Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th August 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 7th August 2013 Written Update

Manpreet is slightly panicky and says to Randeep( creepy bro in law) that if Parmeet is in India then he must be staying in Amritsar. She demands Randeep to find him and bring him to her for Bani’s life and happiness. Bani arrives there and asks why everyone is looking so worried. Manpreet makes an excuse and sends Bani off.

At Soham’s place Raji ask’s CID Soham if he discovered anything about Parmeet. She tells him she’s asking because she is worried about Bani. Soham tells her not to be, and that Bani’s inlaws take very good care of her. Rajji is relieved and says Bani is atleast happy and her life is atleast ok.
Soham takes his pillow and Rajji tries to get him to use the bed as she is sleeping on the floor. Soham has his mood swing and glares at the bed, so she shuts up and he leaves.

The next morning Soham wakes up on the (damned uncomfortable ) sofa and is shocked to see Rajji sleeping on the other side of the table on the floor.He demands to know why Rajji is sleeping there, as she has the room. He ask’s her what she is trying to prove. Rajji(smart girl here!) tells him that everyone thinks it’s her fault he sleeps outside, and they dont know it is his decision to do so. So she is going to sleep outside as long as he does, so Buaji and Bhabi dont feel bad. Soham gets all pissy and tells her he wont do anything she wants. Rajji tells him she only wants his support. Soham tells her to forget it, and he will never help her stay in this house. He also tells her she isn’t his wife and never will be. Rajji tells him relationships dont start nor end with words. She says whether he accepts or not , she is his wife. Soham gets angrier and tells her just because he hasnt been saying anything doesnt mean he cant. Rajji turns away… and Soham looses his temper and grabs her by her arms

He tells Rajji not to test his patience, coz when that dam breaks, he himself doesnt know what he will do. Rajji just looks at him and he realizes what he’s doing. He lets go of her and moves away. Rajji holds her arm where he ad grabbed her and just looks sad.

Bani is standing in front of the mirror drying her hair, and in true pervert style, creepy-pervy Randeep appears behind her.Bani gets startled. Randeep asks her if she is ok and tries to touch her arm, but Bani moves to the side. He tells her that they are looking for Parmeet.Bani tries to move away and he blocks her way. He tells her if she needs anything, and adds really creepily here, anything, then he is there for her.
Manpreet arrives and tells him not to worry so much as she is there to take care of Bani.She gives him a look and he back peddles, saying that he was just telling Bani that they are looking for Parmeet and she shouldnt worry. He leaves from there and Manpreet tells Bani to have faith and that all will b ok.

Bani is sitting in the prayer room and worrying about Parmeet. She brings the prasad out and tries to give Daarji, who is rushing off, some. But he just moves away from there. Manpreet tells Bani to let it be.

Soham is sitting with Kuggi feeling bad about man handling Rajji. Kuggi tells him, that if he knows he is doing the wrong thing, and he always feels bad, than why do it. Soham tells him, it is out of his control.
Kuggi{ love this boy here tonight} says so is it in rajji’s control, to do housework all day, then listen to criticisms and constant taunts to pay for her family’s mistakes. Atleast she is trying. Soham asks him what he is trying to say. Kuggi tells him he is just trying to bring Soham’s attention to the facts , that while he takes his anger out on Rajji, who does she , the poor thing take it out on. Injustice was done to her too, but she cant say anything. He further tells Soham that Rajji isnt happy with this marriage either and the treatment she gets is appalling, but she is atleast trying.
Soham asks. why is she trying. Nobody wants her in the house, most of all him He can never give her bani’s place or the position of a wife.. Why doesnt she just leave?Soham admits that he increases her problems on purpose so that she would just leave, and no longer have to put up with the bad treatment. Rajji and Soham are both think about how he cant accept her as his wife, and she wants to a good wife to him

Binder calls Rajji and asks after her. Rajji tells her that everything is ok and she wont give up. Buaji is listening to the convo and trips over the clothes bucket Rajji had put down to pik up the phone. Rajji immediately puts the phone down and thus Binder doesnt hear Buaji have a screaming fit at Rajji and tells her the real test hasn’t even begun yet.

At Bani’s parents house, the matchmaker lady comes to see Desho. She asks how Bani and Rajii are doing. Nirvail and his family come out and she comments how happy they all must be to have married off 2 daughters. She tells Desho that she has a very good proposal for Jasi. Desho looks interested, and Rajji’s brother says in a slightly taunting way that the boy should be N.R.I. Desho’s excitement settles a bit at that.
Bani’s dad tells her no, she insists, but he still refuses, saying it is too soon. The lady tells Desho that they should all think it over and let her know in a day or 2. Desho looks like she wants to pursue it, but her husband’s refusal to the lady gets her worrying.

Chachaji and Randeep come and tell Manpreet they couldnt find Parmeet anywhere. They say that Prameet did what he had to, and now he wont ever come back. Randeep say’s that they cant even go looking for him since Canada is so big and they nothing about it. Manpreet worries about what will happen to Bani if Parmeet doesn’t come back. Randeep pipes in and offers his services. At Manpreet’s look he says that they all will take care of the problem. Manpreet tells him, all he should do if he is so worried about bani, is to find Parmeet. Kuljeet( chachaji) says that they will all stand by bani. MAnpreet tell him it wont be possible to stand against Daarji’s decision just like they couldnt 20 years back. Bani comes there and asks tem what decision they are all talking about.

Buaji eats the food Rajji made and says it is ok. She tells Rajji not to be too happy as cooking isnt part of her test as it’s not a big deal. She tells Rajji that the real test starts now. Buaji says she wants to do an Akhnd Patt in the house. She tells Rajji it must be done with complete rituals and she cant take anyone’s help for it. She tells the family that no one will help Rajji. Rajji looks worried.

Epi ends.

Update Credit to: SophiSays

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