a bite there!!

Swara “Aaahh…!! Sanskaar…!!”

Sanskar “I wanted that!! I love you my princess..!!”

Swara blushes and moves even more closer to him… Not that they were far… Now their chests were moving against each other and Sanskar was kissing her neck wildly…

Swara “Sanskar…”

Sanskar “Hmmmm…”

Swara “What you did of Kavya??”

Sanskar “She will soon bear the punishment of her doings…!!”

Swara “After giving her the memory curse,where you took her??”

Sanskar “I dropped her in front of Magicó Fylakí (Magical Prison)…!!”

Swara looks at him shocked…!!

Swara “You did what???”

Sanskar “Dropped her in front of Magicó Fylakí..!!”

Swara “How could you?? You know that they have connections there!!! What if she is caught in wrong hands and they inform them?? Sanskar… I want to know everything!!!”

Sanskar “What Swara?? We are in a midst of something so beautiful and you want to know what I did of that lizard??”

Swara “Sanskar!!”

Sanskar “Alright… But on one condition… You have to kiss me at the end of every sentence…”

Swara glares him… But he stays adamant… She finally nods… Sanskar more than delighted!!! He pulls her close to him by holding her waist and makes her sit on his lap… He is still holding her waist…

Sanskar “So it was yesterday…”

Swara looks on curiously… Sanskar also looks at her…

Swara “Then??”

Sanskar “Then what?? It’s your turn now… My one sentence is over!!”

She hits him on his chest!! Sanskar chuckles… He seals her lips suddenly and is sucking it intensely… He pinches her waist asking her to reciprocate… She obliges and even dominates him… She then thinks to teach him a lesson and bites on his lips…!! Sanskar breaks the kiss and looks at her pouting…

Sanskar “This is not fair yaar!!”

Swara looks at him smiling and then leans in and sucks his lips… This time they share a soft kiss but it was more arousing…!!

Sanskar “Alright… Since you were a good girl,I will tell you everything!!”

Swara hits him and he smiles… She keeps her head on his chest and he wraps his arms around her protectively… She plays with the buttons of his sherwani…


Sanskar takes an unconscious Kavya to Magicó Fylakí… He stops at some distance… Even Aisha is with him… They keep Kavya down and Sanskar turns to his human form… Aisha looks at Kavya…

Sanskar “I don’t understand Aisha why she fainted?? I just used the memory forgetting curse and she just collapsed!! It didn’t happen with those dancers…”

Aisha “Relax Sanskar… She collapsed due to trauma…!! You said some bitter truths to her before cursing… The reality checks proved her wrong and she somewhere fell weak mentally and then you talked about Sahil… That was her weak nerve I guess… And so when her memory became blank,she couldn’t bear it and collapsed… She will get conscious but first let me overpower her memory…”

Sanskar “But how will you do it?? I erased it!!”

Aisha looks at him unbelievably!!! Sanskar continues to give an innocent expression!!!

Aisha “Sometimes I doubt!! Are you really a pure blood?? And second thing… Do you ever pay attention to the classes??”

Sanskar “No… I just study before the exams and top!! And during classes I am busy playing the pranks!!! It’s fun you know!!”

Aisha “Sanskar!! I am serious!!”

Sanskar “Sorry…”

Aisha “Cursing with memory forgetting charm supresses the memories somewhere in the deep unconscious part of the brain… It’s not actually erased but just suppressed to the farthest corner… So a third person,if wants,can overpower the memory and capture it…”

Sanskar “Wow..!! Is there even a spell for that??”

Aisha nods “During our secret trainings, Sometimes when I used to visit Hecate to meet Dad, I used to sneak into the restricted section of the library and copy some of the books… In one of those,I learnt few kinds of dark spells… I thought it will be useful in fighting against them… Even Swara and Ragini have a copy of that…!! Infact it was Ragini’s idea to do that… You know how crazy she is!!!”


Aisha “Yeah… Because the great Sanskar Maheshwari can never keep secrets..!! You would have spilled the beans in front of Principal Gadodia or other Professors..!! Now let us concentrate here..!!”

Sanskar keeps the finger on his lips and nods… Aisha points her wand at Kavya…

Aisha (taking a deep breath) “Indeptho Legilimens..!!!”

A light path occurs between Kavya’s and Aisha’s head and it vanishes after few seconds…

Sanskar “But the pronunciation was Legilimens..!!”

Aisha “But it’s dark magic… I gained access to her memories which were supressed in her Unconscious part!! Now it’s time for step two…!!”

