Suvreen Guggal 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Suvreen Guggal 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 7th August 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with Alisha taking hold of Yuvi’s hands and Suvi just reaches to see them, she pleads to Yuvi to forgive her as she knows it was her mistake and she wont ever do it again and promises him she will change, she pleads him not to leave but Yuvi gives a grimm look while Alisha smiles and Yuvi turns to Alisha smiling and leaves while Suvi shouts out Yuvi’s name
Suvi wakes up frightened asking herself what kind of a dream was that and thinks that those lines she said in the dream were the ones which she read from Alisha’s message on Yuvi’s cell, Suvi thinks what could be the meaning of the dream, she then thinks of finding out Alisha’s secret and plans to ask Yuvi
Suvi calls up Yuvi who informs her he is about to reach Iris as Maddy called them early, Suvi tells

him to wait outside for her as she needs to talk something important and hangs up before Yuvi could say anything
Suvi is searching for an auto but fails to get one, she worries Yuvi will get late because of her, just then a woman passing by on the other side of the road gets splashed with mud water by one of the passing cars, she curses and tries to get the dirt off her while Suvi pissed walks to the car who stops at the signal, Suvi blasts the guy about driving so carelessly and shows him what he did to the other woman
The guy apologizes to Suvi but she tells him to go to her and apologize instead of her, the woman notices, the guy apologizes the woman, she says its ok, the woman looks towards Suvi impressed
At Iris Samar shows the models a presentation and they discuss on it where one of the girls starts her flirt mission with him and says she will call him only Samar, Yuvi comments the concept of the project is really good and calls him Samar but Samar tells him off that he is still a sir for him, Yuvi goes into flashback of what happened at night, Samar tells them their location will be ‘bhoot bangla’ and warns all not to get scared and run away, as he turns to Yuvi and smiles
The woman goes to Suvi and thanks her while Suvi tells her its okay, just then the lady’s car arrives and Suvi’s phone starts ringing and she asks Yuvi to wait as she will be there soon, Suvi then asks the lady for lift who agrees
Samar tells everyone the story of the haweli’s rajkumar who is a bhatakti aatma, Yuvi then says he will be the rajkumar in the ad, Samar nods and tells the girls they will be the students who will come to the haweli to know its true story, Yuvi excitedly exclaims ‘kya baat hai yaar’ but Samar warns him not to be so happy as the prince’s soul still lingers there, Samar then was about to leave when he stops behind Yuvi and scares him, Yuvi tells himself he will see Samar in the shoot
Suvi and Jaya Dallal or JD(the lady) introduce each other, where JD tells her she is a classical dancer and does across india shows, she then tells Suvi about her last tour where she left the shopping for her next shows and therefore asks Suvi if she will be able to give some ideas for the costumes, Suvi surprised says ofcourse, she then asks Suvi her name and Suvi says its ‘Pepper Bhatak’
JD then takes out her card and gives it to Suvi and tells her to mail her the designs and even if they are old it will work if she likes she will choose, Suvi thanks her and then asks the driver to stop nearby, JD and Suvi bid each other then Suvi gets the message from Yuvi saying sorry as the meeting started he had to go so asks her for lunch
Suvi reaches RC’s cabin and apologizes for being late who tells her to calm down and then announces that Vivaan is here, Suvi exclaims happily and says it’s the second time someone surprised them coming here, RC asks who else came and Suvi says Rathi came, RC says Yuvi must be happy and then tells Suvi that Vivaan is dying to meet her so asks her to come for dinner tonight but Suvi tells him she cant as she already told Rathi she would go for dinner with them
RC says its okay and they will do it tomorrow, Suvi says yeah and she willc all up Vivaan for sure, RC tells her she is going through a lot but its important for her to catch up, he tells her to catch up for the lonavla shoot as its Yuvi’s first shoot, just then Samar comes and tells RC they need to discuss something about the haunted house designs for which Yuvi is shooting and he looks at Suvi smiling
Suvi looks away and thinks Maddy is mad and its Yuvi’s first shoot and she really wants him to look good so back to work, Suvi leaves in a hurry
