Swaragini 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Adarsh informs Annapurna that Sanskar is alive. She asks what are you saying? Adarsh says Laksh called and informed him. Annapurna is happy. Ragini serves food to Sanskar. Sujata cries seeing him. Dida asks her to be happy as God has made meet her son. Sujata says look at his condition. Dida says she might have got some shock. Swara sees him eating fast and asks him to eat slowly. Sanskar gets violent. Ragini explains to him and makes him eat food. Dida says Ragini is taking care of him very well. Sujata looks on. Ragini washes his hand and wipes with cloth. Sujata asks Ragini to tell him to hug her. She says she wants to assure herself that her son is alive. Ragini tells Sanskar that Sujata is his mum and asks to hug her. Sanskar says she is not my mum, but a bad woman. Ragini asks him to hug Sujata for her sake. Sanskar asks will you be with me forever. Ragini looks at everyone present there and nods yes. Sanskar agrees to hug his mum. Sujata hugs him and cries aloud. Ragini sees Sanskar holding her dupatta. Everyone looks on. Sujata tries to make Sanskar remember her. Ragini tells Sanskar that Laksh is his brother. Laksh gets emotional and hugs him.

Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand tightly. She asks him to go with Laksh and Sujata to their house. Sanskar refuses to go with them. Durga Prasad refuses to let Sanskar enter his house. Ram asks why? Durga Prasad says I am happy that he is alive and fine, but he can’t come because of his past deeds. Annapurna says she wants him back home. Durga Prasad asks her to go and meet him, but outside the house. He says he can’t forgive Sanskar. Laksh cries. Swara comes to him. Laksh says he doesn’t know what to say. Swara says I am here, you can talk whenever you wants. Laksh thanks her. Swara says no thanks and no sorry in friendship. Laksh tells that Sanskar used to call him Lucky. He says Papa threw him out of the house because……just then they hear Ram calling Sanskar.

Ram, Annapurna, Adarsh and his wife come to see Sanskar. Sanskar hides his face seeing them. Annapurna says I am your mum. Sanskar jumps on the dinning table and goes to Ragini. He hides his face and asks her to save him. Utara asks why is he doing this? Ram asks what happened to him? Dadi maa says your son is mad. She says Dida is bigger mad than him. Shekhar asks her to mind her tongue. Dadi maa says why he is after my daughter. Sujata thanks Dadi maa for taking care for their son. Ram says we can’t take him home. Adarsh says Papa refused to let Sanskar in the house. Sujata gets angry and asks why? Dadi maa says Maheshwari family’s runaway members take shelter in her house. Annapurna promises Sujata that Sanskar will come to their house. She thanks Dadi and other for keeping sanskar in their house. She asks everyone to stay there and says she will go and convince Durga Prasad.

Ragini tells Sanskar that they are his family members and will not let anything happen to him. She asks will you go with them. Sanskar refuses and rushes to the room. Everyone asks him to open the door. Durga Prasad sees Sanskar’s photo in his room. Annapurna asks why you are fighting with yourself. She says your son has come back. He is part of our family. Durga Prasad is emotional and says he can’t permit him to stay in his house. Annapurna asks when you can forgive Laksh, then why can’t you forgive Sanskar. Durga prasad says his decision is final. Annapurna says Sanskar will come here, and if you stop then I will leave this house for forever. Durga Prasad is shaken up and asks will you go against me. He reminds her of Sanskar’s doing. Annapurna says she remembers, but they got their child back. She says they should not refuse God’s blessings. Durga Prasad says you are saying the same thing. Annapurna says she will not keep quiet this time. Durga Prasad says you thought I was wrong, but I refuses. I won’t bend down. You have taken your decision and I have taken mine. Annapurna looks on.

Swara informs Ragini that Laksh has started liking her(Ragini). Ragini is shocked. Dadi maa refuses to let Ragini go to Maheshwari house. She asks her to call Durga Prasad and make him rub his nose on her feet.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. What’s done by writers of swaragini? they make a handsome and cute guy mad! what’s this…………

    1. No something terrible has happened to him so he is in shock .

  3. How can tell this to ragini Without knowing whole thing.

  4. uff swara is it necessary to talk to ragini at tis situation?alrdy dadi s creating a big prblm. wat ws the need to talk abt tis to ragini.tis wil create a huge misunderstanding

  5. swara is really mad

  6. SWARA doesnt love lakshey

  7. mmh…with this precap i think couples will exchange swara might fall 4 sanskar and ragini is for lucky…………….lucky’s love for swara is one sided too

  8. What ever it is, i really hope Laksh and Swara will end up together!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ya its obvious They will end up together

      1. not really

  9. U stupid MA Where is 12 may update if don’t want to update then let others to update u took too much time blo*dy idiot u f**k MA

    1. Ya where is 12 may episode

  10. Where is 12 may update??

  11. please update may 12th episode

  12. Whats wrong even matsh written update came yesterday but what about swaragini its the limit

  13. Have u all read the spoiler laksh is getting engage to ragini..

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