Swaragini 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shekhar says whatever happened, it is not Swara’s fault. He did not want Ragini to marry Laksh as she knows Ragini’s life will be ruined and he took Swara’s help. Daadima asks how can he take such a big decision. He says because he is Ragini’s dad. Daadaji slaps him and says if he is Ragini’s father, he is her grandpa and his decision will be final. Daadima asks how can he change so much that he went against his own family and Laksh coming in these benagalan’s black magic. Dida laughs and says Daadima that she gave her free entertainment, so she forgives her. She says at least after 20 years, Shekhar took truth’s side and says she is pushing Ragini into hell. Daadima yells that she does not have right to speak about her decision. Daadima and daadaji angrily walk into their home. Dida takes Swara in and asks sumi to come in. Sumi looks at Shekhar and goes in.

Laksh’s mom waits for him at his room. He asks why did not she sleep. She says she wants to talk to him and says his dad was praising him a lot and told about his muh boli behen/god sister and asks to bring her home once before her marriage. She says his dad is very strict, but loves him a lot. She says she will get food for him. He asks if papa loves him, he should agree to his one demand. She asks what is it. He says he does not want to marry Ragini and says Ragini is very good, but he does not want to commit anyone so soon at 24 years old. She says when she was 24 years old, she had 2 children. He says Ragini is too boring sanskari and not fun loving, she is not his type and when he went to meet her alone… She asks why did he meet her alone. He says he went to apologize her, she was just nodding yes. He needs a life partner who can walk wit him and not a puppet who will walk behind him like she walks behind papa. Maheshwari hears his conversation, gets in and slaps. He says he told him not to do mistake again, but he did not budge. He drags him down while mom still continues requesting him to forgive Laksh. He brings Laksh to hall. Laksh says he is telling truth. Dad asks him to keep his truth to himself. Chacha asks him to listen to Laksh once. Dad says he will not and says Laksh is spoilt brat Lucky and he wll not stay in this house now. He says he will show that he does not do injustice, he will punish like Sanskar and says whoever goes against his rules will be snatched of their rights and says Adarsh is his only son now. Laksh says he is telling truth, but Dad drags him out of house, pushes out and closes door. Mom cries where will her son go. Her bahu and devrani console her.

Swara sees Sumi sitting sadly and windows open. She asks Sumi to close windows. She goes to close windows. Swara sees Sumi and Shekhar’s younger days pics in book and keeps them back. Sumi asks if Dida slept. Swara says yes and asks what was she doing at mid night. Sumi says nothing. Window opens again. Swara goes to close it, sees Shekhar’s room light on and says Shekhar is so helpless that he cannot protect his own daughter. She is sure Daadima will come with sweet box and tell about Ragini’s marriage. She continues that Shekhar is not a good father. Sumi says he is not and he went against his parents to save her. Swara asks why he did not when it was her time. Sumi says situation was different that time. Swara asks if she is sad that Daadaji slapped Shekhar. Sumi says there is nothing like that. Swara asks if she still loves Shekhar. Sumi asks if she is not ashamed to ask this question to her mother. Swara says what is wrong if she asks if her mom loves her dad. Sumi says she should not question the issue which she does not know and asks her to leave her alone for some time. Once Swara leaves, she starts crying hugging book.

Ragini in her bed cries hugging her mom’s shawl. Shekhar comes to her room and says whatever happened downstairs.. She asks her not to talk about it and says she is fine. He asks if she is fine, then she would not have hugged her mom’s shawl. She says she feels her mom’s presence in this shawl. She asks if he loves her mom. Shekhar keeps silent, makes her sleep, and walks out of room. He sees Sumi’s room light on and thinks about her. Sumi also thinks about him. Swara looks her family childhood drawing and cries.

In the morning, Dida comes to Swara’s room and does not find her. She sees letter on table written for Sumi and gives it to Sumi. Sumi reads letter that until she gets her answer she will not come back home. Sumi and Dida get tensed. Dida sees Swara’s childhood family drawing and shows it to Sumi. Sumi sees it and tensely sits on chair.

Precap: Shekhar and Sumi reach near police station to complaint about Swara missing. Laksh is seen kidnapping Swara. Daadima taunts Dida that she will lose her remaining dignity becase of Swara and laughs. Suman on road is engrasped in thoughts when a car rushes towards her.

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