Destiny-Kaira OS part two

Hey guys, this is the second part of this os, technically this may not be a os, but it is not a ff either. Also I want to add clothing links that the character are wearing but I don’t know how to do that so please help me by commenting it below. Let’s get started
Recap: Kartik entered the college and met his friend Arjun.
He told Arjun about his life while Arjun told about the college. Gayu, a flirty diva girl talks to Kartik. He sees a beautiful girl and ask Gayu if she can tell about her to him. Gayu, though annoyed tells him about that girl.

Kartik ran quickly to follow that girl, but couldn’t find her. He saw the time and saw that it was almost his first lecture time so he went in. After two hours his class finished and he met Arjun near the cafe.
Kartik: Arjun let’s eat I am so hungry.
Arjun: yea sure let’s go eat something and I have two hours lunch break so let’s talk as well.
They went to order food and came to a table with their lunch.
Arjun: Boy what happened why are you smiling.
Kartik: i am in love, my boy.
Arjun: kya, love, kyon ladhki se?
Kartik: Naira, Naira Singhania.❤️❤️❤️
Arjun spat all of the water out being shocked. ??
Arjun: WHAT? Are you serious? I thought you were mingling with Gayu, but what happened now that you are in love with Naira?
Kartik: but I don’t know that much about her, Gayu said that she only talks to you and she hates love. By the way, how come she only talks to you?
Arjun: we are childhood friends. I know her since she was five so I know her since the last 19 years.
Kartik: why didn’t you mention her before?
Arjun: Kartik I know her since 19 years, meaning she is my best best best friend. I know you sing 10 years meaning you are my beat beat friend. I know everything about her life, which I wish I could tell you but I can’t because I don’t want to break her trust.?
Kartik: does she have a boyfriend?
Arjun: ( he became serious) Kartik, don’t bother her, she has gone through so much, Arjun gets a call and tell the voice that I am coming.
Kartik: dude where are going leaving me alone?
Arjun: yaar, its ,y girlfriend Jhanvi, she is going to her cousins’ house in Sri Lanka, so I am dropping her off to the airport.
Kartik: ok but be back before end of the day, we will hang out.
Arjun I will be back in 30 mins
After eating lunch, Kartik was roaming her the college when his eyes caught something. He got really happy.
Kartik walking towards her said hi.
She was Naira.

She kept walking with her earphones on her ears and without paying attention. Kartik knew that she was not listening to music and decided to get the earphones out of her ears, but before he could do so a soft but hard hand stopped him. It was Naira.
Naira: what you doing haan? What do you think you are doing? Are blind not to see that I don’t care that you are talking to me. From now on don’t you dare touch me or talk to me. She said with attitude and anger. She started walking away but Kartik kept following her.
Kartik: I know that you won’t talk to me, but I am bored so I will talk to you. Well, I am Kartik, Kartik Goenka and you are Naira, right. Anyways, I am new here and when I saw you today I forgot about my surroundings.
He expected her to speak up, but she didn’t and she kept walking and sat at a bench.
Kartik: my friend Arjun told me that you are his best best best friend and you guys know each other from the time you were five. He is also my best best friend, just one best less from you, he said while sitting next to her.
A smile came to her face and Kartik saw that. He was blown away just by her tiniest smile. Naira turned towards him still with that smile and waved to him.
Kartik waved her and said, I been with you since 30 minutes and you are just waving right now.
Naira annoyed: do you think I am waving at you, I am waving at Jhanvi and Arjun.
Kartik: Arjun? I thought he was dropping Jhansi at the airport?
Naira: Looks like he lied to you, she said smirking.
Arjun and Jhanvi came toward them, Jhanvi hugged Naira
Jhanvi: Naira I am going to Sri Lanka for couple of weeks and thought to go after meeting you and Kartik. Hi Kartik, I am Jhanvi, Arjun’s girlfriend. I was leaving but I decided to see you before I left because Arjun talked about you.
Kartik: hi, it’s nice to meet you, for a second I thought I was being lied to?
They talked for a while and Arjun and Jhanvi left.
Naira and Kartik both got up and when she started walking away something pulled her back. Her hair got stuck in Kartik’s zipper.
Kabira started playing in the background while Naira was getting her hair out.
Kartik kept looking at her thinking that she was an angel.
Background song stopped.
Naira started walking away, but Kartik didn’t want her to go.
Kartik: I heard that you have attitude which might be true as said by Gayu.
Naira turned around, she had a question in her face.
Naira: Who told you? With attitude
Kartik: Gayu, she told me things about you.
Naira she started sweating and getting scared, Kartik noticed that.
Naira: What did she tell you?(still sweating)
Kartik: Everything about you.
Naira: if she told you that much, she must told you about her self as well, she said sweating. Tears filled her eyes, and she started running away.
Kartik didn’t know what to do and he cussed him for making her cry. He wanted answers about Naira, her life, her attitude, and why she ran away when he said he knew everything about her. He knew that Arjun knew the answer and he will get the answer from him.
Later it was 3 pm( I don’t know what 3 pm is in India’s time.
Arjun came after his class and was waiting for Kartik as he came out of his class.
Kartik: Arjun let’s go to a park or somewhere I need to ask you something.
They both respectively drove their car to the car.
Arjun: yea tell me and why are you sweating?
Kartik told hime about his talk with Naira.
Kartik: When I told Naira about Gayu and that I knew Everything about her she ran away, I know that you know everything about her so please tell me. Tuje meri kasam.
Arjun: No, I can’t

