Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya asks Gopi how can she be in 3 places at a time. Gopi says it is true she was in America and wanted to return for Rashi. Vidya pushes her and asks her to stop lying. Kokila asks why is she misbehaving wit her mom. Vidya says she knows her truth now. Gopi asks what truth. Vidya says one they are hiding from 10 years. She says when her passport has expired 8 years ago, how can she go to America or any other country. She personally verified her passport and says she used to think all these 10 years why her mama left her and she used to hate her. When she came back to her life, she could not show any emotion to her as everyone here loves you. Tough she could not be a good wife and daughter, she was a good bahu, sister and bhabhi, so she kept quiet. Everyone here prays her, but she is the most cunning and selfish woman. Kokila asks her to stop.

Gopi says she is mistaken and asks Tolu/molu even if they think their badi ma is selfish. Molu asks her to keep away from them. Gopi says Kokila something happened to kids and asks Tolu/molu what did she do that they are hating her now. Molu says they always believed her more than their mother, but today they realized they were wrong. Tolu asks why did they all hide such a big truth. Gopi asks what did she do. Vidya says she killed Radha aunty as she loved papa and wanted to marry her. She continues her hurling that Radha was not bad, but she was and forced her to make mistakes to become great.

Kokila asks how dare she is to shout at Gopi without knowing the truth. Vidya says she read the contract documents and asks if Gopi was not wrong, why did she make Radha sign child custody contract and kill her after that. She gives Radha’s letter to Gopi and says she read news on net that Gopi killed Radha. She even went to Indore jail. Ahem is shocked and asks why did they go there. Vidya says even jailer did not give them info. She then went to hospital where doctor told that Radha was repeatedly stabbed by trishul by her sister and asks how can anybody kill so ruthlessly.

Vidya says everyone gave her some name, but today she will give her real name. She says she is a murderer who killed her own sister with trishul ruthlessly. She repeates she is a blood murderer.

Kokila says Vidya she is thinking wrong. Vidya asks whom to believe then. Ahem asks her to stop. She says he also lied since 10 years and even now he will. She shooks Gopi and asks why did she kill her own sister. Meera says she knew she is a cheater, but know knows she is a murderer. She feels guilty that she is born by a murderer. Vidya says she always heard negative about her, but she used to miss her. She continuously repeats that she is ashamed of herself that her mother is Gopi. Meera asks her to forget it. Tolu says there is no use now and says how can Gopi be so ruthless. Meera says Gopi is not worth it as she is a monster.

Kokila shouts to stop and says all the decisions taken on half knowledge is wrong. She says Gopi is an example of motherhood. She continues that children make mistake, but they have crossed limit. She wanted Gopi to speak, but she will not as she spent her whole life for children.

Precap: Kokila says she will tell truth now and they will all listen to it.

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  7. meera wasn’t so young that after ten years she can’t remember anything..ten years ago,she was about ten years old..she used to hate radha bcz of her wrong practically, we can remember our childhood even after 80/90 years also..i think her memory is so weak…

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