SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 50

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Episode 50

The next morning….

Sujata tries hard to open Jaanki’s door but she is unable to… She loudly bangs on the door…!!

Sujata “Jaan di!!! Jaan di open the door!!! Are you ok??? Jaan di!!! Please open the door…!!!”

Ramprasad and Rajat come there and look at her shouting…

Ramprasad “Easy Sujata…!!”

Sujata “What easy?? Jaan di isn’t opening the door neither is she replying and you want me to be easy???”

Ramprasad “Sujata!! You forgot?? The door has been locked magically and is sound proof!!!”

Sujata realizes and nods… She removes the magic using her wand and opens the door… The three of them barge in together….


Ramprasad “WHAT THE HELL!!!”

Sujata “JAAN DI!!!!!”

They all are stunned seeing Jaanki… She is in her most angry form!!! She floating in the air…!! She has got no body part beneath her waist but only a tail like structure like those of spirits!!! Her hairs are flying in the air and she has bloodshot eyes!!! Rajat gulps seeing her…!!! Ramprasad and Sujata are beyond shocked!!


Jaanki is laughing hysterically!!!! Now all the three of them gulp!!

Sujata “B……….. But J….. J……. Jaan Di,how can you say that??”

Jaanki looks at Sujata at once and shows them her wand… It’s glowing unusually!!

Rajat “Why is it glowing??”

Ramprasad “It’s the proof!! That they have United!!! But how is that possible?? We ourselves made sure about everything!!!! They even made an unbreakable promise!!”


The three of them nod and rush immediately!!

Sujata goes to Rohan’s room and bangs the door loudly!!!! No sound comes from inside!! She unlocks the door by her wand and barges in… She sees the room in total mess and gets a note written with lipstick on the mirror…


-WITH LOVE FROM…………………………..SWASAN❤❤❤

Sujata is startled!!! She sweats badly… She is unable to understand what to do… Just then Ramprasad comes there…

Sujata “Jaan Di…. Was right!!”

Ramprasad “I know… It was Ragini and Lakshya !”

Sujata “And Swara and Sanskar here!!! Then where is my son???”

Just then they hear Rajat screaming!!! They both rush in the direction of the noise… It’s coming from Kavita’s room…!!! They both barge in to the room and look at a living statue of Kavita and Rajat yelling at her…


Ramprasad “What happened to this girl??”

Rajat “I don’t know!!! She isn’t moving or saying or even giving reactions!!! She has become a statue!!”

Sujata “Is she alive or—”

Rajat “Oh just shut up you brainless woman!!”

Sujata “You—-”

Jaanki “What noise is this???”

Jaanki comes flying over there… She looks at the fiasco!! She then looks at Kavita….

Jaanki “So….. They eloped??”

Sujata and Ramprasad nod…

Rajat “Ma’am plz… Plz look what happened to my sister!! She isn’t even moving!!!”

Jaanki observes her… She is looking keenly at her… She floats towards her and holds her arm… She checks her pulses and then her eyes… She then keeps her hand on her head and chants some spells with her wand…!! Suddenly,she gets a jerk and she moves one metre back!!!

Jaanki “Impossible!!!”

Rajat “What happened??”

Jaanki “Unforgivable curse has been used on her!!! And that too the darkest and powerful one!!! But how can they do that?? Parvati Gadodia would never allow the crooked ways!!!”

Ramprasad “But those kids are way ahead than our imagination!! They were here among us!!! Without getting caught!! They got married in front of us… And even broke the unbreakable promise!! How come they are still ok?? I have to say!! They are so cunning and intelligent..!! They know how to get their work done either by hook or crook!!! ”

Jaanki “SHUT UP!!!! And of you want to praise them,tell me!!! I will gift you with death!!!”

Ramprasad gets startled and goes quiet… Sujata gulps… Jaanki uses her wand on Kavita and breaks her hypnotism!! Kavita gets a jerk and she holds her head!!! Rajat sighs in relief!! Rest all look at her… As if realization dawned upon her,she suddenly lifts up her head and looks at all of them!!!

Kavita “KAVYA!!! WHERE IS SHE??? How could she do that??”

Jaanki “What happened girl??”

