Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rupali seeing Neil with Ragini on bed. Neil gets up and tries to confront her and asks Ragini what was she doing in his bed. She says she got ill, so dadaji asked her to sleep in his room. He asks then she should go home. Daadiji comes and hits him with stick. Neil introduces him to ruplli. Dadaaji asks where was he whole night. He says today is Rupali’s fast, so he was with her until she broke her fast. Dadaji says he wants him to become a big surgeon. Neil says he passed with first class marks from medical university and will become a big heart surgeon. Daadaji he wants him also to unite people’s heart and says he has seen his 20 girlfriend, but luckily Rupali stayed with him for 2 years. Once he leaves, he scolds Ragini that she must have filled daadaji’s ears. She says daadaji knows everything and she knows he had 12 girlfriend and wrote everything in his diary. e asks why did she read his diary. She says she is not interested in his life. Their fight continues. Rupali takes Neil down and asks who is this girl. He says she is daadaji’s nurse. She says he is very frustated with a girl for the first time and is acting as if she is his wife. He says he will never marry such an arrogant girl. Rupali leaves.

At breakfast table in the morning, daadaji asks Neil when will he start studying and says Ragini works for 4 hour, then attends collge, then 4 hours work again, then self-studies. Neil says she has not yet completed degree at all, but he completed it 8 years ago. Daadaji asks him to drop Ragini to college. He takes her down and says he is doing it for daadaji. She says she is not dying to go with him, but is just obeying Daadaji’s orders. She says daadaji is right about him. He says Dadaji loves him, so he scolds him, but he is sad that daadaji praises her wrong. He gets his another girlfriend’s call and asks her to meet in the evening. She calls Rupali and says he cannot meet her as he is stuck in an emergency. She says she knows he must be ditching her for his another girlfriend. He says he is not and says they can meet at dinner. Ragini asks how can he play with 2 girls and lies to them. Neil asks if she is his mother or grandma that she is ordering him. She says she is surprised how can any girl like him. He asks her to stop and asks her to go by bus. Ragini takes his diary out and thinks she will create a havoc in his life.

Neil goes to meet his girlfriend at a restaurant. Rupali also comes there and asks what is this girl doing here. He says he came to meet her and asks why did she come here before time. She says his secretary called her and informed about time change. He says he does not have secretary. He sees Ragini sitting on table and smiling and tells he knows she called them and he knows how to handle them. He goes to his girlfriends and tells something. They both leave. Ragini is surprised.

Ragini takes care of dadaji. Neil comes there. Ragini says she does not like him, but bot their weakness is daadaji. He says he is worried for daadaji as he is not responding to medicine. She asks him to go and finish his exams as daadaji wants him to become a cardiologist. He asks what about her. She says she can sacrifice her 1 year for dadaji and says she has only mom and naani at home, so she considers daadaji as his father and wants him to recover soon. He says he is happy seeing her concern for daadji. She asks him to go and finish his exams. Daadaji listens to their conversation.

Daadaji while reading geeta tells Ragini that he wants to read geeta with peaceful mind, but his mind is not calm, and asks if she will help him get moksh. She asks what should she do. He says his grandson is alone and is a free horse, she has to control him. He says people tell man cannot be controlled without a woman, and he wants her to control Neil. She asks him to not to worry, whenever Neil needs her, she will be there for him. He blesses her. Neil listens to their conversation silently, comes and hugs Daadaji and goes to his room.

Neil is at his hospital. He gets a call and rushes home back. He is shockedd to see Daadaji dead and starts crying vigorously. Ragini consoles him. After daadaji’s funeral, lawyer says as per daadaji’s will, he got 20 crores worth property but he will get it only if he marries Ragini Patel. He is shocked to hear that.

Precap: Lawyer tells Neil that Ragini transferred property back to his name and said she never expected anything from daadaji and even if Neil is the last man on earth, she will not marry him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I didn’t watch this serial for quite a time..con anyone tell me who is rupali?

  2. She just appeared in the last episode a girlfriend of nachi he tells his daughter that she is her mother. No details as yet u havent missed much

  3. rupali is nachiket’s gf and the mother of suhani

  4. But suhani was born after Neil’s and ragini’s marriage and the reason they divorced…. but here it’s before their marriage. N i assume suhani is the youngest. But who is arav ‘ s mother?

    1. Good point, Suhani is young. Unless Neil & Rupali hooked again after marriage. The other 4kids are Raginis’.

  5. Like to see neil and ragini’s sweet fight

  6. Where is Pam in this whole fb story? Doesn’t Dadaji give her some of the inheritance? or she is freeloader sister who came back to stay with Neil for his money?

  7. Love this story so mature

  8. heart healer karan

    why the title of show changed to ye kaisa anurodh

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