Kartik: please Arjun, I feel like I can help her.
Arjun: ok I will tell you. Me and Naira both went to schools together when we grew up. Naira, my best friend was never like this, destiny made her like this. You said about Gayu right? Naira is Gayu’s cousin.(Kartik became shocked) they are poles apart. Gayu is Naira’s dad’s sister’s daughter. They are first cousin. When Gayu and Naira were 13, Gayu’s parent died in a car accident. Naira’s parents adopted Gayu and Gayu started living with them. Even after things went bad, the sisters were still together. It was our last year in High School, we were a year away from getting our high school Diploma.( diploma is what you get when you graduate high school in America). Then a boy came into their lives when they were 18. His name was Rohan. During the last high school year Rohan and Naira started dating each other. Naira made Rohan and her family meet each other. Even I was invited, but I knew everything that they were together. Her parents told her that it may be quick. Naira told her parents that Rohan and she are just getting to know each other. They will slowly learn about each other, but she wanted them to know who she was dating. She told them if destiny has marriage for them, they will get married, but only after graduating college. We all joined college and during our second semester, a storm came into her life. Everyone knew about each other secrets but no one knew about Gayu’s. No one knew that Gayu hated Naira since her parents death. Someone had given evidence to Gayu after her parents death that Naira was the cause for their death. She faked loving her sister for 7 years. Rohan,Naira, Gayu, and I had all gone to a park during the summer. The park was not far from this college and in fact it was closer to Naira’s house. I had gone to get things from the car when things happened badly. Rohan raped Naira, and Gayu watched it happily, she had gotten her revenge. That time I came back, but didn’t saw Naira and went looking for her. I saw Rohan and Gayu kissing and talking Naira that it was their plan to make her life hell. I ran towards Naira to hug her but she backed out being scared. I wrapped my jacket around her, but she was killed. She was emotionally killed by her boyfriend who she had given her life in and her sister. She was just crying and crying about the betrayal. I confronted Gayu about her behavior and she told me not to talk between “two sisters”. Rohan and Gayu told Naira how dumb she was to not think and trust everyone easily. Gayu and Rohan both left running away in Rohan bike. I picked Naira up and laid her in the car and grabbed the camera. The camera which had the truth, I had left the camera to record our fun day but it recorded storm. I drove to Singhania’s mansion while lifting Naira. Her family members got shocked to see her state. They told me to tell what happened but I was just crying that I wasn’t able to help my best friend. The doctors checked her and Naira woke up couple hours later. We were all in the living room when we heard sound from her room. We ran and found the door locked. Nakash, her brother and I somehow managed to open the door. We Were shocked to see the scene, she was about to suicide, she was about to leave us. We all brought her down but she was just crying no one was able to stop her.Naira kept screaming, my destiny, dreams, trust all broke. Her family broke down seeing her like that and took him to the hall to ask what happened.
Flashback conversation:all were crying
National: Arjun, what happened to Naira, what happened to her, he said crying.
Arjun: Uncle, woh, who..
Akshara: Arjun tell us please our angel is breaking down. While crying
Tara -Nakash: Speak up, please, while crying
Arjun: woh…while crying
Akshara: Woh kya, much toh bolo, crying
