Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The judge says to Shekhar Mehta that he has to save that girl from hanging. Shekhar accepts that challenge. The judge says he won’t get anything for it, Shekhar says he is getting his daughter and that is what he wants. The judge hands him the file.
Ranveer says to Ritika that she will be hanged, she didn’t love him but he always did. She lied but his feelings were true. He can’t leave her sides, he tried every lawyer to save her but she… He gets up saying sorry to her, seeing her upset. She says she has to be sorry because he is in this situation because of him. She says he adopted her six months ago, they both are friends that are living together with two different problems. She says Ishaani is lucky to have him as a lover, but stupid that she couldn’t understand love. She holds his face saying he won’t cry any further. She feels pain in her stomach, he makes her sit there. She says the baby kicked her, he says excitedly that our child… then stops and says her child is going to come to the world. She says six months ago, this child was hers but she got so much love here that now she can say this is their child.
Shekhar comes and meets the daughter of judge, hugging her he says he will have to work for two days and then they will meet on date. She goes inside to meet dad. Shekhar calls Ishaani Parekh, and it begins to rain.
Sharman brings the family to a house, Baa wasn’t ready to come in. Baa asks where has she brought them, this house is like a hen’s cage. Falguni asks her to forget that house. Baa says she will call that place her house always, her son made that. They curse Falguni and her daughter for all their problems. Chaitali says she can’t as well live here. Falguni says they can’t afford anything else, and this is their life’s reality. Baa says had Ishaani taken divorce they would have been in better condition. Falguni says she won’t side her daughter, but she was innocent but Baa herself used to break Ishaani’s marriage with Ranveer. Sharman stops Baa and Falguni saying he is still alive to look for a job and leaves. Falguni thinks she will have to find some other place to live soon.
The lady inspector steals looks from Shekhar, as he was in jail. He says she was there in judge’s room yesterday, and asks to meet Ishaani Parekh. The lady inspector says that Ishaani doesn’t want to win the case, Shekhar says she wouldn’t have met a lawyer like him. The lady inspector says she doesn’t want to live, Shekhar says he won’t leave without meeting her. The inspector takes him to Ishaani. Shekhar calls from behind the bars, hello what’s up, how are you doing. Ishaani asks who. Shekhar says he has come to save her, she may say thanks with coffee later. He asks what she did, if she be truthful he can win her case in a day and he has a record of 100%. She tells him that he must know she has been convicted to death. He says death and life is in God’s hands, he hands her his business card. He asks she wants to die for someone else, if she wants to see him happy she must let him love and live herself as well. He says she isn’t a freedom fighter, people forgive her in two days, one must do something in life that makes is remembered. He asks why she killed her lover, why she wants to die, did she ever understand love. Ishaani says love gives you a new life and for that life you have to die once. Shekhar cheers what a dialogue, and asks to record it for once to be used on girls. He says if she really believes in love, why angry with love; why die. She says her life taught her to die and what problem he has when she herself wants to die; she doesn’t need a defence lawyer and asks the lady inspector to take him as she doesn’t want to speak to anyone. Shekhar turns to see lady inspector going away, he follows her. Ishaani says, when alone, she hasn’t forgotten living but she can’t see a scratch on her love. It was her because of whom RV and Chiraag developed enemity, because of her he died in fight, she can’t bear Ranveer suffer anything because of Chiraag; this is why she has forgotten life and this is why she is giving on his life.
Falguni meets Nitin in a market, he watches jewellery in her hand and asks how will she live like this selling her jewellery. She says she will do it till she is able to support her family. After her husband it is her duty, she is trying to keep everyone under one roof. He says this isn’t the way to run a house, she says she should also do a job. He says this way all her jewellery will end, she asks if he has another thing in mind. He asks her to move to his home as he lives alone.
Shekhar repeats the dialogue to judge’s daughter. She calls him romantic and asks if he can fulfil her papa’s challenge. He murmurs she is tough to handle. He hangs up and says he will only be able to win if she let him fight this case.

PRECAP: Ritika calls RV while he was driving. She was crying and says the baby isn’t moving, so he must come home. He promises to come back, while he was going to see Ishaani before hanging.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. still confused ….who will get ishani …..Rv or Shekhar …..