Sanskar “And that is??”

Aisha “Giving her some of her memories…”

Sanskar “But why?? Then she will again bother Ragu and Lucky!!! And then the whole purpose of this plan will fail!!”

Aisha “I swear Sanskar I don’t know how rest of the four bear you!!! You interrupt a lot!!!”

Sanskar “I am just curious and I want to know…!!!”

Aisha “Alright… I am transferring some of her memories back to her her life her basic information… Her origin… Her choice if wrong ways… Her wrong company and wrong decisions… And of course… Her Killing her Brother which will eventually lead her to her punishment…!! There will be no Ragini or Lakshya… But the rest of it..!!”

Sanskar nods… Aisha again points her wand at Kavya…

Aisha “Mními metaforás Merikós…!!!”

Again a path of light forms between Kavya’s and Aisha’s head and vanishes after few seconds…

Sanskar “All done??”

Aisha nods “Now I just hope that everything goes as decided..!!”

They both see Kavya moving… She coming to conscious… Sanskar and Aisha sign each other and hide from her…

Kavya comes to consciousness and looks at her surroundings in daze..!!! She then remembers everything (all that Aisha has planted in her brain) and is shocked to core…!!! She cries her heart out and shouts regretting what she did… Aisha and Sanskar could hear her apologizing to Sahil loudly while looking at the sky!!! They feel pity for her just for that!! She then looks at the prison and nods determinedly… She gets up,wipes her tears and walks in the direction of the prison entering it…!! Sanskar and Aisha also go from there…


Swara “So she Surrender??”

Sanskar “Hmmm… She will be punished for whatever wrong she has done till date… And I am Aisha’s fan!! She deserves to be an Athena tenant!!! So intelligently she used that dark– AND…!!! FROM THAT I REMEMBERED!!! How could you and Ragini hide such an amazing thing from me..?? (Swara bites her tongue and smiles sheepishly…) I am your lover and Ragini’s partner in crime still you both hid that from me!!! I am not talking to you!!! And nothing is happening between us now!!”

Swara widens her eyes while Sanskar pouts and turns other side… Swara cups his face and makes him look at her…

Swara “Sorry…!!”

She kisses his forehead… He smiles but is still adamant… She kisses his both eyes… He again smiles… She then kisses his nose… And is about to kiss his lips when he makes her lie down suddenly and comes over her capturing her lips…!! They drown into a deep passionate kiss…!!! When they are out of breath,they part… Sanskar gets up breathing heavily…

Sanskar “I am taking my last sentence back!!!”

He unbuttons his sherwani but then realizes that it’s already done… He then recalls that Swara was playing with them all the while!!!

Sanskar “Not bad!!”

He becomes shirtless and comes over her again… He interwines their fingers and starts kissing her neck hungrily giving her love bites… He then comes down to her collar bone moving to her br*asts… He kisses the upper cleavage and it sends shivers to Swara for she arches her body up..!! Sanskar pulls her blouse down from her either shoulders and buries his face in her cleavage kissing it wildly while Swara goes crazy by his actions… She clutches his hairs inviting him to do more… He lifts her face and looks at her… She nods and he pulls the duvet over them ??



Secret place… The Gadodia House…

Sounds are coming from a locked room… Some voices are also audible…

“Get down right now!!”

“No baby I am enjoying this so much!!”

First voice is of Rohan and second is of Aisha!!! Inside, Rohan is standing looking up and Aisha……………………………. Well… She is sitting on the top of a tall cub-board!!! Clearly amused at Rohan’s expression… They are in wedding attires… Aisha has a nuptial chain adorning her neck… Vermillion is also visible beneath her head jewel…

Rohan “You cannot do this to me!!”

Aisha “If you can,then so can I!!”

Rohan “How you even got up there!!??”

Aisha “You are forgetting that it’s Swaragini’s house and they are not normal and ordinary!! These are one of their backup escapes from scoldings!! Swara showed me the place and of course Ragini taught me how to climb it up Smartly!!”

Rohan facepalms himself!!! Aisha giggles…

Rohan “You are enjoying that aren’t you??”

Aisha “Definitely!!!”

Rohan “You cheated!! You climbed up there when I wasn’t even present in the room!!”

Aisha “What makes you think that I will let you know the trick so easily darling??”

Rohan “Are you forgetting that I am a time viewer?? I will touch anything present here and see how you climbed up!!”

Aisha “Awwww my hot handsome and darling husband..!! That will only happen when I will let you concentrate… I have my wand with me and it can help me to great extents..!!”