Rohan Trisha and Preeti are having lunch where Trisha tells Rohan she will always feed him first and feeds him while Preeti watches annoyed, Trisha asks Preeti about the food who comments its really yummy, she then asks Rohan how come Geeti isn’t here, Rohan chokes on his food and starts coughing while Preeti looks at him tensed
Trisha then asks Rohan did he think she wouldn’t know that Geeti liked him, Rohan asks her who told her and Trisha says Preeti who goes utter shocked
Suvi sends the mail to JD and then starts working on the haunted house project, Yuvi comes telling her to come as he is very hungry, Suvi says five min and she was just designing for his photoshoot while Alisha watches all jelo, Yuvi tells her to take 10 min then as he wants to wear her designed outfit and wants her to get chosen for the project so that they can both go to lonavla together
Yuvi tells Suvi its his first professional shoot so he is nervous, Suvi gives a kiss and looks towards Alisha who quickly turns back to her work, Suvi wonders why does Alisha keep looking at Yuvi and what was the dream about
Preeti asks when did she say, Trisha reminds her yesterday during lunch when she came to meet Rohan, Preeti nervous says she didn’t mean that she just said both Rohan and Geeti like each other’s company, Rohan stops her and tells Trisha he and Geeti are good friends and that she is misunderstanding, Trisha tells him she was saying the same thing and she didn’t say anything wrong, Trisha then tells him she has some work so she will leave and bids bye to them while Rohan looks at the tensed Preeti
Suvi tells Yuvi that work will be going on but now she needs to talk to him, Yuvi tells her he knows what she wants to talk about, they both leave while Alisha watches angrily, Alisha tells herself Yuvi isn’t talking to her since that day and not even looking at her, she thinks depressed why isn’t he looking at her
Vikram comes to Alisha and asks howcome she is here when everyone is out, she tells him even he is here, Vikram says she wants to be the intern of the month then, Alisha says may the best intern win, Vikram then thinks about something and says he is okay to loose but then he wants her to win and tells her he can help her to win in anyway possible
Alisha asks him why will he do that, Vikram says she cant see one of them winning, Alisha says its not a secret that he doesn’t want Rohan to win, Vikram says she is right and asks her what is her secret, Alisha says there isn’t any and Vikram leaves telling her to think about it
Alisha thinks to herself she doesn’t care who gets intern of the month but she wants the haunted house project so that she can be with Yuvi, she then thinks of moving Suvi out of the way, she thinks of talking to Yuvi in anyway and apologizing him as she needs atleast his friendship back
Suvreen are having lunch, Suvi speaks up and says to Yuvi he wanted to talk something about him and Alisha, Yuvi becomes uncomfortable, Suvi says its okay if he doesn’t want to tlak now but Yuvi says he will talk and tells Suvi about the night what happened, Yuvi tells her she was right Alisha isn’t their well-wisher and he so wished to slap her that day but he doesn’t know how he controlled himself
Suvi to the camera: how could Alisha do such a thing, she became her friend and tried to steal her boyfriend, why is Alisha behind her when all she did was be a good friend to her, why is she thinking about Alisha she should be thinking about her and Yuvi and their relationship, fact is she cant give time to Yuvi and she needs to as she cant loose him, what is RC chooses Alisha for the project, no she needs to get haunted haweli project anyhow
JD calls Suvi and tells her her designs are amazing and she asks Suvi to design for her show which is in four days, JD tells her to meet up tomorrow and Suvi thanks her
Suvi to the camera: she exclaims excitedly…but will she be happy or sad she doesn’t know, one side she is happy that someone liked her designs and she can pay back RC but what should she do about lonavla as she cant go there if she has to do JD’s work, its like she is pushing her hot boyfriend to Alisha to do whatever she wants and thinks what is all this
Suvi gets back to workand keeps muttering to herself about the designs, she finishes with JD’s design and gets back to HH project when she sees the calendar to find out 12th is their anniversary and then prays that she gets selected as she cannot stay away from Yuvi on their anniversary, she looks at Alisha who is working and then looks at Suvi angrily

Precap: Rohan comes telling everyone RC is going to announce who got selected, everyone waits impatient, RC announces that with lots of difficulty they selected while everyone watches him tensed

Update Credit to: sweetshine

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