Swabhiman-Meghnal & Nairan FF- Chapter 71

Heeeey guys! The short yet long wait is over! Hope you enjoy this next part?! You guys are really sweet and kind?! Most of you guessed what will happen and I just hope you like how I’ve written it! ?

Part 71:
It was Wednesday morning. Kunal woke up from sleep when he didn’t find Meghna by his side. He slowly pulled himself up and saw the baby cots empty. He looked at the clock on his beside table and it read 8:05 am, there was a note there as well.
“Good Morning, the twins have gone to the park with the rest of the family. I’m doing some chores and didn’t want to wake you. See you when you get up, Topper. X”
Kunal smiled and then got onto his wheelchair slowly and then freshened up. He left the room and wheeled into the leaving room when he saw the workers cleaning, they were hoovering and dusting.
Kunal: Strange.
He said to himself.
He was wheeling on but was stopped by the obstacle in front of him, he looked up and then saw Meghna praying at the Mandir. She had her saree pallu on her head, her hands folded and eyes shut as she prayed. Kunal admired her and then something caught his eye. She was standing right under the chandelier and it was moving.
Kunals heart was beating fast.
Kunal: Meghna!!
She shouted on the top of his lungs.

Meghna heard but she kept her eyes closed.
Meghna (mind) I’m sorry Kunal, I have to get you to walk again.

Kunal: Meghna!
He looked around and tried to reach for something and get her attention but nothing was in his reach. The chandelier was moving more and more.
Kunal: Meghnaaaa!
Kunal rushed off his wheelchair jumped over the obstacle of bags in front of him, he ran to Meghna and held her. He kept her head on his chest and rolled her over, making them both fall.
The chandelier stopped moving and the noise also stopped.
Kunal was on top of Meghna.
Meghna cupped Kunals face: Kunal!
Kunal looked at Meghna who had tears in her eyes.
Kunal: You’re okay right?
Meghna nodded her head yes.
Meghna: I’m so sorry!
Kunal: For what?
Meghna pointed up at the Chandelier and Kunal tuned and looked up, the Chandelier was perfectly fine.
Kunal: But…
Kunal sat up on the floor and held Meghna up.
Karan, Naina and Arjun walked to them, followed by Dadaji, NK, Nirmala and Sandhya who came with the twins.
Kunal: What is going on?
Dadaji: Badi Bahu had a plan for you to walk again.
Sandhya: She put herself in danger in front of you.
NK: Because she knew you’d try to get her out of the danger.
Nirmala: And it worked.

Kunal: You mean?
Karan: Sorry Bhai, Naina, Arjun and myself were doing that to the chandelier.
Kunal looked at Meghna.
Kunal: You scared me.
Meghna held onto her ears: I’m sorry.
Kunal smiled at his cute wife and held her hands away from her ears.
Kunal: You brought me back.
Dadaji: She did.
Naina: So Jeeju, show us what you’ve got.
Kunal slowly got up without any help and then held Meghna up.
Nirmala hugged her son.
Kunal: It’s okay Mom, I’m fine.
Nirmala: I know, I’m so happy.
Arjun: We really are, now that you’ve bounced back into your old self your babies are waiting for you.
The babies walked to Kunal and he picked them both up.
Kunal: Hey Champ and Princess.
Naina smiled and went to her sister and gave her a hug.
Naina: Everything is perfect Di!
Meghna: It’s because I had you with me Chiku.
Naina: I’m always going to be here Di, always right behind you.
Meghna nodded no and held her sisters hand: Not behind me, right beside me!
They smiled at each other and everyone looked at the sisters lovingly.

The whole day went smoothly, things were getting better. Nirmala was sitting with her 3 sons and her two grandchildren. NK and Sandhya were also sat there talking and playing with the twins.
Nainna watched from a distance admiring them.
Dadaji looked at Naina and stood with her.
Dadaji: Choti Bahu?
Naina: Dadu, is there something you need?
Dadaji: Yes.
Naina: Tell me Dadu and I’ll get it right away!
She said with a smile on her face.
Dadaji: I want another great grandchild.
Naina blushed.
Dadaji laughed: When you’re ready of course Choti Bahu, I know you’re young and you have your whole life ahead of you. I know you and Karan love each other a lot and I pray for a lifetime of happiness for you two.

Naina took Dadajis blessings.
Dadaji: Live a long and happy life dear.
With that Dadaji walked away and to the rest of them in the living area.
Naina thought about having children.
Naina: Maybe soon Dadu.
Meghna walked behind Naina and nudged her our of her her thoughts.
Meghna: What are you thinking about?
Naina: Nothing Di, just about having children.
Meghna smiled at her sister.
Naina: I don’t know when the right time will be and when I’ll be ready.
Meghna: You’ll feel it Chiku, right there.
She pointed at her heart.
Meghna: It will feel warm and fuzzy and it’s just the best feeling.
Naina: Thank you Di.
Meghna: Anytime.
The two stood leaning against each other and looking back at the family they had feeling happy and blessed.

It was 9pm, Kunal and Meghna were back to their room and had put the twins to sleep.
Kunal: I think I’ll check the camera now and see if there’s anYthing new.
Meghna: Yeah, good idea.
They sat and turned the laptop on, Kunal loaded the footage when they spotted Akshay walking to the camera picking it up and throwing it causing it to turn off. Kunal and Meghna exchanged looks.
Kunal: We need to call Karan and Naina.
Meghan texted the couple to come to their room.
Karan: What’s going on?
Meghna: You need to take a look.
Naina and Karan sat down and watched the tape, they were left shocked and confused.
Naina: He saw the camera?
Karan: But how? I put it carefully away and hidden.
Meghna: What did you put it under?
Karan: Someone books.
Kunal: Let’s replay it.
Kunal played the tape and they all noticed Akshay was angry and he was swiping it off the table.
Meghna: He doesn’t know about it.
Naina: He was just throwing it off the table along with other things on the table out of anger.
Karan: Phew, I thought I made a mistake.
Kunal: That’s a first.
Naina: What now?
Karan: Now that this is broken down we need to fit another one?
Kunal: We’ll have to.
Meghna: How the same way as last time? I don’t think we can risk it.
Arjun: I know a way.
The for looked at the door and saw Arjun standing there.
Meghna: Come in Arjun.
Kunal: Arjun, you okay?
Arjun: I’m fine.

Karan: What’s your idea yaar?
Arjun: It’s Arohis birthday on Saturday and her dad’s holding a big party.
Naina: We sneak in there?
Arjun: Yeah, I’ll get an invitation off of someone.
Karan: Good idea but we can’t go as ourselves can we?
Kunal: That will be a problem.
Meghna: This calls for another disguise.
Naina: Yay!
Meghna and Naina high fived while Kunal and Karan sighed heavily in disappointment.
Arjun: There’s a theme to the party.
Kunal: Please don’t tell me it’s Disney Princess and Princes.
Arjun smiled: Wow, well done Kunal Bhai.
Kunal: Great(!)
Karan: Yeah, just what we needed(!)
Naina: It won’t be that bad!
Meghna: Yeah, lighten up!


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