  2. y ishaani didn’t reponse anyone, she do too much irritating others…… Plz ishveer get them back soon, shekar mehra is really a gud nd funny guyz i love his attitude, next how ranveer express after ishaani realse from jail im waiting for RV exprsn

  3. y ishaani didn’t reponse anyone, she do too much irritating others…… Plz ishveer get them back soon, shekar mehra is really a gud nd funny guyz i love his attitude, next how ranveer express after ishaani release from jail im waiting for RV exprsn

  4. Hey rithika y u always holding ranveer face..wenever ranveer crying…shekar u rocking man….pls ishaani come soon out of the jail…same precap …

  5. who killed chirag? I wish ishani come out of the jail sekhar will help

  6. Hey b*t*h ritika this is only ur child nt rv’s..

  7. today episode bad……… Ishaani always iriitating all. She ignore shekhar words….. But this silent will give boost to shekhar…… He will do something…. He is really a intresting guy….. I like it…. Ranveer your ishaani will back soon…. And ranveer dont believe rithika….. She is drama queen…. She is a villian of your love story…. As soon as you will realize it…. Waiting for intresting episode

  8. Serial is going very very very slowly yr . .. .

  9. oh what is this……. Rithika why u create a drama infront of ranveeer……… I really hate u……. Iritating rithika, ranveer dont believe her words its all acting…..

  10. First of all ishani is looking awesome in the new title screen. Shikar is so smart . please save ishaani . feeling pity on ranveer he is like a man without life.please ishaani come soon for your aashiqui..

  11. stupid rithika…y r u so much ovract in front f rv..

  12. pls pls ishveer ko jaldi miladoo….
    feeling sad for both..
    ranveer u are awesome………..
    ur ashiqui is the real one.ur feeling & expressions make us cry

  13. I couldn’t watch it, but reading the summery I don’t want to watch it. I am sorry RV supporters now RV is the person irritates me most.he couldn’t read Ishaani’s eyes.Total strangers are helping her. That Ranveer Amba’s dikhra want to hug Ri and cry. Let him adopt Ri ‘s child. Ishani is stronger than him she will survive without him.
    Shikher go & teach Ishani to live for herself.
    RV transformed from aashiqui to crying baby infant of that Rithika.sooooo irritating yaar . He doesn’t do any other thing than hugging crying to Ri.He doesn’t deserve to be an aashiqui
    I am angry Ishani is selfless in love , RV is not.

  14. too boring. rithika killed chirag and now she blames ishaani in front of RV that she is a stupid for valuing his love. rithika real villain. if RV and ishaanis misunderstandings does not erase off within 2 weeks this serial is gonna be a disaster

  15. I wan’t ishveer bk ……if they show shekher & ishaani may be i’ll leave watching it

  16. well I just don,t know whether the misunderstanding between Ishaani or R V will end or not >becoz Ishaani will know about R.V’s marriage and will not meet him. I think the character of Ishaani must go to transformation instead of that selfless love over a confused issue.She should fight back all the odds and should be a succesfull women. Why don,t she thinks about her family else about her mother? how could she forget about her father’s affection ,how could she hurt her mother?

  17. It’s Shikhar guys not Shekhar

  18. The writers have just destroyed the character of R.V, he is by now a confused guy. He is stucked between his past and present>If he thinks that Ishaani cheated him then why he is bothering about her still? why can’t he move on. This ritika too irratating,if really she would some sort of self-respect then she would have never married R.V. And what about Amba? Can,t she see the pain of her son?

  19. Ritika killed Chirag …….
    Rol ov Ritika Will Villain Now ,,,, 🙁

  20. ya I also feel like Tht ritika killed Chirag as well her father also fo Ranvir.

  21. OMG why some one would kill own father? I don’t think so may be she is joined with chirag. May be they wanted RV to get caught for the murder. Because court room Ri looked confused. Now they may think that the crying baby RV will slowly die or become mad so they can get what they want. Even if Ri kill RV also Amba will be ok with it.

