Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,vibhuti asks wat is special today and manmohan says tat he will not tell u and leaves and vibhuti says tat he has got him in to a query and vibhuti goes in and gets happy seeing anguri having tea he then asks how come she is here and she says tat she was here to meet anita and then says bye and leaves .vibhuti then asks anita tat y was anguri here and he speaks in Bhojpuri and anita asks y r u talking in Bhojpuri one night in dreams u were talking in Bhojpuri wat is wrong with u and vibhuti asks her tat y was she here and she looks tensed and anita tells tat today is anguris bday and vibhuti shouts in excitement and anita asks y r u getting so excited and she tells him tat manmohan has forgotten her bday and vibhuti sasy how could he forget he is such a bad husband and anita says tat u all men r same and leaves.
Anguri calls amaji and she wishes anguri happy birthday and amaji asks wat gift did manmohan gave u and she tells may be he has forgotten her bday and amaji asks her to give him phone and anguri says tat no today no one should remind him and she wants him to come and wishe her and anguri asks amaji did her husband also forgot her bday and amaji sasy yes and she has to be very harsh with him and make him remind and then by mistakenly the pot in her balcony fells down and she hungs up and leaves.
Vibhuti goes to a fl ower shop to buy flowers for anguri and the girl at flower shop ask him fr wat occasion for whom he wants the flowers for and vibhuti says for someone special and she gives the bunch of flowers and asks him to give more money and vibhuti says this is wrong u r blackmailing me and the girl at flower shop says tat may be some day ur wife would come her and then he gives her money and manmohan also comes there and both see each other and they think that they have remembered the birthday and they leave and go to their home
Manmohan is dancing and singing bday song and comes anguri and he says tat he was singing just like tat and anguri thinks tat may be he remembers her bday as manmohan gives her a rose and goes vibhuti enters his house with the bouquet in hand and anita comes she is talking to his friend on phone telling her tat mother in law is like a whole in the boat and vibhuti sees her and hides the bouquet in his shirt anita sees it and asks y is ur stomach looking so and he says tat last night u made chole and so now he has gasses and so his stomach is so full and then she goes and bring lime soda and in tat time vibhuti hides the bouquet under the chair and when anita comes back he says tat now he is ok and anita drinks the lime soda and leaves.
The door bell rangs and vibhuti opens the door its the delivery boy and vibhuti asks him tat u were a delivery boy and he says tat yes but now i have changed my job and gives him the box of cake and the boy asks to give him 500rs for cake and 500 rs for delivery charges and vibhuti says tat this is very costly he gives him and sees manmohan with the cake box too and comes near gate and asks him for whom is the cake for and manmohan says tat its like his bday whenever he feels eating cake its like his bday and vibhuti asks him his bday date and manmohan says its 1st april and vibhuti laughs at it and manmohan asks y have u bought cake and vibhuti lies tat its his grandfathers bday and both go inside their respective houses manmohan then says vibhuti is nuts as he does not remembers his wifes bdya and is celeberating grandfathers bday and comes anguri and ladu and ask him wat is he hiding and manmohan says nothing ladu asks wat is in the cake box and manmohan lies tat there are chappals in cake box and anguri asks y would someone keep chapals in cake box and manmohan says he keeps while ladu says tat cake is falling from the box and suddenly manmohan checks and says no there is nothing here and he leaves
Anguri than says to ladu tat she knows tat he will wish her and she is very lucky to have manmohan as her husband.

Vibhuti is hiding the gifts in a drawer and comes anita and asks him to open the doors and then he opens the drawer downwards and then anita asks to open the first drawer.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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