Oberois Memories – Part 15

Sahil and Rudra sit down beside each other.

SahilRudra- Poor Shivika.

Sahil- They both love each other.

Rudra- But cannot express their feelings.

Sahil- Lets help them

Meanwhile out by the pool.

Anika is decorating the poolside with flowers and lights,and Shivaay was on the phone.

Shivaay- What? Sorry, I can’t do that Mishra ji.


Shivaay- But I can’t speak …


Shivaay- Why? Can he not just speak English, like normal people do.


Shivaay- Yes. I know its a big deal.


Shivaay gets mad and is about to throw is phone when someone stops him.

That’s right it’s our Anika.

Anika- I don’t know if it means anything do you but those cost money, and it takes effort to earn money. So stop wasting money and effort. Instead of getting angry share your worries.

Shivaay- It’s just… we have a deal with a Spanish colleague but unfortunately they only speak Spanish and little English.

Anika- That’s it(she starts laughing)

Shivaay- You’re saying it like you know Spanish, Sorry that just came out.How would you know Spanish when you can’t even speak English properly.

Anika- En realidad, conozco tales Español( Actually I can speak spanish)

Shivaay- Stop with your weird Hindi words

Anika-No that’s spanish. I KNOW SPANISH, you duffer.

Shivaay- That’s amazing Anika. ( he picks her up and spins her around. He then realises what he dones and the drops her) Uhh… sorry.

Anika- It’s fine.

Shivaay- Wait I need to know Spanish and you know Spanish, please help me.

Anika- Your asking a middle class girls help. Wow.

Shivaay- (sacastically) ha ha very funny.Wait a minute, how do you know Spanish?

Anika- Ask no questions, tell no lies.

Shivaay- (laughing) okayy..

After an hour of Anika trying to teach Shivaay.

Anika- Hola!(Hi)


Anika-Como te llamas(How are you?)

Shivaay- Me llamo perro(I am dog)

Anika starts laughing.

Shivaay- what?

Anika- Instead of saying Me llamo Shivaay you say I am dog.

Shivaay- But you’ve been muttering estupido perro(stupid dog)Wait have you been calling me a dog for the whole day.

Anika- Maybe. I’m sorry.

Shivaay- Thank you for apologising.

Anika- I should of called you cat.

Shivaay- You!!

Shivaay is chasing Anika around the room.

Rudra and Sahil walk in to see Anika and Shivaay laughing.

Rudra- They needed no plan to get close to each other,

Sahil- they just needed time.

Souyma appears.

Souyma- Come on Rudra, we are 15 minutes late for work experience.

Rudra(wining)- But I don’t want to go to work experience.Please. It will be boring.

Souyma drags Rudra.

Scene changes to a place(it will be revealed later on)

Souyma- Wait until you meet them, they are adorable.

Souyma opens the door and they are roughly 20 kids waiting for them.

Rudra took one glance and could tell they weren’t normal kids they were extraordinary . A boy came over to Rudra.

Boy- Woah! Your biceps are soo big. I wish I had some like those too.

Rudra- Thanks and if you work out too, someday your biceps will be as big as mine.

Boy- I can’t exactly work out. My legs don’t work. That’s why I’m in a wheelchair.

Rudra- Have you watched the paralympics. Nothing stops them so nothing should stop you.

He looks again at all the children, they weren’t as lucky as him. They all had something which made it difficult for them to do normal activities and they were still smiling. He then looked at the board saying Hospital- Pediatric Physiotherapy session.

They was a physician helping a half-paralysed girl to move but she was in pain, she was crying and Rudra couldn’t take that. He stepped outside and no-one noticed that except for Souyma.

Outside the clinic

Souyma- What’s up Rudra.

Rudra- Children shouldn’t suffer, they should be happy, they should have no worries. I can’t see them suffer or anyone else.

Souyma- Listen Rudra, I know its hard, but if you start crying what will the kids think. You need to be strong, for the kids Rudra.

Rudra- I want to help

Souyma- Just do what you are best are. Making people laugh.

Rudra automatically smilled and went back inside. He started dancing and making all the children laugh, then he started to tell stories and he made them do the Konga. Souyma was doing all the girls make up and then fed them all parathas.

3 hours passed and it was time for Rudra and Souyma to leave.

Doctor- You should come here more often, I have never seen them smile them so much.

Rudra- It makes me so happy to see they have enjoyed.

A girl comes and she goes up to Rudra

The girl- Even though I can’t see you. I can tell you have a pure heart Rudra uncle, you are so nice and funny and I wish I could see your face.

Rudra’s tears fall and the girl wipes them off. Rudra couldn’t take it and he hugged her.

Rudra- Here’s a little tip Affi, even though you can’t see, no one is stopping you to create things in your mind- let your creativity run free.

The next day.

Rudra drags souyma early morning to see the kids. He takes them all out for a picnic and then him and the boys play basketball.

He sees 2 kids crying.

Rudra- Sanjay… akshay. Why are you crying? What did I tell you when Rudy is here. No-one should fear.

Sanjay- We can’t play basketball. Us two are in wheelchairs.

Rudra- Wait a minute I’ll be right back.

5 minutes later.

He wheels Sanjay and Akshay in and Both boys are surprised. Both boys are surprised to see that all there friends are on trollies or wheeliebins. After they play loads of games of basketball.

Meanwhile Souyma was talking to some girls.

Anjali- Somu di, Will a boy ever like me.

Souyma- There will always be a boy who will like you.

Anjali- But I’m so fat, no-one will ever like me.

Souyma- What do you mean?

Anjali- Well I have a massive crush on Akshay, But when I asked him about me he said that I was too fat, He said he would never like a fat girl like me, even as a friend.(crying).

Souyma- Look, it doesn’t matter if your fat or skinny, tall or small, fair or dark. What matters is what’s inside. Your personality. And if Akshay doesn’t like you because your fat. Well screw him, okay. You don’t need him okay. Just by this fact he’s personality is lacking. He missed the opportunity to be close to an amazing girl like you. You are a beautiful kind girl who doesn’t need boys she has herself. Every princess has her prince so you need to find that boy who doesn’t care about your looks , he cares about you inside.

Anjali- Thanks Somu di…

Souyma- Never change. I already regret doing that. (starts remembering Rudra)

Anjali- So, is Rudra your prince Somu Di,.

Souyma- That’s a whole different story.

After sometime they leave.

The scene changes to Tia’s room.

Tia- Ma?

She’s on facetime with her mum and her 3 sisters.

Mrs kapoor- Yes tell me Tia.

Tia- You know how every time we made a plan this stupid Anika ruined it.

Swetlana- Yes Tia. What are you trying to say.

Tia- I think she’s faking her memory loss.

Rumi- Don’t be stupid okay, you just hate her.

Tia- She’s actually a nice person. But today she told Shivaay that she knew fluent spanish, and moreover she started using her weird words again and she called Sahil her brother.

Mrs Kapoor- What are you trying to say?

Tia- I say we bring someone back in this OM and give Anika a problem of her own.

Mrs Kapoor- I like what you are thinking.

Some of their convo is muted.

Tia- The family are already broken, they just need one push.

Precap- Tej VS. Rudra, Shivaay and Anika’s spanish plan and Tia’s guest.

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