Kavita “Kavya!!! She betrayed us!!! She shook hands with SSS and hypnotised me!!! Where is she??”

Sujata “What??? Kavya?? Are you sure??”

Kavita “I saw her!! I was in her room last time when I was in my conscience… Rohan took me there… Even he was calling her by the same name!!!”

Just then a patronous appears there… A heavy male voice delivers a message..!!

Patronous “Jaanki ma’am…. There’s a problem… One of your assistant is surrendering herself in front of the senior Aurors…!! And I am afraid that she might take your name as well!!! She came last night at the Magicó Fylakí!!! And was sitting whole night whole night in front of the cabin!! In few minutes,even the Minister of Magic will also be here!!! She will be revealing the main culprits’ name in front of him only!!!”

And the patronous diminishes in the air becoming invisible!!! All the people present in the room get shocked!!!

Rajat “One thing is sure that Kavya didn’t hypnotised you!!! For it takes a while for reaching the Magicó Fylakí!! That means—”

Jaanki (gritting her teeth angrily) “Ragini Gadodia!!! She became Kavya for us and married Annapurna’s son!! I will see all of them… But before that… We have to end Kavya’s Chapter before the dementors do that!! For dementors will be kissing her after her statement but we have to finish her before she says anything!!”



Secret Place… Gadodia Mansion…

RagLak and SwaSan are sitting on the Sofa lazily…!!

Sanskar “This is unbelievable guys!!! They have still not come!!”

Swara “Shut up Sanskar!! They don’t even know that we are here!!!”

Ragini “So what?? We had to wake up so early after yesterday night!!”

Lakshya “Exactly..!! We didn’t sleep!!”

Ragini “Lakshya!!!”

Lakshya “Oops!! Sorry!!”

SwaSan giggle and RagLak blush!!!

Just then they hear Rohan’s voice!!!

“Abhi Na Jao Chor ke… Ye dil abhi bhara nahi!!”

He comes down carrying Aisha in his arms and looking at her while singing!!

Lakshya “Finally!!”

Ragini “Thank God they are dressed decently!!”

Swara “But you have to be satisfied Rohan!!”

Sanskar “Exactly!! We need to leave for Hecate… NOW!!!”

Rohan and Aisha freeze at their spot!! They didn’t expect the whole of SSS to be there at that moment!! Rohan immediately puts down Aisha and they both compose themselves..!!

Rohan “We were supposed to meet at Hecate!!!”

Swara “No…!! We were supposed to go to Hecate together!!”

Aisha “Oh yaa!! Sorry… Just give us few moments!!!”

Sanskar “No…!! Let’s leave like that!!!”

Ragini “Shut up Sanskar!!! We need to get fresh as well!!! Let’s just go to our rooms!!!”

They all leave for their rooms…

Ragini enters her rooms and Lakshya follows her and closes the door… He immediately holds her by from back by her waist and nuzzles her neck!!

Ragini closes her eyes feeling him and smiles…

Ragini “This was the reason you so easily agreed to get fresh!!”

Lakshya “You are saying as if I don’t shower for days..!!”

Ragini “Ok then… Good boy!! Go and take your shower!!”

She releases herself from his grip and goes ahead!! Lakshya looks on clulessly at her…

Lakshya “Okay… You take out the clothes!!”

Ragini turns to look at him surprised… He hides his smirk… She then nods and goes to wardrobe… She pouts…

Ragini “I thought to tease him just!! But he agreed to shower without me!! He doesn’t love me anymore!! Just one day of marriage and he changed!!! People do change after marriage!! Alive example is my boyfrie— I mean husband!! Mr. Lakshya Maheshwari..!!”

She tried to speak in her mind but it came out like a murmur unintentionally and was all heard by Lakshya!! Who was busy suppressing his laughter…

Ragini sniffs and keeps his clothes on the bed… She moves towards window…

Lakshya comes from behind and sweeps her off the floor in his arms… Ragini is startled!! She looks at him but her hands are around his neck as if she wanted the same…!!

Ragini “What are you doing??”

Lakshya “Saving time…!! First I will bath then you will bath… It will take lots of time!!! And we have to leave to meet others!! It’s been two days!!”

