SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 48

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Episode 48

Two very grand alters are set up at a very creepy looking place…!!! Jaanki is sitting on her wheelchair… Sujata and Ramprasad are standing on her either sides… Two grooms are entering the place along with Rajat… They both are walking with slow steps… They stop in front of the alters… They both open their shoes and sit inside the alter… Their faces are covered with the hanging flowery curtain attached with thier wedding turban…

Sujata “Not like this… We don’t trust you both much!!! Do one thing… Just lift the flowery curtain and show us your handsome faces!!! And remember… You have to keep smiling… Else it won’t be good…”

The grooms nod and they both remove the the flowery curtain…

Lakshya and Rohan are completely dressed as grooms… They force a smile…

Jaanki “Better… I still can’t trust you both… So better you both don’t cover your faces at all… Be in front of my eyes during the whole wedding…!!”

They both nod and look at each other with plain expressions… Rajat secretly casts a revealing spell on them in case they have used any magic and tried to cheat them… But the spell is absorbed by them and he gets assured that there’s no magic…!! He signs to Ramprasad and nods… He nods back and They then look at front…!!

Kavita enters then with two heavily veiled brides… She is smirking as if she has won the whole world… She is on cloud nine…

Kavita (in mind) “What I want,I get..!! I want Sanskar and now I will get him..!! Poor Swara!! Tch tch… Tried so much to make my Sanskar hers but Sanskar is only mine!!! And I will get him by hook or by crook!!!”

Jaanki “Sujata… I don’t trust even my daughter now… just check whether she is there under the veil or the snake slid away??”

Sujata “Of course Jaan di… And why only Swara… I will check this mad lover also… Who knows someone or I may say Sharmistha’s daughter may have hit her on her head and took her place!!??”

Kavita “Be assured for that…!! For I know very well… Kavya is only there under this veil…!!”

Sujata “Still,I will check for my assurance…!!”

Kavita shrugs her shoulder and and signs her to go ahead…

Sujata “Lift your veils both of you!!! And as usual… Don’t forget to smile…!!!!”

Kavita “Be assured for that!!! Kavya is all smiles under that veil!!!”

The brides lift their veil and reveal their faces…!! The grooms are stunned…!!

Its Swara and Kavya as brides!!! Kavya smiles happily whereas Swara forced a smile…

Sujata, Jaanki and Ramprasad smirk!!!

Sujata “Congratulations Jaan di!!! We are going to become Relatives!!! We are going to be tied in a official relation…!!”

Jaanki “Yeah Sujata!! Congratulations!! Finally!!! After such efforts and hardwork!!! My aim is successful and that Sumi’s daughter and her lovely grandmother could do nothing!!!”

Swara looks at Rohan who is looking unbelievably at her…!!!

Lakshya looks at Kavya who is looking dreamily at him..!! He clenches his fist sideways!!!

Lakshya (in mind) “I want to ruin this face like anything!!! I hate this face!! I hate this name!!! And I hate the whole person who carries it and roams around with it!!!”

Ramprasad “Now go and sit beside your grooms..!!! (Both of them nods and take their places!!!) Now we should start the rituals!!!”

Jaanki “No Ram..!! Wait…!!! I want to confirm that she is my daughter and not any imposter!!! I want a solid proof!!”

Rohan looks hopefully at Swara who is sitting beside her…!!

Swara nods and sits in her style… She then changes into a beautiful red and golden snake!!! Kavya smirks looking at them…!! Jaanki and Sujata nod satisfyingly… The snake again turns back to Swara!!!

Kavita comes to Kavya and gives her a bottle… Kavya takes it and sips from it…

Kavita “You have to drink this every half an hour!!”

Sujata “Hey Girl!! What is that??”

Kavita goes to Sujata and whispers in her ears…

Kavita ” She was really hyper last night when Lakshya was having FUN with that dancer… She got high BP so I made a potion for her so that she doesn’t gets ill and this marriage is not postponed… Once this marriage is done,then a major thorn will be removed from our way…”

Sujata “You did good girl…. I am impressed that even you have brains…!!”

Kavita passes a wicked smile and they all witness the wedding… The wedding rituals are going slowly and Jaanki is growing impatient…


Kavya glares at Jaanki angrily… She is about to shout and charge at her but stops clenching her fist tight thinking that the marriage of more important than this crazy witch..!!! She keeps on drinking Kavita’s potion in every half an hour to keep herself well and presentable…

The marriage rituals go on as both the couples take nuptial vows going around the fire… Then Lakshya and Rohan fill Vermillion in Kavya’s and Swara’s head partition and tie the nuptial chains in their neck… The marriage rituals are done… The couples are asked to take the blessings…

Kavya “Don’t even think!! I have no one here who has the capability to bless me!! I had only a brother whom I killed and my parents are not here right now!!”

Lakshya “But she is my aunt!!!”

Kavya “I don’t care!! Just you matter to me!!”

