Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with,vibhuti gets happy after knowing tat anguri is not pregnant tiwari asks vibhuti y r u getting so happy and then happu singh asks tiwari u were singing happy songs and anita says tat anguri told her tat she ate stale rice and so she vomited and amaji thought tat she is pregnant and vibhuti then laughs at it and then hapu singh says so when r u going to shift and tiwari asks anita is she shifting and anita says tat no I m not but vibhuti is shifting alone and give vibhuti a look.
Tiwari is seen plucking a mango from tree and he calls anguri she comes running like in a dream sequence and then tiwari gives the mango to anguri to eat and tiwari wakes up shouting and it was anguri who has bitten tiwaris hand considering it as mango she tells it to tiwari then says tat wat is the thing wit u anguri with the mango and she tells tat she loves mango a lot and especially Pratapgad mango and she then asks tiwari to ask tilu to bring pratapgad mango for her and tiwari says yes he knows it as once u ate amas cheeks considering it as mango she has marks on her cheeks and he then agress and they sleep while he keeps his hand aside as she might eat it again
Tiwari is reading news paper and bell rangs he asks anguri to open door its tilu at door he is irritated and asks tiwari to repair the bell u don’t give me salary atleast repair the bell and tiwari says ok ok I will do and then tilu asks anguri to give him a glass of hot milk with dry fruits and anguris goes in to bring and then tiwari asks tilu to go to pratapgad and bring mangoes from there for anguri while anguri comes with a glass of milk and gives to tilu but tiwari stops him and scolds anguri tat y does she serves other people and tilu then plays a trick and asks time to tiwari while he tilt his glass and gets all milk in another glass and drinks it while tiwari looks in a surprise and he gives money to tilu and asks him to go and bring the mangoes and tilu leaves
Anguri is watering plants and singing songs and she agin pours water on vibhutis face and then says sorry vibhuti says to her tat she really sings well and then he says a shayari and when she hears ‘aam’which is mango in hindi tells to vibhuti tat she loves mangoes the special one from pratapgad and vibhuti says tat he will bring for her and anguri says even tiwari is going to bring and vibhuti says tat I will bring for u first and anguri tells tat tiwari has send tilu to bring those mango from pratapgad.
Vibhuti then makes call to fruit vendors and they says he has to go to pratapgad and bring the mangoes and tilu must already have left and if I leave now it will take time and he thinks how should he bring the mangoes and comes in anita and she asks wat are u thinking and he says tat he was thinking about the common man and his problems and anita says tat even u r one of them jobless and vibhuti says tat he has a job and anita says tat job is useless and then anita says tat its mango season lets go out to have a mango milkshake and he says no I m not feeling well we will go later anita gets angry and says tat u always do this to me and next time i will tell u wen u wanna go out and she gets angry and leaves while vibhuti says who wants to go with u
That night tilu comes on a rickshaw and stops near tiwaris house vibhuti hides his face with a mask and sprays a perfume on tilus face and hits him and steals the box of mangoes tilu tears his mask and he is not able to see anything and then vibhuti looks at the rickshaw man and signals him to keep quiet steals the mango box and runs and tilu then shouts and calls tiwari and anguri and tiwari comes out he tells tat some one stole the mango box and anguri cries listening to this and then tiwari asks the rickshaw man did he see anyone and he just smiles and then tilu says my eyes are burning and u are worried of the mangoes and tiwari then asks him to stay at his house and takes him in he then asks tiwari to take his bag while the rickshaw man gives a chit to tiwari and its written to pay money
Next day tilu still cant see anything and anguri serves him with breakfast and tilu says tat he cant see anything and then asks anguri tat please feed as his sister and anguri agrees and feeds him samosa tiwari comes and sees this and then asks tilu cant u see yet and he says yes I cant see u give me my 6 month slary and then tiwari picks up a samosa and says going away tat now I know and throws tat samosa towards tilu and says catch him and he actually catches it and anguri also gets angry and then tiwari asks him wat did u see about the thief and tilu says tat he really could not see anything but yes he remember his perfume and vibhuti comes in and hears this hiding behind a bush and tilu says tat he can smell the perfume right now and vibhuti says tat shit this tilu remembers the smell like a dog and I am applying the same perfume now.

Happu singh is enquiring to vibhuti where was he when the mangoes were stolen and vibhuti says tat he was romancing his wife and then vibhuti is seen closing doors and he says tat no one will ever know where the mangoes are.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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