Swaragini 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laksh calls Swara, but she walks aimlessly recalling Laksh’s love confession and Ragini’s love for him. She cries and thinks of her words. Laksh cries and thinks of Swara’s words that she hates him. Swara comes home and calls Ragini. Sumi says she went to Laksh’s home. Swara looks shocked. Sumi asks did you talk to Durga Prasad. Swara says no, as she had some urgent work. She comes to Durga Prasad’s home. Laksh sees her coming and tries to talk to her. Swara says she will tell the truth to Ragini. Laksh says Ragini will leave from here, then what will happen to Sanskar. Swara says she can’t hurt her sister for Sanskar. Laksh says Sanskar tried to kill himself yesterday. Swara says she will tell the truth anyhow. Swara comes inside the house. Annapurna asks her to take prasad. Swara shouts for Ragini. Ragini comes and asks what happened? Annapurna asks what happened. Swara asks her to ask Laksh? Everyone gather there and look puzzled.

Ragini comes downstairs and asks Swara, what has happened? Swara asks her to promise not to feel hurt after hearing her. Ragini asks what is the matter? Swara says Laksh doesn’t love you. He doesn’t love you. Ragini is shocked. He lied to you, to save his brother. He accepted the alliance so that Dadi allows you to come here. She says he didn’t want to marry you. Ragini runs inside after hearing it. Swara shouts Ragini. Swara runs behind her. Ragini jumps from the balcony. It was Swara’s imagination. Annapurna asks her to have prasad and asks are you fine? Did you talk to Durga Prasad. Swara says no and apologizes. Annapurna asks her to talk to him whenever she is free. Ragini comes and looks happily. She asks did you talk to Kaka saa. She says everything will be fine. She asks her to look at Sanskar. Swara sees Sanskar with clean shaven look and tidy clothes. Annapurna calls Sujata. Sujata comes and sees Sanskar. She gets happy. He holds Ragini’s dupatta and comes downstairs.

Ragini makes him eat prasad. He says he is hungry. Ragini says she will serve food. Annapurna says I will pray to God that you talks to Durga prasad soon. We will be happy after Ragini becomes our bahu. Ragini makes Sanskar eat food with her hand. Sanskar goes to his room. Ram thanks Annapurna for supporting Sanskar. Annapurna says Sanskar is her son too. Swara tells Laksh that she couldn’t tell truth to Ragini as she is happy thinking her dreams have been fulfilled. She asks are you happy now. Laksh says he can’t be happy as she is not happy. Swara says Ragini will be hurt knowing the truth. She says you don’t anything to do with her feelings. Laksh holds her closer and says he loves her very much, but you don’t want to see my face. Didn’t I know how it feels? Swara says she don’t want to be his friend either. Laksh says everything is in God’s hands.

Swara says Mr. Laksh Maheshwari, I will never love you. She walks off. Sanskar sees Laksh and Swara talking and might have heard too. Ragini brings water for him. She says she has to go home, but will come back. She says your mum will come and make you eat. She asks shall I go? Sanskar shuts the door on her face. Ragini is surprised. Sanskar asks her to go. He recalls Laksh and Swara’s talk. He takes out his family photo from the album and gets emotional with teary eyes. Doctor tells that he have to see the reports to tell Sanskar’s condition. Sanskar comes there. He folds his hand and calls Annapurna maa. Annapurna says did you remember me? Sanskar says Ragini made him remember it. He asks her to get Laksh married to Ragini. Everyone looks on surprisingly. He says Ragini is his friend and will stay in the same house.

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Laksh comes to meet Swara and asks her to open the door. Annapurna comes to Durga Prasad and says she brought Sanskar with her. Durga Prasad asks her not to bring low class people. Sanskar runs and makes Durga Prasad falls mistakenly. Annapurna shouts Sanskar.

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    1. Nd i ht helly

  1. What did she do again oo pradishma??

  2. am confused was sanskar upset with ragini because he heard she luvs lucky and decided 2 get them married so that she can stay?he was really upset with her am confused?!HELP

  3. HOPE this track of lies, misunderstanding and confusion ends soon its starting to drain my energy

  4. OMG!!! i dont want this relationship of hatred between laksh and swara, not even swara and ragini………… feeling pity 4 all the 3 of them……….. poor RAGINI 🙁

  5. OMG………., sanskar is normal……….
    he is trying to seprate swara and lakash he is taking revenge.

  6. Confused..! And wat was d hidden photo? ..sanskar was looking….?!! totally confused. .!:( ab kya hoga?..is he really not mad….mujhe lagtha hai he is acting as mad..:/

  7. am also thinking d same thing sadaf

  8. Even I tink Sanskaar is taking revenge, i tink the pic he was luking into was his ex-gf, let what evr happen i want swara & laksh together, i really hate ragini she is so stupid…….!

    1. I totally agree wid u….

  9. Hi.
    Hmm…Pradishma isn’t that nandini & manik’s pic?

    1. Ya that’s manik and nandani’s (MaNan) pic

  10. Swara luks so sweet…

  11. nice episode… wowww ! laksh acting was superb…. like that… I think sanskar loves swara … he is frustrated by seeing swara and laksh toghether . thats y he ask his family to go on with the marriage of ragini and laksh … I think there is something interesting is hidden in the past of sanskar. I think its swara.. anyway poor laksh and ragini… but they both r nice pair…. interestingly and eagerly waiting for the coming episodes…..

  12. Maybe sanskaar thinks that if laksh will not marry ragini then she can’t stay there thats Why he is telling to get them both married but it will be wrong after knowing all truth he should help his brother not to be self-centered.

  13. poor lucky!plz don’t separate swara n lucky they r vry cute pair

  14. swara n laksh best couple

  15. I read in d news dat
    ragini n laksh gets
    married n when swara
    cums to stop d
    marriage, sanskar lifts
    her in his arms,drags
    her to d temple n puts sindur on swara n aftr few days swara bcums prgnnt wid sanskar’s child.

    1. is that Really going to happen if it happens then what bout laksh

    2. But when I saw their latest interview That laksh will tell swara that he truely loves her and can prove it then he stands in middle of the road and swara will save him from getting hit from a truck and

    3. But when I saw their latest interview That laksh will tell swara that he truely loves her and can prove it then he stands in middle of the road and swara will save him from getting hit from a truck and he will tell her that I kno that u trust me and ragini will see this and she will be walking in middle of the road and will have a accident and will be admitted 2 hospital then shekar n swara will rush to the hospital.

    4. am laughing my head off………..that will be interesting.the craziest twist ever.

  16. is it? Iska matlab he sanskar revenge lega. Maaza ayenge

  17. ya prads aftr ragini’s accidnt,swara wil force laksh to marry rags, bt c is in a dilema n wil try to stop d marriage again when sanskar intervens. I think he wil be villain

    1. Ya I also think that He’s villian

  18. o no nahi aisa mat karo. Me tood ke bikhar jayungi. Meine toh yeh bhi suna he ki ragini shadi ke baad laksh ka intention jaan payegi.

  19. its so rubbish. Swara wid sanskar . Yuck

  20. Lol lmao whooooops

  21. I love this serial for this suspense

  22. ye serial bilkul paglo ke liye he thoo my liya is waitin 4 me

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