Lakshya rolls his eyes…

Rajat “Alright… Swara and Rohan you have your parents here… You can take blessings…!!”

Jaanki and Sujata smile…

Swara “My Family members are not here!!! And I don’t bow before any other people just like that…!!”

Rohan “And my so called biological parents are dead long back… My actual parents i.e., Professor Maheshwari and VP Maheshwari are not here…!!”

The Mehtas and Jaanki fume…!!! Rohan and Swara turn to go to their own rooms… Jaanki widens her eyes seeing them…

Jaanki “Where you both are going??”

Swara “Can’t you see?? To our rooms!!!”

Sujata “You both are married now and hence will live together in one room…!!! And your first night arrangements are done in Rohan’s room…. Similarly Kavya’s and Lakshya’s arrangements are done in Lakshya’s room…!!”

Kavya (whispering in Lakshya’s ear) “And the most awaited part is here!!”

She creepily holds his arm attempting to seduce him… He jerks her hand away and smiles uneasily!!! Kavya just smirks looking at him…

Kavya “Awww!!! My Lucky baby feels shy as well!!! So cute!!!”

Swara “I won’t—”

Just then Rohan holds Swara’s hand and stops her from speaking ahead… She looks at him while he shakes his head… She gives a stiff nod and doesn’t speaks ahead…!!! Jaanki notices all that…

Sujata is about to say something to Kavita but she walks away from there in her room and locks it…

Ramprasad “What happened to this girl??”

Kavya “She may be tired… Yesterday,whole night she looked after me and stayed awake… Maybe she has gone to sleep… Or maybe celebrating alone..!! Afterall she can have Sanskar now…!!”

Sujata “This girl is right… Now both of you… Go to your rooms…!!”

The couples leave…

Jaanki “Sujata…”

Sujata “Yes Jaan di…”

Jaanki “Sujata I don’t trust my daughter and your son… I am not worried about That boy for Kavya will handle him but Rohan and Swara…!! They have something in their mind… And if they won’t consummate,I won’t get my strength back… Intoxicate them!! Make sure they do become one tonight!!”

Sujata nods and leaves from there…

Jaanki “Ram… When I will be getting my strength back,it will cause me great pain and you all will be unnecessarily worried due to my shouts… I am going to my room and you make it sound proof from outside so that no sound goes out of my room…”

Ramprasad “But Jaan di—”

Jaanki “No arguments Ram… I don’t want any hindrance when we are this close to our aim!!!”

Ramprasad reluctantly nods…



Rohan’s room….

Swara and Rohan enter their room and lock it… They look at each other and are about to say something when there is a knock on the door!!

Swara opens the door and widens her eyes!!!

Sujata is standing there with two milk glasses in her hands….

Swara “Really?? Like are you obsessed with banging on my door whenever I am inside or what???”

Rohan stuffs his laughter!!

Sujata “Whatever..!! Here… Drink this milk… Jaan di has told you both to drink this in front of me…!!”

Swara “Can you guarantee that you won’t bang the door after that??”

Sujata (murmuring) “Of course… Even if I bang then also you won’t open it for you will be busy in something else!! (Aloud) Just drink it!!”

Swara and Rohan pick a glass each and empty it..!!! Sujata smiles satisfyingly and leaves from the room… Rohan looks at Swara with desires!!!

Swara immediately closes the door and runs into washroom vomiting out the milk!!! She then comes back and searches in the bag… She takes out a small potion bottle and makes Rohan forcefully drink it!!!

Rohan makes faces…!!

Rohan “What on Earth was that!!??”

Swara “Dangerous form of love potion… You can call it lust potion as well… It’s antidote is same as love potion… Thank God Mom had sent it!!”

Rohan “But I don’t need lust potion when I am with you!!! It automatically comes from within!!”

Rohan winks at her… Swara blushes and smiles… Rohan holds her by her waist and pulls her closer… He leans in to kiss her but she stops him keeping a finger on his lips!!

Swara “Stop right now!!!”

Rohan (frowning) “What happened?? Now we even have the lisence!!”

Swara “But Rohan is like my brother Sanskar!!! I cannot do all that until you have his face!!!”

(*** Hehehe… I know many of you must have guessed it but tell me honestly… Who all thought that this was real?? And if not then who all thought that it’s Aisha as Swara??

And what about Kavlak?? It’s really KavLak or our lovelies RagLak???***)

Sanskar looks at mirror and realizes….

Sanskar “I almost forgot that I am Rohan now!!! Arrggghhh!!! I have to wait for half an hour now!!! Because of your idea of carrying the Polyjuice potion in my Animagi Beak,I had to sip it every hour so that I am Rohan!! Now we are delayed by half an hour!!!”

Swara “So what?? We can have patience!! But you see animals are so amazing!! They can carry foods and stuffs for so long in their beaks without letting anyone know!!”

