Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 90


Need to write this in non caps. I just wanted to let you know that I will be ending this FF at chapter 100. I hope you all understand and don’t get mad. It’s been so amazing! I’ve already planned a great twisted ending. I hope you’ll enjoy it when the time comes. There will be a big surprise for when I reach 100. I love you all very much and just wanted to say thank you! So… THANK YOU!

Part 90:

It was breakfast time, everyone was done eating apart from Meghna and Naina who were feeding the babies. After they were fed they went into the living area and started playing with Sanjana , Nirmala and Dadaji. Sandhya and NK had started to work in the study. Arjun was having a lie in.
Meghna and Naina sat down to eat but their husbands came to serve them.
Meghna: Now this is something you don’t see everyday.
Naina: I hope to get used to it.

Karan: Don’t think you will but maybe every now and then.
Kunal: I’ll always be here!
Karan: Of course.
They finished eating and just sat there.

Arjun came down.
Arjun: Good Morning guys.

Kunal&Meghna&Karan&Naina: Good Morning.
Arjun started eating get his breakfast and saw the four looking at the babies and Sanjana
Arjun: What are you guys staring at?
Kunal: Sanjana is good with the kids.
Naina: I guess it’s because she’s almost one of them.
Karan: That’s not a bad thing, is it?
Meghna: Not at all. Chiku?
Naina: Yes Di?
Meghna: Did you call Aman yet?

Naina: I tried before breakfast.
Karan: You should try once more now.
Arjun: I don’t think you should mention Sanjana though.
Meghna: Arjuns right, mentioning Sanjana will cause him to stress before he gets here.
Kunal: He’s a busy man and what is something happens while he’s driving or eating, not that it will.

Karan: What can’t risk him being indifferent about the whole situation.
Naina: Alright, I’ll just call him to come over lunch because we all miss him.
Arjun: Yeah, that’s a good idea.
Naina called and the spoke to Aman. She hung up the phone.
Naina: He’ll be here in a few hours.
Meghna: Now we wait.

It was almost lunch time, Meghna and Naina were getting everything ready whilst Nirmala was upstairs with Sanjana. The rest of the family were downstairs in the living area.
Aman walked in.
Aman: Hello everyone.
He took the elders blessings.
Dadaji: It’s very good to see you again Aman.

Sandhya: You’ve been a busy man.
Aman: I have, and it’s really great seeing you all, especially you Dadaji.
Kunal, Karan and Arjun shook hands Aman.
Aman: Where is Auntie?
Nirmala walked down the stairs.
Nirmala: I’m here betaa.
Aman got up and took her blessings.

Nirmala: How have you been?
Aman: Really good Auntie, how about you.
Nirmala: I’ve been good too.
Meghna and Naina saw Aman and walked to him.
Naina: Hi Aman.
Aman: Hey Naina, hi Meghu Di.
Meghna: Hi Aman, how’s everything going?
Aman: Going great.

Nirmala: Girls, she’s ready.
Naina: Thank you Maa.
Meghna: We’ll go and get her.
Aman walked standing thee confused.
Nirmala: Let’s go and take a seat Aman.
Aman smiled: Sure.

NK had left the living area. Meghna and Naina walked downstairs with Sanjana between them.
Aman felt a shiver run down his spine. He tried dismissing it but it was too cold. The hairs on his arms had raised and he didn’t know what was happening. He shook his head to get his senses back but nothing. Then he looked up at the stairs to see Meghna and Naina along with her. His love. His life.
Aman: Sanju?

Her name escaped his mouth in a slight whisper, if that.
He stood up from where he was sitting and so did everyone else, they all exchanged look and we’re happy.
Aman didn’t know what to feel.

She looked so angelic in his eyes. Her eyes were soft, her braid was loose and framed her face so well.
Aman walked to them ever so slowly. Meghna and Naina were walking along with Sanjana until they stopped. Aman was only a feet away from her.
Aman: Sanju.
Sanjana smiled: You’re my prince.
She lifted her hand and touched his cheek.

Naina: He’s your prince Sanju.
Sanjana: He looks just like prince charming.
Meghna: He does.
Aman didn’t know what to say or do.
Sanjana let go of his face and then held his hand then turned to Meghna.
Sanjana: Didi I’m hungry, can you give me and my prince some food?
Meghna: Of course I can.

Sanjana walked to the dining table holding get Aman. He didn’t say anything instead just sat with her and ate. The rest of the family apart from NK were sitting at the dining table but Naina had gotten up and gone to NK rooms.
She knocked on the door.
NK: Naina? Come in
Naina walked in.
NK: Take a seat.

