Swaragini 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Ragini asks Shekhar if he will help Sumi find Swara. Daadaji comes and asks who wants to help whom. Ragini says she wanted Shekhar’s signatures on academic papers. He signs and sends her. Daadiji asks servant to give him a bill from register. Shekhar says he will give, but daadaji asks him to sit and says Durga Prasad is coming tonight around 6 p.m. and he wants him to be at home by that time. He gives him bill and asks him to bring the items while coming. Shekhar gets sad.

Dida calls Sumi nervously, but she does not pick her call. Daadima comes out yelling at Dida and says she brought sweets for her destroyal, says people throw salt on wounds, but she is throwing sweets and laughs loudly. Dida asks her to stop her nonsense. Daadima says just like puffing roti on tava, her face is puffed. Dida asks her to shut up. Daadima asks her to shout her English later. Sumi calls Dida and tells she did not find Swara yet, so she called to find out if she has has come there. Dida starts crying. Daadima says her upbringing is wrong that her granddaughter eloped. Dida asks her to stop interfering. Sumi hears their fight and says she made a mistake calling her and cuts call.

Sumi tensely walks on road. A tempo rushes towards her and is about to hit her when Shekhar rescues her and asks if she found Swara. She says no. He asks her to come to accompany him to his shop. She resists, but he insists, takes her to shop and gives her water. He asks what question did she ask that she lefft home. She says Swara is her daughter and he does not have right to ask her anything. He holds her hand and says Swara is also his daughter. Ragini comes there and is shocked to hear this. Sumi asks where was he when her mother was being humiliated. He asks her to stop repeating same question and to tell what did Swara ask. She says Swara asked if she still loves Shekhar. He asks did she reply. She says once she comes back, she will tell she still loves Shekhar. Ragini is devastated to hear that and reminisces asking Shekhar if he still loves her mom and he keeping silent. She runs from there.

Daadima stops Dida and asks her to inform police and says what if Swara loses her remaining self-respect/dignity. Dida asks her to shut up. Dadima says her broken English will not bring back her granddaughter and her dignity back. Dida says once Swara comes back, she will teach her a lesson.

Goons see Swara alone tied and happily discuss that someone left a girl for them to enjoy. They remove Swara’s blindfold. She sees them and gets afraid.

Sumi says Shekhar though she loves him, she also hate him as he did not follow even a sinlg relationship till now and ruined everyone’s life.

Ragini walks home back sadly. She sees a man and his daughter playing , reminisces Swara telling Shekhar is also her father and they both are sisters, Dadima telling Swara will ruin her left, Shekhar telling Sumi Swara is his daughter also, etc.. and panics with words echoing in her mind.

Shekhar asks Sumi not to worry as he is there with he and will find Swara soon. She gets Swara’s message with address. Shekhar brings his bike and asks Sumi to sit behind him and leaves.

Laksh calls his friend and says he sent SMS to Swara’s mother as he just wanted to teach her a lesson and wants her mom to come and take her back. He says he fed her food and water and will wait until her mom comes. He walks back towards her and sees his friends missing. Goons try to misbehave with Swara. They hear bullet sound and hide. Shekhar and Sumi get down from bike and start searching her. Laksh is surprised to see Shekhar with Sumi. Goons tie back Swara and carry her. Shekhar and Sumi continue searching Swara. Goons pass just behind them holding knife on Swara’s neck and hide. Sumi cries telling she does not know where her daughter went. Laksh hears that and thinks where can she go when he released her. Shekhar says he feels there something else behind Swara missing. She says since he came back in her life, only wrong is happening and asks him to get out of her life. He forcefully makes her sit behind him and leaves in bike.

Laksh sees them going and thinks what is this new secret and where is guitarmati/Swara. Goons leave Swara and run fearing police. Laksh comes back to Swara’s place and does not find her. He starts searching her. Swara relaxes after goons run and thinks she should stop mom before she goes. She sees drum near her and kicks them. Laksh comes and frees her. Swara asks why is he here. Goons come and surround them. Laksh asks who are they. Swara says these men kidnapped her.

Precap: Daadima gathers neighbours, shouts and tells bengalan’s granddaughter will come with her boyfriend now. Just then, Lakhs comes carrying her. Neighbours talk he is marwadi’s granddaughter’s would be husband.

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    1. Yeah maybe ,…….but they know how bad laksh is ……and shekar is swaras dad …..so he isn’t going to agree !!!

  2. this show is unique…i luv this show

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