Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani asking Muskaan to get ready. Muskaan says yes, I m not getting my phone. She asks Naksh to help her in finding the phone. Naksh says I m busy now. She says when I go tomorrow, no one will make you work. Naksh asks will she go tomorrow. Muskaan says yes, I will go. Naksh asks her not to go, as Naman got Karishma at home, she can call Alok and stay in his room. Muskaan hugs him and smiles. Akshara says we should call Naksh and say we are here. The manager comes and says client is calling.

Muskaan sees her dresses and thinks which one to wear. Devyaani saks her to get ready. Muskaan says she is confused. Devyaani says your mum in law has sent this, so wear it. Muskaan says what about the one Karishma got, she can feel bad, its new designer one, I wish to wear this. Devyaani asks her to do what others want, as Alok’s mum has dreams with her, she can fulfill it. Muskaan thanks her. Devyaani says you look angel whatever you wear. She hugs Muskaan and smiles.

She sees the bangles and reminds how she used to wear her bangles. Naksh comes and hears them talking. Naksh asks why did she not say before, he will gift her bangles now. They laugh seeing him wear bangles. Naksh says he will show mum and goes. Muskaan asks Devyaani to make her wear bangles, she will be glad. Devyaani makes her wear bangles and hugs Muskaan, crying. Naman and Suresh come and sees them. Naman says dad, crying is fav pastime of ladies. Suresh says yes, they always cry. Muskaan asks don’t they cry and sees Suresh sad. Naman says please no one will cry now, if you are ready, come, I will do the photoshoot, but don’t come with crying face. He hugs her and she says I will come soon.

Alok’s mum talks to Rukmani and thanks her for making them stay. Rukmani says she is glad that she can help them. They see Alok has come and they do his haldi rasam. Rukmani thinks this should be done soon, then marriage will be in Akshara’s home and then Muskaan will go, and she will get free. Nandini looks on and Mohit asks why is she sad. Nandini says I don’t know, we have functions at both places, my heart is divided. He says you should go there, mum and I will manage here. She says mum will get alone here, what will people say. He says fine, don’t go, but talk to Muskaan once, else they can wait.

Muskaan is brought for the haldi ceremony and Jasmeet teases her. Dadi asks does she know the meaning of this rasam, that two people are getting colored by same love, so its called haldi rasam. Devyaani says the haldi did not come yet. Jasmeet says shall we call them. Rajshri says we will use our haldi. Bau ji says we will see outside work. Nandini calls Naman and talks to Muskaan saying she can’t come today, don’t get angry.

Nandini says I have to be here as I have duty here, I wanted to come there but you will understand this when you become bahu. She explains how they find balancing tough between bahu and daughter, but when she chooses to do bahu’s duty, their Maayka becomes proud. Muskaan thanks her for explaining it so well and she is feeling proud of her. Nandini says fine, make Akshara and Rashmi apply haldi from my side. Muskaan says Akshara did not come, we are waiting and asks her to enjoy Alok’s haldi function. Nandini asks her to enjoy and ends the call.

Bhabhimaa says I knew she will not come. Jasmeet records Muskaan and Muskaan waits for Akshara. Naksh says he will apply haldi. The haldi function is shown and everyone apply the haldi to her. Nandini comes and everyone gets glad. Muskaan says I thought you won’t come. Nandini says Alok’s mum has sent me with the haldi from their side. She applies the haldi. Akshara and Naitik come with Naira from office and join them to apply the haldi. Muskaan gets glad seeing them.

Akshara says this will brighten your life. Bhabhimaa says take her for bath. Bhabhimaa asks Dadda ji to wear the clothes, as baraat will come. Dadda ji says he will not go anywhere and he is irritated by the sound. She asks him to rest and she will sit. He says no need, you go, let me rest. Naitik sees Akshara looking stunning and compliments her. She smiles and he says my princess is also ready, looking cute. She says she got ready and Naira did potty. He changes Naira’s diaper and Akshara kisses him. The baraat comes and everyone smiles seeing it.

Muskaan gets ready and smiles hearing the band sound. Everyone dance. Karishma gives good news to Muskaan and says Alok has come on horse. Muskaan says you always tease me. Jasmeet says Alok is looking nice, her choice is nice and asks her to see him first so that she can control him after marriage. Karishma says they have to steal shoes. Jasmeet says I did not plan. Karishma says we can easily steal asAlok’s family does not have anyone to protect the shoes. Naitik sees his family waiting and asks them to come inside. Alok’s Tau ji says we will come, whats the hurry. Alok sees Naitik.

Everyone smile seeing Alok and Muskaan’s marriage. Rajshri sees Akshara and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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