Gustakh Dil 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 7th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo’s mum scolding her for flying kites. She stops Lajjo from going outside the house as her marriage is in two days. Lajjo says even I work at home and counts them. Lajjo says I m an educated girl in this village. Her mum says your in-laws will send you back, Lajjo says ok, I will come back happily. She argues with her mum.

Scene shifts to Nikhil’s house:

Gunjan is reading magazines. Her dad Samrat comes and have a talk with her. She shows her the bridal dress of Ayesha. Ayesha comes and asks about colors. Her mum asks Ayesha what combination she needs. Barkha asks Samrat to help them get a wedding planner. He advices them saying I can book a hotel and a pandit. Barkha says I need Ayesha’s help. He shows his magazine cover to Gunjan. She says she is proud of him and hugs him.

Scene shifts to Nikhil:

Nikhil is playing chess with Baba. Bua comes and invites her for dinner. Lajjo comes there and checks the chess. Nikhil says now you will try, huh… Lajjo says let me try. Nikhil is shocked to see that Lajjo knows chess. Nikhil asks from where did you learn chess. Baba praises Lajjo. Nikhil is left for thinking. Everyone have dinner. Bua asks Lajjo to eat well. Nikhil likes the food. Nikhil’s friends ask Lajjo why are you marrying so soon. Lajjo says she has to obey her family. Nikhil sees the green chillies in Lajjo’s plate and taunts her can you eat it. Lajjo eats them all one by one. Nikhil says so you are so sharp and jokes. Everyone miss Ishaana. Nikhil tries calling Ishaana. His gang sings and dances. Nikhil is lost in Ishaana’s thoughts. He has a talk with his gang.

Scene shifts to Lajjo:

Someone comes in the fields asking for Lajjo’s house. Lajjo misguides him the way. That man comes to Lajjo’s house and says I am the groom’s Mama. Lajjo’s mum asks him to sit. He gives her a list of things. She introduces him to her daughters. She is shocked to read the list. He asks for Lajjo, She says her name is Lajwanti and we call her Lajjo. She makes excuses. She says I will go and find out Lajjo.

Scene shifts to Barkha(Nikhil’s mum):

Barkha and everyone come to meet the wedding planner in a restaurant. The wedding planner Savio comes there. He praises Barkha. They discuss the wedding plans. Meera (Nikhil’s aunt) asks about the other ceremonies, but they taunt her and send her from the meeting.

Scene shifts to Lajjo’s house:

The man is still waiting to meet Lajjo. He asks for Lajjo. Her mum makes excuses. He says I m getting late. He tells them how he was misguided by a girl. She says such girls should be punished. They say we will leave you till the bus station. Lajjo comes there, the man is shocked to see her.

The man scolds Lajjo saying she is the one who misguided him. Lajjo gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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