Kaira ff: She Loved A Monster (chp#28: Planning For Her)

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They got down the merry go round and Naira started to walk away, he held her arm and pulled her, her body slammed against his body, her hands landed on his chest.
N: what?
K: biwi ho tum meri, or main mazak kar raha tha OK… mujhe monster ban’ne pe majboor na karo.

He said holding her in his arms but she moved away from him.

K: u OK?
N: hmm I m

They walked away together and didn’t wanted to have more rides, they went to beach. They walked together and she stopped, he too stopped.
K: what happen?
N: if I get pregnant, your career won’t be disturbed right?
K: no, your happiness is mine, main tumhare liye kuchh bhi karsakta hoon, lekin achanak ye kiun poochha?
N: I m scared, mujhe darr lagta hai us pain se
K: I will be there with you 24 hours, kabhi door nahi jaunga, or kuch?
She smiled: nothing but I m just 23 right now.
K: toh?
N: not right now, we are very young.
K: arey tum toh serious hogai, abhi tum pregnant hui to nahi ho na, us waqt ki us waqt dekhengay, chill baby.

They continued walking bare feet near the coast hand in hand and knelt down as they got tired. She picked two stones and gave one to him. He was confused.

N: promise
K: oh

They drew the pinky promise sign again and he wrote N in one loop and K in another.
K: Kaira together forever

He raised his pinky and she wrapped her pinky around his and smiled at each other, she kissed his cheek. They sat there till dawn with their arms wrapped around each other.

N: Karthik, do you remember what is after ten days?

K: 30th April, so?

N: event?

K: none

He pretended as if he doesn’t know. She looked at him.

She frowned: as if you really don’t know, u r joking.

K: I m not.

N: so unlucky of me, I remember but u don’t.

She said looking at the waves.

K: it’s your birthday, I know, u seriously thought I won’t remember?

N: why u always pretend not to know?

K: I was just teasing you, don’t mind na baby. How can I forget your birthday? U r special to me.

She smiled and they stood up holding hands and went near the sea, she tightened her grip on his hands as a wave came. He kissed her forehead.

K: do u remember our first visit to the beach together? Romancing, getting drenched in rain, kiss and dance and what not, maza agaya tha, seriously.

She giggled.

N: to phirse kuch kartay hain, everyone are too busy.

K: pakka?

N: pakka

They had a quick yet passionate kiss, they laid there for some more time.

K: let’s go now, abhi hum yahan 7 din or hain, aaram se mazay karengay.

N: this will be my first birthday without ma and pa.

K: but this will be your first with me.

She smiled and he lifted her in his arms and they went from there. Later at night, at 12, Naira was alone in the room and just then came a knock on the door. She was greeted by a bear hug which startled her but it took a minute to realize its Karthik.

N: u monster, u know I get scared, then also u do this.

He lifted her during the hug.

K: babyyy, itna mujhse na darro main sweet wala monster hoon

He said pouting cutely and she laughed. She encircled her arms around his neck and flung in his arms. He kept her down putting his one arm around her shoulders and she did the same, they sat on the bed falling back.

K: I thought u would be asleep, kiun nh soi?

N: can’t sleep without u.

K: now u want to do it third time I think.

She turned on her elbow and eyed him holding his collar.

N: han karna hai, tumko bhi karna hai?

K: nope m sleepy

N: lagta to nahi, Chalo kartay hain jab tak neend ajayegi.

K: no

N: tum tease kar rahay ho kabse to ab kar hi letay hain.

Within seconds she sealed her lips with his and he too gave in, he rolled on the bed coming on top of her breaking the kiss.

K: khush? Ab khud bhi so or mujhe bhi sonay do.

N: not fair, why u stopped?

K: I m tired, let this monster take rest.

N: oh.

She eyed him as he was still on top of her and got an idea. She kept her hands on his shoulders and pushed him slowly making him lay back and came on top of him. She kissed his forehead, cheek and near his lips.

N: good night

Then she again leaned down and he eyed her sleepily as she again sealed their lips together for about fifteen minutes then parted away.

K: wow, how akdoo

N: akdoo hogay tum, I m a monster’s bride, goodnight monster.

They slept cuddling to each other. Next morning he woke up before her and freshened up, when he came back she was still asleep so he took his laptop and searched for something.

He said in heart: what should I gift her? Just some days left for her birthday and I want to make it special, but how? Yes, I will write a song for her and don’t know about the rest, maybe gifting her traditional clothes would work, I don’t think so she wears but if I give her by love I m sure she won’t refuse…what else? I will think about it, she’s not so difficult to please.

He felt her hand on his arm and her chin resting on his shoulder, he quickly turned off the laptop turning to her but thankfully her eyes were closed.

N: what are you thinking? Should I help?

K: kya? Kuchh bhi to nahi, tum sojao, itna jaldi uth k kya karogi?

N: without u I can’t and I woke up as I didn’t find you on bed and I opened my eyes, u were working on laptop, why did u wake up so early?

K: neend urr gai, tum so na, main hoon yahin par.

He slowly made her lay back and laid beside her embracing her in his arms, she slept within sometime and he kissed her forehead and he too slept. All day they were indoor and later at evening, he went saying he will just come. He went to the kitchen of the hotel and took permission from the waiters to make something, they agreed. Naira heard a knock on the door and she opened it.
K: surpriiiise!
N: wow! You made it?
K: yes I did, its of our anniversary.
N: our marriage didn’t complete one year yet, it will complete after six months.
K: month anniversary he to mana rahay hain
N: I heard about it first time.
K: hmm

He cut the donut and fed it to her, she too fed him.
K: see this

He showed her the donut from the cut side and she saw a rainbow heart inside and smiled.

N: you’re amazing.

She kissed his cheek and smiled.

(A/N: next update isn’t ready yet so I need suggestions)

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