Sanskar “Yeah!! But Rohan doesn’t tastes good…. And currently… I am worried about Lucky!!! Poor he!!! He so much hates Kavya but—-”

Swara also nods slowly…



Lakshya’s room…

A song is playing and Lakshya is hiding under the bed..!!

Baho Me Chale Aao…!!!

Kavya is looking around for Lakshya….

Baho Me Chale Aao…!!

Lakshya wipes his sweat with his sleeves and prays to God to save his dignity…!!!

Ho Hamse Sanam Kya Parda…

Oh Hamse Sanam Kya Parda…!!

Kavya looks behind the curtains and even looks down the window… But is unable to find him…

Yeh Aaj Kaa Nahee Milan…

She thinks for a while keeping her finger on her chin and looks here and there…

Yeh Sang Hai Umar Bhar Kaa…!!!

She then looks at the bed and smirks… She goes the other side and looks under it and smiles widely… Poor Lakshya couldn’t see her for she is behind him….

Baho Me Chale Aao…!!!!

She also crawls under the bed beside him and lays on her stomach keeping her hands on her cheeks…

Ho Hamse Sanam Kya Parda

Oh Hamse Sanam Kya Parda

She then pokes her fingers on Lakshya’s shoulder and he winces , shutting his eyes tightly as realization strikes him that she found him!!!

Humn.. Humn..

Lakshya and Kavya come out from under the bed and sit on the edge of the bed… Lakshya is feeling uncomfortable whereas Kavya is all smiling!!!

Chale Hee Jana Hai Najar Churake Yun

Phir Thami Thi Sajan Tumne Meri Kalayi Kyun

She shifts closer to him while he moves side trying to get away from her behaving like brides (which he is definitely not!!!)….


Chale Hee Jana Hai Najar Churake Yun

Phir Thami Thi Sajan Tumne Meri Kalayi Kyun

They both continue doing this until they reach the end of the bed…. And then Lakshya falls off it!! Kavya covers her mouth with her hands and then quickly helps him get up…!! He gets up rubbing his hips while Kavya stuffs her laugh!!

Kisi Ko Apna Banake Chhod De, Aisa Koyi Nahee Karta

Lakshya again tries to go away from Kavya but she holds his wrist from both her hands… He turns and looks at her… She shakes her head negatively trying to stop him… Lakshya’s heart melts a bit…!!

Baho Me Chale Aao

Ho Hamse Sanam Kya Parda

Oh Hamse Sanam Kya Parda

She spreads her arms again asking him for a hug… He smiles looking at her and comes to her but then stops abruptly and turns around…!!! Kavya pouts but then she hugs him from the back… Lakshya passes a warm smile and keeps his hands over hers…. Kavya smiles…

Kavya “What is this..?? Why are you running away?? All this while you were so eager for this and now you are running away!!”

She breaks the hug and stands crossing her arms over her chest… Lakshya looks at her and smiles…

Lakshya “I am eager for it even now… But please wait for some more time… The effect is going to be almost over…!! And then I will have my baby doll with her own looks and face and not any lizard’s!!”

Kavya (Ragini) smiles broadly looking at Lakshya…!!

(*** How many of you heaved a sigh of relief?????? Yes… You all are right… Lakshya and his dignity are in correct hands!!!???***)

Ragini “Even I am feeling suffocated with this Clingy Arora’s face!!! But I am feeling so contended imagining her expressions when she will realize what actually happened to her!!! Oh MY God!!! I am not going to leave a single chance of mocking the hell out of her whole life!!! If in case she stays alive which I doubt she would!! What say lover boy??”

Lakshya “Lover boy says that his baby doll is never wrong!! (Ragini blushes!!) Ufff!!! I wish I could see that blush on your face!!! But it alright!!! I am having whole night and I am so sure that no one is going to disturb us!! I will be getting many chances to make you blush…!! Be prepared for I am not stopping tonight!!!”

Ragini blushes hard and covers her face with both her hands!! Lakshya is smiling like mad….

Ragini “You are too much Lakshya!!”

Lakshya “I am too much just for you my girl!!”

They both look lovingly at each other….

Lakshya “I love y—-…. I mean… I love my baby doll!!!”

Ragini “I love my lover boy too!!”

They both stare at each other longingly….



So how was the chapter???

I know that I am really very late and I am updating this story after months… But I was stuck up in some works… And then there were so many festivals in between and then Christmas and New year and other things that it eventually got delayed…

So tell me… How many of you expected this?? I know almost everyone guessed it but still… Till the time I didn’t reveal,how many of you cursed me for the situation??

How many of you laughed on Lakshya’s condition in his own room???

What do you think happened to Kavya and where are Rohan and Aisha??

And what will happen next???

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  1. Ritathomas

    Yippee finally u updated…. Really I enjoyed it… I thought it was Aisha in swara ‘s place…. But I guessed ryt Ragini in kavya ‘s place

  2. Worth such a long wait…. But it was quite predictable dat d 2 among d 4 were disguised in others skin…..awesom…

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