Suvreen Guggal 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Suvreen Guggal 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Suvreen Guggal 5th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins in Mumbai.. YuvReen are fighting again.. Suvreen says: What did you think.. if you are holding my hand I would scream for help?? (Their funny tune is playing..) Yuvreen holds her arm and pulls her towards him.. and says: Now scream! He comes closer to her and wants to kiss her. (Their romantic tune is playing) A car passes.. and then they him goes away.. He asks: What happened?? Why you don’t scream? She says: Because.. Because.. because…!! And then after a while she says: One minute.. what did you think?? (she means: why he came closer to her).. He says that he doesn’t think anything.. She says: Don’t lie! And then Yuvi says: Because.. Because… because…!!! He says: You and Me , Me and You are together now.. I thought that there is something between us.. She asks: What is between us?? And then he comes slowly closer to her and says: Should I say what is between us?? She says: Don’t come closer to me.. say it but don’t come closer to me! She runs away from him and then Yuvi kneels and screams : I LOVE YOU SUVREEN,.. I LOVE YOU TOPPER,…!!! And he says that he will tell it to all who lives in mumbai.. Suvi turns around and smiles at Yuvraj. (the song : Iktara plays in the background) Yuvi stands up and opens his arms.. SUVREEN RUNS INTO YUVIS ARMS!! SHE HUGS HIM.. After a while says Suvi: Lets go..

In the next scene Mannu gave something to Naro.. She thinks where he got the money and all..

Back to YuVreen.. YuvReen are in the car.. Yuvi is looking at Suvi while she is sleeping in his arms.. She wakes up and asks why is the car stopped.. Yuvi says that they are already in delhi. She asks him why he doesn’t woke her up. He answeres: If I woke you up then you would run and leave me.. She says that she didn’t know that anyone will do anything like this for her. And she says that she didn’t know that she will go with a boy to mumbai (alone).. And then she says that she was going to mumbai just because of Yuvi. Yuvi asks her: Did you like it? She says: Ocourse, but I don’t liike that you are giving lots of mone for me. And then she goes. She hugs him first.. and then she goes.. After a while her dad comes to meet her. He says that he heard the car and then he comes.

They both are going to the house. Baby and Mumma guggal are there. Suvi is happy to seeing them. First she hugs Mumma and then Baby. Mumma says that she was really surprised that Suvi did everything in the house while she was not there. Baby thinks: What did Suvi do to mummy and daddy?? why are they behaving like this to her?? Baby asks to suvreen how is her friend? Is her fever resolved? She says: Yes.. Puppa says she hasn’t have fever.. she had foot pain. She says : Yes.. she had infection soo she had fever too. Baby asks: Really?? Suvi says: What does it mean???? She says that yesterday was valentines day so she could go with a boyfriend.. Suvi says: Do you think I’m lying?? Annie and Naro are lying too?? Why are you talking with me like that?? And then they begin to fight.. Suvi stands up and goes to fresh.

In the next scene Rathi and Mannu and drinking a cup of tea. They wear sunglasses.. Yuvraj comes too. He has a cup of tea in the hand. Yuvi says that is was really good to be in mumbai with Suvi. He says that they went to beach and all.. Mannu makes fun with Yuvraj.. Yuvi gives the cup of tea to Rathi and beats up Mannu (just for fun) (the punjabi tune is playing) Rathi gets sad..

In the next scene Suvi & Mumma guggal went to shopping.. They come to home. But then Mumma guggal sees a boy who wants to open the car.. Near him is a girl who helps him. Mumma goes to them and says: that she will go to the police and explain everything. The couple says: You are understanding wrong.! And then Suvi comes and asks what happens. The girl says that the forgot the kees. And then mumma and Suvreen goes.. After a while they turns around and they couldn’t find the couple.. (They run away)

In the next scene Yuvraj is waiting to Suvreen in the college. Suvreen comes with Zorro and Annie. She goes without seeing him.. Yuvraj says Suvreen but she doesn’t hear it. And then he says Suvreen again and then she turns around and sees Yuvi. She goes to him and asks: Did you wait for me till the class end?? He says: I said: Suvreen, Suvreen, Suvreen but you didn’t he that. They are fighting again.. She says that Yuvi called her always Topper so she didn’t hear when he called her Suvreen. He comes closer and says Suvreen Suvreen Suvreen.. Are you embarresed?? Do you like it when I’m calling you Suvreen Suvreen Suvreen..?? She says that she likes when he calls her Suvreen but she loves when he calls her Topper. coz only he is calling her Toopper!! She says that she lied today morning to her mom and dad.. And she doesn’t like it. Yuvraj says: Tooppper.. don’t be in tension. If you have any problem I’M ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU!! He will handle anything..

PRECAP: Yuvi and Suvi are in college.. Yuvi holds Suvi’s hand and says that she has lie to her dad.. Suvi says that she can not do it. She will tell everything to her dad.. He asks why she is like this.. Suvi says: If you have any problems with me why do you love me then?? And then she goes.

Update Credit to: nazomel

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