Arjun: Hamri…hamri…..Na….ira…. wa…as.. r…aapp..ed..she was raped, Arjun said while breaking down
Everyone got shocked, WHAT, hamri Naira
Arjun: ji, and I couldn’t save my best friend I couldn’t save her from the storm
Nakash: Kis neh kiya,,, mere behen ke saath aisa.
Tara: Arjun speak up, please please speak up.
Arjun got up and held the camera towards Nakash, this has the answer.
Akshara: camera
Arjun: me and NAira had decided to surprise everyone by showing our friendship bond but this happened. I saw half of it when I came back towards the park. I curse myself for leaving Naira alone and going to get food from the car.
The family watched the video and got shocked. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing and hearing. Suddenly a loud noise came and they all saw Naira falling from the stairs.
Natik: betaaaa
Naira was just crying and crying while the rest of the family was crying with her.
Naira::: me….ra… kismaat, rishta, every…….thing….. brokeee….. she said crying and sobbing.
Tara consoling Naira, shhhh, Naira don’t worry,
Tara and Nakash and Arjun were filled with anger towards Gayu.
Suddenly Gayu came inside the house.
Everyone were shocked when they saw Gayu’s clothes messed up.
Nakash in fit of anger slapped Gayu and slapped her.
Gayu: bro what was this for and what happened to Naira, she said acting concerned.
Tara: you killed her you killed the sister who loved you the most, trusted you the most, and cared for you the most. Rohan might have raped her but you killed her.
Gayu: bhabhi what are you saying, she said crying, you only see Naira’s pain, but you don’t know the truth
Nakash: what do you mean, getting angry
Gayu: I was raped too, and the person in I front of you guys. How can you believe what he said, didn’t he tell you what really happened. Arjun raped me.
Flashback conversation ends
Kartik was crying he was known as the person who never cries p, but this made him cry.
Kartik: then what happened?
Arjun: Gayu blamed me for raping her. Nakash and Tara bhabhi knew that she was lying, but rest of the family believed her when she showed a fake video. Naira was shocked by seeing her family not believing her about Gayu making the plan. They believed that Rohan rapped her but didn’t believe that Gayu was the mastermind. They yelled at me for rapping Gayu. Naira told them but no one seemed to believe Naira and me expect Nakash and bhabhi. Naira hates love she will never trust anyone and will not repeat her mistakes. She lives in the same house, bit it is not he HOME. She has family, but they are not HERS. She is alive, but she is DEAD.
Kartik: I will help her I will help her to win her parents back, I will help her live life like she used to.
Arjun: she grew to be so matured that she never tells her brother and sister in law about what Gayu does at college. She is strong and has overcome a lot. We will help her. All these years, she started her life again, but I know that she is still living in the present.
Kartik: our mission

A month passed by Kartik has fallen in love with Naira, but now he is just trying to help her. Naira smiles more, she hangs out with Kartik more than before. She hangs with Arjun, Jhanvi, and Kartik, and smiles when she is with them.( Jhanvi know everything since she went to high school with them. Naira played Cupid before her accident for Arjun and Jhanvi.) Kartik wants to propose Naira, but he doesn’t know if he should. He likes like a lot more than a lot.

This is the second part of the os. I am not against Kanchi Singh at all. I actually had this story in my mind since a long time. Gayu was in the between so I just decided to give her a negative role. I am sorry if I hurt kanchi Singh fans.

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      I think akshara and natik should support naira

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