Ragini “But—”

Lakshya had reached inside washroom till then and kept her down and pinned her to the wall and had sealed her lips… He deepens the kiss till they both are breathless!!

He breaks the kiss and looks at her face… Her cheeks are flushed and they both are breathing heavily… Lakshya reduces the even little space between them and holds gee waist… He switches on the shower… They both get drenched in the water… He pulls her close… She lifts her face and kisses his jaw… He kisses her earlobes and shoulder… She hugs him tightly and is not ready to leave him…

Lakshya “What is the matter baby doll??”

Ragini “I am afraid Lakshya…!! I feel weird… Till now they must have found the cheat!!”

Lakshya “The Pre war jitters are disturbing you? You don’t want this all to happen??”

Ragini “I know that the war is inevitable!! And we can’t do anything that will stop it…!! I feel so bad… She is Di’s own mother!! I can’t do this!!!”

And Ragini starts shaking and shouting…!! She pushes away Lakshya from her…!! Lakshya looks at her helplessly… He panics…

Lakshya “Ragini!!! What Happened to you??”

Ragini “Stay away!! Don’t come near me..!!”

She somehow managed to keep standing… After about ten torcherous seconds,she finally calms!! Lakshya immediately rushes to her…. And holds her in his arms for she was stumbling and was about to fall!!

Lakshya “What happened to you??”

Ragini “Nothing Lakshya… Just nothing!!”

Lakshya looks at her suspiciously… He holds her chin and makes her look into his eyes… He witnesses the flashback which was playing in Ragini’s mind when she was sacrificing her bad habit at the secret passage..!!

Lakshya “And you hid this from me??”

Ragini “No Lakshya… I just didn’t tell you!!”

Lakshya “It’s the same!!!”

Ragini “I am sorry…!! Please…!!”

Lakshya “You know what?? What happens,happens for a good!! Now you can’t back off!! Ragini… Jaanki Gadodia tried to snatch away your loved ones from you!! Me,Swara and Rohan!! You punished Kavya… But what about Jaanki??”

Ragini recalls everything… She looks at Lakshya and nods… They both drown in another soft kiss but a passionate one… They then hug each other…

Lakshya “Are you feeling alright now??”

Ragini “And there is something else as well!!”

Lakshya breaks the hug and looks at her…

Lakshya “And that is??”

Ragini “I don’t know!!”

Lakshya “Don’t worry… Everything is going to be alright till we are together!!”

He leans in to kiss her and they both continue with their shower Romance…



Shashwat is at the Ministry of Magic…!!

He meets the other Aurors…

Shashwat “What is the serious matter…??”

Junior Auror “Sir,for the first time, someone has come forward to give statements against Jaanki and her team…!! Earlier we just arrested her on remand but this time,we can get her the death statement!!”

Shashwat “Are you sure..?? I mean who is the statement giver?? And the witness came to Magicó Fylakí all alone and by own??”

Junior Auror ” Yes sir… And the witness is none other than Sahil Arora’s murderer sister…. Kavya Arora…!!”

Shashwat “WHAT!!! Kavya?? Kavya is here to give the statement??”

Junior Auror “Yes sir… She is here… She is here since yesterday night and has agreed to confess her crimes and give statements against Jaanki Gadodia, Ramprasad Mehta and Sujata Mehta!!”

Shashwat “That means the kids have blown the whistle!! The war is inevitable now… It’s the time when either Jaanki will win or the Prophecy!!”

Junior Auror “Sir?? Where are you lost??”

Shashwat “When will she give the statement??”

Junior Auror “Currently she giving examinations… Whether hypnotised,or threatened or other things… I think… At the evening,the procedures will be started and she will be presented in the ministry..!! Infact, Hecatian Principal and core faculty are also invited for the hearing!!”

Shashwat nods gravely…

Shashwat “Why do I feel that all isn’t as smooth as it seems!! Why do I get this type of weird feeling?? Are pre war jitters so weird??”



Hecate school of witchcraft and wizarding…

Sharmistha “What a fate God has written!!! I have two daughters and I couldn’t witness any of their weddings!!! Am I such a bad mother??”

