kya Humare Beech Kuch Hai (Episode 1)

I’m different..No Those things happening in my life were different. I can’t beleive dis..I’m here only because of my lil devil(My Bro Aarav)

Me and my brother brought up from an orphanage..
After finishing my studies i got a we shifted hear.
My devil just now finished his fifth grade..
He can’t walk properly…he needs to use his stick.
He doesn’t like when everyone shows sympathy on him.

So he always used to torture everyone so that no one could see his ill.
But my lil devil doesn’t know that i knew his trick..i too don’t lyk if anyone shows extra care on him..just because he can’t walk properly it doesn’t mean he is something different..he could do everything like us..
So i will always be sure that i won’t make him to feel different. Aur mein bhi usse hamesha torture karungi..

its gone too long about lil devil intro..
Now its my turn

Heroine of this love story.
Myself Khushi..
Everyone would say that i am looking good..whenever i need to travel i wil always set my hair into pony tail.
Wearing my fav pink chudi..
And hand full of bangles which perfectly matched chudi..

U all would have seen heroine introductions like with cloudy sky..children playing with the bubbles..a pleasant background music..lekin myself got stuck in the traffic.instead of pleasant music..i was hearing cars and bikes horn sounds… only bcoz of my devil….
How could i even hear his words..but i hve to do it..
I’m here without knowing wat will happen to my life..

Arey ladki jaavo na..its green now
Sorry sorry bhaiya…chalthi hu
(I’m in traffic signal..finally reached the park..)

I seated myself in the bench which is located in corner of the park. now i could clearly watch what is happening in the opposite side..

It was eve 4.30. almost all the children in the street were came here to play..And uncles and aunts were with their friends..
I don’t know much about uncles..but m sure aunts will gossips about their neighbours, series actors, etc..
But i’m here in this park to decide my life, my love

My love
Love at first sight

Whenever i say the word my intuition wil always says it won’t work baby..

My love

Ya i’m in love..Love wid Arnav..Model hai voh..
We all have crush mostly on actors/ actresses
i too got some feelings lyk dat
Arnav acted in so many ads, and one series..and also hosting the shows..
I fell in love wid him by watching his series..

Few days back

Aaru kam karona volume..
Aarav my lil devil..

Dii mein nahi..chachi is watching the serial. Rivan ke serial..
Payal chachi, living next to our house..she likes us very much,.and she shows more affection on azaad than me.
Her husband died in an accident..and she has one son aakash bhaiya..and he is living with his family somewhere in the south side of india.
So most of the tym chachi wil be always with us..
Payal chachi ka hobby hai serial dekhna..
Subha se shaam thak saari serials dekhenge voh..

So its tym 7.oo clock.
Now its tym for Arnav’s serial.
Name of the serial is “pyar karo na mujse” (love me)

I usually come to home by 6 or 6.30

Chachi mujhe boss ke saath phone call meeting hai
Toh pls volume kam kijiye

Haan hello , sir
Ek min

(After few mins)

Kya hua di, didn’t you speak with boss?
No, he postponed the meeting..
Kya ab thak kadham nahi hua is serial ne
Not yet di..
Yaha, baito will see rivan together..
rivan..Arnav’s character name.

Series started by showing heroine zoya..wearing lehenga..and she looked like newly married girl..
But she was not so happy in that..rivaan entered the room and asked her whether she is ready?
Zoya began to scold u ruined my i am supposed to be wid my love..but u completely ruined that.. i hate u , i hate u…and she fell on the bed and began to cry by hiding her face with the pillow..
(I need to tell this..that was an awesome room..Fully black themed room…Walls were in black colour..
Bed with chote chote pilllows..i loved that)

Now its ad break
I am i asked
Payal chachi kya hua isko
And she said full story…
As usual heroine doesn’t like hero.. and she loves someone else..only bcoz of their parents decision rivan and zoya got to married each other.. And our hero rivan loved zoya so much..zoya planned to elope wid her boyfriend..but that doesn’t as a twist they got married..

And now serial got started..
They are doing some rituals for the bride..and rivan was standing next to her.
I began to see rivan..cute eyes..he had dimple when he used to smile..
Yes that was a love at first sight for me..i didn’t see anywhere only watching rivaann

And now there is a precap..rivan saying
Zoya i will definitely make your love to be success.. i won’t let you to be sad..

Finally that was the character of rivaan.. he could do anything for his loved ones.. even he could make her love lyf successful..and thats the one i loved so much on rivaan..
Maybe i don’t know how arnav would be in real then..
But i started to love him by that character..
I started a research on him..lyk his name (actually i thought his real name would be rivaan), d.o.b, where he is living..fb id, twitter id etc etc..

So i made all of these and began to follow his fb page…

(My love life begins)

Precap: Arnav_actor sent u a msg.. i widely opened my mouth????..and checked my mail twice???

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