Rohan “Alright… What do you want??”

Aisha “You know it already!!”

Rohan “But it’s our first night and you want to waste it??”

Aisha “It will take just few minutes!!! And let me remind you Mr. Rohan Mehta,you had your first night a year ago and many times after that!!!”

Rohan “Ragini has spoiled you!! How quiet, shy and innocent my Aisha used to be..!! Look at her now!!! So bold and outspoken she has become!!! Why God why?? Why did you let her change!! It’s not favouring me!!!”

Aisha (rolling her eyes at his overacting!!) “I am not going to melt by this!! I told you everything about Kavya and now it’s your turn to tell me about Kavita!!”

Rohan “Okay I will… Now come down please…”

Aisha “Okay…!!”

Rohan spreads his arms and she jumps down…!! He catches her carefully and acts as getting a jerk!!

Rohan (smiling mischievously) “Ouch!!! You are heavy with that bridal jeweleries and outfit!! Let me take them off for you and then we will go to bed and then I will tell you everything!!!”

Aisha “No… First let me hit you with that mop kept in the bathroom then only you will tell me everything straightly..!!”

Rohan (frowning) “You have become such a mood killer!!! And I will never forgive Gadodia sisters for that!! They torcher my innocent brothers in the same way!!!”

Aisha is lying carefree in his arms smiling proudly and shrugging her shoulders which clearly said ‘WHATEVER!!’

Rohan looks at her and smiles at her childishness and proud grin..!!

Rohan “By God you are so cute!! (He immediately pecks her lips… She blushes and then smiles…) I will tell you everything…”

She gets happy and pecks his lips as well… He smiles and carries her to bed… They both sit… Aisha looks at him curiously… He smiles at her expressions and pinches her nose… She pouts… He laughs and pulls her in for a hug… She smiles and keeps her head on his chest…


Rohan is in his room sitting annoyed on bed for Sanskar abruptly took Aisha with him and he didn’t even shared the reason… Just then a translucent silver coloured Pegasus entered his window…

Rohan “Lucky’s Patronous!!! Is he okay??”

A voice comes from Patronous “Don’t think that it’s Lakshya’s patronous!!! He doesn’t even has his wand!!! It’s me the great Ragini Gadodia!!”

Rohan “How can I forget that they both share the same patronous!! And also that Lakshya is currently wandless!!!”

Patronous in Ragini’s voice “Now don’t think much!!! I need your help regarding tomorrow… So come to Kavya’s room as soon as possible with Kavita…!! I am ready with my wand here and will tell you further about the plan… Reach soon..!!”

And the patronous fades away in the air leaving Rohan in thoughts…

Rohan “What this girl is up to suddenly?? Kavita wasn’t the part of our plan…!!”

He anyways shruggs his shoulder and walks towards Kavita’s room stuffing his yawn…

Rohan “God!!! I am such a good actor!! Now everyone will see my great acting skills and guess what no one will get a doubt that I am acting… Of course because I am a good actor!!”

He immediately makes a worried expression as he passes some of the death eaters who give him doubtful looks… He hurriedly knocks on Kavita’s door…!!

Kavita opens the door irritatedly… She looks at him surprised and then questioningly…

Kavita “You were supposed to have FUN with that dancer right?? What are you doing on my door at this hour??”

Rohan “Somethings just cannot be forced..!! And I was not cooperating correctly so the dancer…………. Well she got annoyed……………… And left by window!! She had her broom bike!! Hey but that’s not the matter of concern here!!!”

Kavita “Alright then what brings you here??”

Rohan “I was trying to pacify that dancer when she was leaving for you know what kind of woman Mrs. Mehta is!!! And then I saw unusual shadows right beneath Kavya’s window… And I could make out that there were three people there… Then one of them turned something and flew inside her room!! I think she is in danger..!!”

Kavita “But I came from her room 15 minutes before only!! There was no one there!!”

Rohan “Are you deaf and dumb by brain?? Didn’t I say that someone just entered her room!!!???”

Kavita’s eyes widen in horror..!! She immediately leaves for Kavya’s room and Rohan follows her… They both reach there and Kavita barges inside without knocking… She enters the room and looks around for Kavya frantically…!!! Rohan enters and locks the door from inside… Kavita at once turns and looks at him…

Kavita “Why you did that?? And where is Kavya..?? I can’t find her!!”

Rohan “Why don’t you ask Kavya herself?? Kavya!!”

Kavya (Ragini) comes walking towards both of them while smirking!!!