Swara “Mom…!! You speak anything!! You know you are the best Mom on Earth!! And I love you more than anyone else!!!”

Ragini is smiling while tears are flowing out of her eyes… Lakshya looks at her and immediately embraces her!! He wipes her tears…

Lakshya “Why are you crying baby doll??”

Ragini “Nothing Lakshya… I just got emotional seeing Mom and Di!! They are step to one another but have immense love between them!! It just made me overwhelmed!!”

Lakshya “But you knew that from beginning right??”

Ragini “Obviously I know that… It’s just that today suddenly I felt overwhelmed… Maybe those feelings are overpowering me… Maybe I am afraid whether I will be able to see these moments or not!!”

Lakshya (in a low dangerous whisper) “Mrs. Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari…!! Be thankful that you are between our parents currently else I would have definitely punished you for even thinking such!!”

Annapurna “Thinking what??”

Lakshya “Mom she is saying—”

Ragini “That the pre war jitters are really disturbing!! We don’t know what storm may come the next moment!!”

Durgaprasad “Ragini is right… I do understand… The whole Magical world is in tension right now…!!”

RagLak look at each other and talk through eyes…

Lakshya “Clever you!!!”

Ragini “Any doubt??”

Lakshya “Nope…!! Not at all!! By the way,you are saved here… But who will save you from me??”

Ragini “Take the pain to explain please!!”

Lakshya “Mrs. Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari..!! Let this mess be cleared!!! You are going to personally payback for your mistakes!!”

Ragini “How??”

Lakshya “By loosing your sleep!!”

Ragini’s cheeks turns red while Lakshya smirks looking at her…!! He then whispers in her ears!!

Lakshya “It is so amazing to witness such changes in Mrs. Maheshwari right after the marriage!! Emotional overflow instead of strongness and Blush on cheeks instead of boldness!! I like that!!”

Aisha “Hello Love birds!!! If your lovey dovey chirpings are over then please concentrate here as well!!”

RagLak blush while nodding… Others giggle…

Sanskar “Where’s Principal Gadodia by the way??”

Shekhar “Maa is stuck in some stuffs… But she knows everything… And she blessed you all!!”

Lakshya “But we wanted to ask her something!!”

Sharmistha “Something important??”

RagLak are red while all are looking keenly at them!!

Rohan “Come on!!! Now speak up dude!!”

Ragini “It’s related to wand actually!!”

Rohan “So what?? You can ask… Maybe we can help!!”

Lakshya “Well… Actually… Ragini’s wand is glowing since morning… Not morning but since night when we were—– you know what I mean…!!??so—”

Ragini “So I wanted to know why is it happening…”

Annapurna “I know… We had asked Ms. Mew… This means that the wand is ready for the purpose it was joint!! But–”

Sanskar “There’s a but in that as well!!”

Swara “Shut up Sanskar!!!”

Durgaprasad “But that means that Jaanki now knows everything for the sister wands show the similar properties!! Her wand also must be glowing!!”

Aisha “She was anyways going to know everything!!”

Shekhar “And how come??”

Rohan “We aren’t cowards to act behind the back!! We do everything with loud announcements!! Before leaving… RagLak and SwaSan left messages for our beloved enemies!!”

Sanskar “Well Technically Mr. Rohan Mehta… We did got married behind their backs by hiding our identities and you did that in real by eloping from their clutches!!”

Rohan “Are you born to poke that nose of yours in everything I speak!!??”

Sanskar “Of course!! It’s my birthright!!”

Rest of the SSS have face palmed themselves while the elders look on amused and smiling!!! These childhood buddies are never going to stop!!! They were craving for this light moment!!!

Just then Shashwat apparates there!!! He is all sweating and tensed…

Aisha “Dad!!! Are you okay?? Is everything alright??”

Shashwat “Nothing is alright!! Principal Gadodia is fighting alone!! She has killed Kavya and the Minister of Magic!! The ministry is under her control now!!!”

All gasp and cover their mouths…

Sanskar “Alright guys… We can’t panic here!! This is it!! It’s the time finally for our final test… Our ultimate exam!!! The Ultimate Battle!!!”

The rest of the SSS nod and stand there holding hands!!!



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