  22. soo many twist. ritika she was rv s bst frnd bt nw wife,or she called her child as their child??ishaani wanna save rv frm a biggest prblm bt wat is dat prblm??ishaani and rv nt d murdurr of chirag mehta den hu is real murdurr?? where is disha she cnt take her family along wid her ??

  23. Guys do any one see promo i m totly confused can any one clr it

  24. wt s hpng yaar????ths s nt luv frm my point if u luv a person truly u hv to fight fr him r her till death should nt sacrifice ur life nd luv.hurting ur luv s nt true luv.ths drama making me sick.nd ririka hw cn she say d word our child widot any guilt????wr s goridi nd shenaila?nd d most importnt point no1 went to see ishaani in ths past 6mnths?????????????rv’s character s getting worse day by day.if he luvs ishaani frm hs heart he cn read her mind well thn anyothers.nd also y ishaani doing all ths wn rv isnt d murderer of chirag?shikar should find out d murderer soon otherwise ths MATSH s going to b d most irritating drama.

  25. In today’s epi rv ll reach 3 min late to meet ishani for last time bcoz of that blo*dy Ritika , and there ll be a lady who has been hanged , and rv ll think that it was ishani , cry hardly , after that he ll see outside that ek dead body jlayi ja rhi h , and he think i’m sorry ishani , i couldn’t sv u ………i think today they ll nt show us that part in which shikhar saves ishani frm fansi , that part they ll show us later …….after that heartbroken rv ll go to home and ll be taking care of Ritika and thinks that everyone think that u r nt there , bt my heart says u r there in this world, then he senses presence of ishani at his home………………bt i think ishani ll nt meet him , bcoz she ll be knowing that rv married to Ritika , and ll behave strange there also , speak that she came fr her family nt fr him……….very sad , bt they will be together in sm days……

  26. please rv and ishani ko alag math naa karo they loves each other please know the truth rv

  27. Finally i dont know whether it is love or not this drama doesn’t show any thing other than sacrifice

  28. I dont knw wen ishveer ll b ll b better if they show sum intresting twist

  29. If we can not harm a child born from mother then how can we harm a egg?

  30. Omlet…eating eggs on occasions……..what is all this?had we ever thought that little chicks can be born from those eggs? :-=

  31. Rv dont’t kill chirag so who kill chirag umm i think Disha kill chirag & she want to blame RV boz she don’t RV

  32. This is what I think might happened. Ritika will call RV to come home and be with her cause she can’t feel the baby move and that is dangerous thing, for the baby and the mother. Then RV will turn around the car, and still think about Ishani death sentence being carried out. During this time Ishani will be hanged and then she will bury. But in reality, that didn’t happened, what really happened Shekhar will convince her that you should die, and let your family and RV think that you are dead. Meanwhile Sherkhar has taken Ishani to safe house and told her to change her clothes so on one will recogize her. Willingly she listen to him. On the other hand RV will never be the same man ever again, meaning that before Chirag murder Rv was a confidence secure stable man in his job and how to run his business and the same for his household. RV can never be that man , he dead cause Ishani love, don’t know if he will love the child that Ritika carrying . Maybe Shekhar will for in love Ishani, and keep her safe for a while. Much later Sherkar will tell Ishani the he was RV friend and at the same time he will tell her that RV got married to Ritika and they are having a baby, and maybe seeing that for her self, Ishani might close that chapter in her life , maybe Sherkhar will ask her to married him and she will said yes, and and live ahappt life with him. Hoping that Ishani mother will said yes and that she and her family will move in with her ex husband house and that alone will, full drama by itself. Peace out for now.

  33. the title of the serial is ranvir should love ishani ever and never but the director contradict it, why rv should marry rithika if he really loves ishani, if the theme of serial is missing ,if ishani comes out of jail what will be her position and what abt rirhika ,the serial should continue in different way but not in this way .

  34. Once Ishani is out from jail. ranveer will come back and i think thr love story will continue…. Ritika will be out from RV’s life… shekar will understand the love between Ishani & RV think so…… Ishani & RV emotional scenes are really heart touching………. Hope there both love will sucess very soon……..

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