Naina: Papa, I’m sorry.
She folded her hands.
NK: No, Naina…
Naina: Papa, please let me finish. I was being very rude and didn’t show you respect yesterday.
NK walked to Naina and held her hands to put them down.
NK: Choti Bahu, you were right about what you said. I should’ve told you about it and we shouldn’t hVery hid it from you.
Naina: Papa, I was out of line yesterday.

NK: It was just a misunderstanding.
Naina: I was rude to everyone but everything is fine now.
NK patted Nainas head.
NK: Everything is fine, now you need to focus on Sanjana and get her better again.
Naina took NKs blessings.
Naina: I will Papa.
Meghna was standing outside with a tray of food. She heard everything and she was happy all was well. She knocked.
Meghna: Aman I disturbing father and daughter moment?
NK smiled: No, you’ve just come to complete it.
Naina smiled.

Meghna smiled and placed the tray of the food on the table.
Meghna: I brought both of your food here.
Naina: How did you know that I’d eat here?
Meghna: You’re my little sister.
NK: Of course you’d know but why don’t join us?
Meghna: I would love to but they’ll need me downstairs.

Naina: Have you eaten?
Meghna: Not yet, I’ll leave you guys to eat. Call me if you need anything.
NK: We’re fine, you to and eat.
Meghna left the room and she stood outside, watched them both start to eat.
Meghna: Thank you for everything you’ve given us.
She said whilst looking up.

They were all eating and then Meghna came to them.
Karan: You’re here.
Arjjn: Finally.
Meghna: Sorry, what was it you needed?
She walked to then and started locking up some bowls of food.
Arjun: We didn’t need anything.
Karan: We need you to sit here.

Karan held Meghnas hand and made her sit next to Kunal.
Meghna: Aree…
Arjun: Today we’ll serve you, you’ve been walking here and there so just take a seat and eat.
Arjun gave Meghna a plate.
Kunal: The Queen has the right servants doesn’t she?
Meghna poked Kunals arm.
Meghna: I’m not queen and they’re no servants. They’re my lovely Devars.

She said while placing a hand on Karan and Arjuns cheek.
Aman: So that’s how you guys get Meghu Di on your side, by serving her.
Kunal and Aman high fived.
Meghan glared at Aman who was laughing but stopped as he saw Meghnas eyes burn a whole into his head.
Aman: Sorry.
Meghna: That’s right, be quiet and eat your food.
Kunal: Bechara.

Meghna then looked at Kunal with the same eyes.
Kunal: This gorgeous eyes have no affect on me, you should know that by now.
Sandhya: Oh, no romancing during lunch.
Nirmala: Yeah, we’re all trying to eat.
Meghna smiled and took a spoonful of food from Kunals plate and was about to feed him but ate it for herself.
Kunal smirked and Meghna winked at him.
Kunal: Uf.
He said in a low voice but Dadaji was watching them and decided to trade his grandson.
Dadaji: Kya Uf?
Everyone started laughing and Kunal just smiled.
Dadaji: Eat your food, you can romance later.

Kunal: Oh Dadu!
Dadaji: I know and see everything.
Kunal: Of course Dadu.
Meghna looked at Dadaji who was smiling at his grandson.

Once everyone finished lunch they all went to the living area and started talking. Aman was observing Sanjana.
Karan: Do you want to know how we found her?
Aman: I don’t know if I want to, just knowing she’s here is enough.
Naina: Aman, you know she’s not how she was.

Aman: I know, but it still doesn’t change anything.
Dadaji: Betaa, it’s important you find out what happened to her.
Nirmala: Maybe that way it will be easier for you and her.
Kunal, Meghna, Naina and Karan exchanged looks.
Kunal explained to Aman about how he and Meghna found her.

Naina: We were thinking we’d get information from the hospital.
Meghna: Yeah, that way we can see what really happened and how we can get our old Sanju back.
Sandhya: That sounds like a great idea.
Karan: Bhai, we should go now shouldn’t we.
Kunal: That sounds good.
Aman: I want to go as well.
Karan: Are you sure?

Aman: I want to go.
Kunal: That’s fine, let’s go.
Meghna: Let us know if you find out anything important.
Kunal: We will.
The three men left.
Arjun: I hope that find out what happened to her.
Dadaji: I’m sure they will.

So sorry for any grammatical errors! You know how I am! Thank you! Love you! Hope you have an amazing day! ❤?❤?❤

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