Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharad asking Yuvraaj not to worry. The man asks him to join the wires and power will come. Yuvraaj asks Sharad am I over thinking. Suhani asks Ramesh to call everyone. She lights a candle and gets hurt in darkness. The power comes. Yuvraaj comes to her. Yuvraaj confronts Suhani for all this happenings. He shuts the door and asks did she do this. He says mum saved her a lot, now she will tell the truth to him. He sees her foot hurt. He says if Dadi or Rags know this, they will think she came back to trouble them. She applies savlon to her foot and asks her to relax, its not a big wound. She asks does she feel the same that she came back to trouble them. He says no, but I know you have stolen the safe and cut the electricity line, but don’t know why. He does the aid and goes to wash the hands.

She says I admit I did all this. She asks why. She says you don’t know how much Saxena did loss for us, if you don’t do anything, it will be more worse, I have checked company accounts, its all complicated. He asks what will be solved if you hide the safe. She says she wants to make them realize what can happen in future, they can’t control the situation by hiring a manager. He says fine, lets think of something else.

He opens the door and says its your room too, I did not ask you to leave, its your choice. She says I will see mum and leaves. Menka and Rags see her leaving and asks why is she acting to be away from Yuvraaj. Rags says I m worried about business. Pratima says our plan is working Suhani. Suhani says he wants to solve this by some way, but he does not wish to work.

Yuvraaj tells Saurabh that they need some senior man, not any manager. Rags asks him to hurry up else bank will fire Pankaj from his job. Suhani says he is experienced and can get job anywhere. They all dine. Dadi says Suhani is thinking a lot. Yuvraaj says no, she is thinking right, she does not understand the need to hire a manager, as she has always worked hard. Menka says shall we make Suhani’s dad a manager. Yuvraaj says we should hire an expert.

Suhani says I have an idea, when big businessman fall in trouble and can’t do anything, then he sells his company to others. Dadi gets angry and asks her to stop this nonsense, she can’t sell her husband’s company. Suhani says its in loss, if anyone buys it, he will work hard as it will be his company. Dadi asks her to leave. Suhani asks whats they problem to sell, why will anyone work. Dadi says we will pay him. Suhani says and also a chance to dupe us, as we can’t work. Dadi scolds her and leaves. Yuvraaj signs no.

Yuvraaj, Saurabh check some files and Anuj look on. Yuvraaj says we don’t know any CEO. Anuj says if we sell company. Yuvraaj says if we sell, our financial problem will be solved. He says then we will not need any manager. Anuj says but who will talk to Dadi. They look at Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj goes to Dadi and sees her looking at Dada ji’s pic. She asks him not to defend Suhani, she will not listen. He says I did not come to defend, she has a right to say.

Dadi says she is not my bahu. He says but her dad is guarantor, he can lose everything, if he did not help us, what would have happened, forget them and think of benefit if we sell the company. She asks does he feel we should sell it. He nods and says we don’t have any option. She asks is he sure. He says no, but we can clear loans and get free. She says fine, keep the auction tomorrow. Suhani hears this and is shocked. She says they will sell it but not work, its limit.

Soumya tells Krishna that she will go for interview. He gives her money for auto fare. She thanks him. Lalita comes and makes her eat sugar and curd. Krishna smiles being surprised. Soumya happily gets Lalita’s blessings. Lalita blesses them and smiles. Krishna takes Soumya. Rakhi asks Lalita why is being sweet to Soumya. Lalita says she can benefit from Soumya’s job and asks her to keep a fast for her job. Pratima worries seeing no one serious for the business. She says even Yuvraaj’s dad worked hard for this business and no one cares. Suhani says we will not lose, either they will win or us. She says I won’t let anything happen to this house.

She asks Yuvraaj to say how did Birla company started. He asks why is she asking suddenly. She asks the motive behind this company, Dada ji would have told you. He says I was very young when he died, maybe Saurabh knows and asks him. Saurabh says Dada ji did not say, but he had a cycle which was special for him. Dadi says everything started by that cycle. Yuvraaj asks what. Dadi says he was salesman in beauty company and cycle was given to him as his first promotion, and then my dad said yes to him for our marriage.

Dadi says everyone gets happy with promotion, but he got sad. He asks why. She says he wanted promotion, but not cycle, he used to get money and saved it by walking, he bought a ring for me by that saving. Suhani says how did he make this big Birla company. Dadi says our marriage got fixed and I wanted a special lipstick, everything was costly and I could not buy, he wanted to get free sample for me, but my dad scolded him for his low status, he promised me that he will create a big company of beauty products, that I will never need to buy anything from market. She cries and leaves.

Suhani says Dada ji used to love Dadi a lot, he did so much to keep his promise. Menka says will we get items for free or we have to buy, after selling the company. Yuvraaj thinks.

Suhani does the bidding of the company in auction. Dadi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ok this friggin show needs to come to and end now because it’s story have strayed….they writers are making all the birla people looking like a retard and like what the hell,,,only suhani is the only intelligent one to save the family.?…u making them birla boys looks like dumb fools…..come on man…we have watch somya bullyshit how many days…..its time to bring yuvraj and suhani together and get on with some romance…they poor girl ain’t get nothing since marriage.

    1. then dont watch, it is serials dont get invloved so much,

  2. Dadi’s past are not very emotional.but it was interesting.i think the serial is getting little boring.that’s y ,only less are posting their comments.also romantic scenes r less.but i like this serial.

  3. I feel they need some more twist.becaz they are sticked to one subject.this is disgusting.

  4. I think i will not post my comments again.becaz show is not interesting.bye

  5. This is not fair they wil sell their property bt won’t do work,what upbringing did u give to them dadi?atleast couldn’t u do this wel!

  6. Even dadis husband was a low status person and she loved him so why can’t she accept suhani even she is a low statues girl I mean now that dadi is rich she is making suhani feel bad cuz she’s of a low status family well dadi don’t forget that even your husband was a low status person

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