Kavita “Kavya!! You are alright!! Thank God!! He told me someone intruded this room!!”

Kavya “Well… He is right… Someone did intrude here..!!”

Kavita “Someone flew and came inside this room??”

Kavya “Ummmhmmm…”

Kavita “Means he wasn’t lying?? (Kavya shakes her head) then where is that person??”

Kavya “Oh that!! I sent him away for an important work… He came here to help me out… After my half work was done,I sent him saying handling the rest half work would be a child’s play for me…!!”

Kavita “What you have to handle??”

Kavya “You…”

Kavita “Huh..???”

Before she could understand anything,Kavya smirks and is pointing her wand at her… Kavita is wandless and is even more worried…

Kavya “Awww… Sorry Kavi baby… Petrificus Totalus…!!!”

Kavita is hit with that spell and she falls on the ground petrified!!! Rohan and Kavya do high five…

Rohan “What is next now??”

Kavya “It’s time for the great time viewer Rohan to act… (Rohan looks on…) Look… You are in a calm state of mind… (Rohan nods) perfect… Hold my hands and tell me what will happen tomorrow when I will go there as Kavya… What all examinations would be done and then we will plan the escape… I know that future visions are subjective but it won’t be subjective if we act accordingly..!! So do it!!”

Rohan is flabbergasted at her intelligence!! He never thought that way… She in a way was perfectly planning the future!!! He mentally praised her and nods and holds her hand… He witnesses exactly whatever happened at the alter and narrates her… Kavya smirks…

Kavya “Perfect…!!!”

Rohan “What’s on your mind??”

She again turns to Kavita… Her eyes are still moving and she can see and hear everything…!!

Kavya “Now Kavya’s best friend will help her escape everything…”

Rohan “And how will that happen??”

Kavya “Just wait and watch… (She again points her wand at Kavita) Imperio InToto…!!!!”

As the green jet of light hits Kavita,her eyeball stops moving!! She is under Kavya’s hypnosis now…!! Kavya smirks and using her wand,removes her petrification…

Kavya “You are tired Kavita,just get up and sleep in my room itself… Would be brides should not be left alone…!!”

Kavita nods and sleeps on her bed leaving enough space for her… Rohan is amused seeing her…!!

Rohan “What was that add on to the spell…??”

Ragini “It’s one of the dark magic… And a form of Imperius Curse… This curse can remain till forever or at least till the time until someone breaks it…”

Rohan “Wow!!! Where you learnt that from??”

Ragini (thinks about the books which Aisha got secretly..) “Well that doesn’t matters…. You be ready to leave… As soon as Sanskar returns with Aisha,he will drop you both to the secret place and take your place… And about the spell, I am Ragini Gadodia and nothing is impossible for me..!!”

Rohan shruggs his shoulder and leaves her room greeting her goodnight…


Rohan “I am still wondering where Ragini learned that spell from!!!”

Aisha smiles and recalls how Sanskar reacted on that information!! She decides not to tell Rohan anything about it…

Aisha “You really want to think about that in this night??”

Rohan looks at her and smiles “Nope… I have more beautiful things to think about…”

Aisha blushes… He leans in to kiss her but she gets up… He holds her waist girldle which is made up of pearls and pulls it…!! It breaks thereby spreading the pearls everywhere…!! Aisha gasps and looks at the pearls… Rohan stands up and back hugs her pulling her towards him… Aisha closes her eyes feeling his proximity!!

Rohan (huskily) “I will remake it tomorrow morning!!! Don’t worry about that!!”

Aisha nods… He pulls of her veil and opens her hairs… He moves them aside and opens her necklace using his teeth…!! He intentionally nibbles on her skin as well making her moan… He again whispers huskily in her ears…

Rohan “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!!”

He bites her earlobe..!! Aisha blushes and smiles… She moves her face the other side revealing more of her skin to him thereby inviting him… Rohan keeps kissing her neck while moving towards her collarbone and sliding her blouse off her shoulder at the same time… Aisha is somehow controlling herself from surrendering… She then turns around and cups his face… She kisses his jawline… Rohan lifts her face up and grabs her lips with his and they both share a deep passionate kiss… He lifts her up by her waist in the same position while kissing and carries her to the bed… He makes her lie there still kissing and comes over her and removes the pallu draped to her body revealing her br*asts… He cups them with both his hands and applies pressure… She gasps and moans while kissing…!! They break the kiss and look at each other…

Rohan “Will you be mine again??”

Aisha “I am only yours!!!”

Rohan nods and they both cover themselves with the duvet..!! ????



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