Piya Rangrezz 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Piya Rangrezz 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhavri gets happy seeing a girl child born in village and asks her servants to serve alcohol in whole city. Everyone chant her name. She sees inspector and asks if he came back again for money. He says she saw her in village, so he came to wish her. She says when he has come, he should transport 10-12 alchol boxes to her godown via his jeep. He hesitates and says it is govt jeep. She says he happily carries barrels for his party in his jeep, then why not now. He agrees hesitantly.

Bhavri’s servant tells why she increased her gift money from 100 rs bundle to 500 rs bundle to villagers. Bhavri asks why is she jealous and says villagers can die for her just on her one order, then why should not she. She asks how was her trip. Servant says she could not enjoy at all as she called her back soon. Bhavri asks if she is her servant instead and asks her to just obey her orders. She gets a call and angrily tells her saasi/MIL is coming back.

Shraddha is busy in kitchen preparing food. She gets her papa’s call, gets tensed and runs out.

Sher sees Sumer and asks why don’t he write a love letter directly. He asks what does he mean. He says Vikas was telling he will use Gajra and collect debt completely. Sumer gets angry and holds Vikas’s collar and asks how dare he is to badmouth about Gajra. Vikas says he did not and asks who told it. Sher laughs and says people go mad in love and says Sumer just was testing him. Vikas angril says Sher he stopped him on time, else he would have killed Sumer. Sher slaps him and says just he is his brother, Sumer is also his brother and would like him fight with him. Vikas gets irked.

Shraddha enters Bhavri’s room. Bhavri says already her day is bad and she showed her inauspicious face. She says her saas is coming. Shraddha says her dad called and informed that daadi’s condition is critical. Bhavri says she warned her not to speak to her parents and asks her to go and prepare food for her husband. Shraddha says she will not prepare food and wants to go to her parent’s house. Bhavri says she will not go anywhere. Shraddha says her daadi is taking her last breath. Bhavri asks why is she making her life tough and says let her daadi die as her days are over, but she should not die behind her. She warns her again to go and prepare food. Puppet servant says thakurayan/Bhavri is telling right, saasural is woman’s house after marriage and not parent’s.

Vikas murmurs himself that Sher did wrong by slapping and insulting him. Maama asks what is he doing. Vikas says he does not want to listen to him and asks him to go. Maama says he is running behind change money instead of treasure. Vikas says he will not tolerate Sher’s misbehavior again. Mama slaps him and asks him not to ruin his plan. Vikas asks if he wants him to ge insulted by an orphan. Maama says why he wants to leave his treasure for orphan and says when he accepts Bhavri’s slaps, why can’t he. Vikas says he will not tolerate Sher’s misbehavior again. Mama yells he will ruin all his life’s plan.

Sher gets ready and asks Shraddha not to touch his cupboard and gun. He sees her tensed and asks her not to give bad news. She says her dad called and informed that daadi’s condition is critical, so she wants his permission to go. He says it is between his mom and her and he cannot interfere. He says without his mom’s permission, even a leaf cannot shake, but she agrees to his words, so he may take her, but why should he help her. She says her daadi is very critical and he should understand. He says his daadi is coming and she gets angry if she does not see him, so he suggests her to elope while his amma gets busy serving daadi. He says she should come back soon before amma sees and punishes her.

Shraddha calls her dad and tells a alot of guests have come and she has to take care of them, so she cannot come. She cuts call saying someone is at door and she will call him later. She turns back, sees Gajra crying and asks why is she crying. Gajra says she heard all her words and remembered her mom, her mom was calling her for lunch, but she ignored her and went to play with friend, and when she came back, her mom had died. If she had returned hearing her mom’s request, she would have seen her mom alive and she will never forgive herself for this. Shraddha gives her water. Gajra drinks and says it was very cold. Shraddha smiles. Gajra apologizes her for telling her sad story. Shraddha asks her to go and clean rooms as guests are coming. She reminisces Sher’s suggestion to elope, but not get caught by amma

Precap: Shraddha tries to elope in truck hiding between bags. Sher stops truck and asks Sumer to open bags and show it to Daadi. Sumer is shocked to see Shraddha between bags.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nice epi.poor shradha

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