Reporters 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Reporters 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananya and Sunny come back to studio. Sunny asks how will they get 5 lakhs. Ananya says usually some budget is kept for these kind of operations and says she will speak to Kabeer and will save Mahi.

Malvika comes out fuming and asks staff who make Kabeer questionnaire and yells that because of them, their channel is #2. Kabeer comes out. Malvika shows him questionnaire and tells staff she wants the culprit in her cabin in 5 min, else everyone will be fired. Khalid meets Kabeer and kabeer says someone got his whole life on a single paper. Khalid asks who must the culprit. Kabeer says soon they will know and walks into his cabin. Khalid walks out laughing and tells staff that he filled his questionnaire and says today one person will be out. Rohan tells Ananya he does not want to resign. Ananya says she will accept the blame. Sunny says we all will resign and open a new channel.

Kabeer tells Malvika that Manav is the culprit as he is jealous of him seeing him in her home and even wrote their relationship question in questionnaire. Kabeer comes to reporters and asks who made this question and he is enjoying. Malvika angrily walks out, throws paper on his face and asks him to stop getting jealous on Kabeer and concentrate on his work. Peon tells he did not tell anyone that he asked to distribute printouts. Manav gets irked. Kabeer tells Manav he is not angry or jealous on him. Richa tells Ananya that she entered 100 prints instead of 10. Peon informs that Kabeer called her in office.

Ananya enters Kabeer’s cabin who says he knows she or everyone made this questionnaire and since is also in opion poll’s favor, he wants her to bring all the papers and sends out. Ananya informs her friends that Kabeer wants papers. Trisha and Sunny ask her not to give thier papers. Ronnie gives his paper and says Kabeer is very smart and used this questionnaire against Manav. Ananya’s khabri calls her and asks if she arranged money. She says a scam happened here and she cannot ask Kabeer monetary help.

Ananya collects papers from everyone. Kabeer looks at her, calls his khabri and tells he punished Manav and realized he cannot walk out with his past.

Trisha tells Ananya Trisha wrote yes to every question and wrote kabeer married twice as he has 2 ring marks on finger. Ananya gets khabri Tinu’s call. She asks Sunny to pick and Tinu informs him that he bargained news for 2 lakhs instead of 5 and asks him not to lose this news. Sunny informs Ananya about this. Kabeer tels Ananya even he has filled out questions and asks him to include his paper in everyone’s. She takes paper and rushes to washroom to read it. She gets happy seeing all her answers matching her answers and thinks she rightly told Kabeer that she knows him well.

Sunny informs Ananya that Tinu informed drug peddler agreed for 2 lakhs instead of 5 and wants money by evening. Ananya says she will speak to Kabeer and enters his cabin. Kabeer says he knew she made this questionnaire and he is happy that she is thinking as a good reporter. She gets Tinu’s call again who informs that peddler is giving their news to someone else in 2 hours. Kabeer asks if it was her khabri Tinu’s call. She says yes and informs him about model Mahi’s news lead, but needs 2 lakhs for it. He says he will approve 2 lakhs but needs Mahi by 9 p.m. Ananya agrees and happily walks out. Kabeer then calls his khabri and asks to follow Ananya.

Kabeer gives his end of episode moral gyaan.

Precap: Khalid tells Kabeer and Malvika that KKN will be on #1 position. Ananya comes and informs that Mahi’s news was false.

Update Credit to: MA

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