Muh Boli Shaadi 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Muh Boli Shaadi 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anmol searching for Nikhil and calling on his number. She blames herself for taking him to church and wonders where did he go? She has to find out. Nikhil goes to the tea stall and shares his problem with the kaka. Kaka asks him not to feel low as everything will be alright. He asks not to think about people’s thinking. Anmol searches for him everywhere. Nikhil says I don’t know that Ashok will forgive me. I don’t know what to do. Kaka says problem will be solved. Anmol comes and says you said right. She greets Kaka. Nikhil asks why did you come here? If someone takes our photo then our reputation will be ruined. Anmol says she doesn’t care. She asks why didn’t you take my name. Nikhil says it’s ok Anmol.

Anmol says we have to do something. She says I will tell truth to my family. Nikhil says they will be hurt and insulted. I will think something. Anmol says we don’t have time to think. She asks him to come with her. The servant tells Neelam that Ratan Singh will be shocked to know that church girl was Anmol. Neelam says it will be fun. The servant says it means you sent Anmol knowingly. Neelam says Anmol may take wrong step and even can tell Ashok that she was with Nikhil. She says she will teach a lesson to Ratan Singh and Anmol, so that they can raise their hand again.

Ashok feels bad and says Nikhil betrayed me. Bua ji says someone might have done black magic. Seema and Sahil say someone must be provoke him. Bua ji asks him to talk to Nikhil once. Ashok refuses. Anmol comes to Ashok’s house. Everyone is shocked. Akhil asks why did you come here? Sahil says you might have come to sprinkle salt on our wounds. Anmol says I came to tell the truth to you. Can I come in. Nikhil enters then. Everyone is surprised to see him with Anmol. They walk inside together. Ashok says you are a girl and came to pandit’s house, that’s why I am not insulting you. She asks her to tell her version and go with the person, she brought with him. Anmol says I came here to inform you that the girl in the newspaper was none other than me. She keeps her head low. Buaji asks I said that she has done black magic on Nikhil. Ashok asks why did you take him to church. Anmol says I will tell, but don’t think us wrong.

Ashok says I will decide what is right or wrong? You just say. Anmol says actually we both love each other very much. Everyone is shocked. Ashok asks what did you say? Anmol looks at Nikhil. She says we love each other very much. She says we thought anyone can identify us in temple, so we went to church. I snatched the newspaper from Buaji in the morning. Akhil says it is a sin, bhaiyya and the enemy’s daughter in love. Ashok asks do you really love my son? Or it is a trick by your father. How can I trust you? Anmol says I am telling the truth. I can do anything for him. Ashok says your face is the mirror of your heart. I read your face. He asks Anmol to go. Anmol asks but Nikhil. Ashok says he will stay here, in this house. She asks her to leave. Anmol thanks him and tells bye to Nikhil. He nods bye. Anmol looks at Nikhil and leaves. Ashok smiles.

The servant tells Neelam that Anmol returned home and there was no drama at pandit’s house. Neelam says Anmol will tell the story. Neelam asks Anmol. She says Nikhil didn’t fight with me. Neelam says he might have thought that you are behind the conspiracy. Anmol says nothing had happened. Actually I took Nikhil to his home, and told everything to Ashok. Nidhi asks what did you speak to him. Anmol says she talked with love and he agreed. Pratap and Ratan Singh are shocked to hear her.

Nikhil apologizes to Ashok. Ashok asks him to get up and says your place is in my heart and hugs him smilingly. He shouts saying I accept this alliance. Everyone is shocked.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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