Savitri 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Savitri 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Savitri 5th March 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Savitri telling Pinky that she needs to tell her something.The nurses come to attend to Pinky and Pinkys father and Savitri leave the room.Savitri tells Pinkys father that Pinky ought to know the truth that her mother is dead,and tells him that she can see her.Pinkys mother tells her husband(through Savitri) that she wants her child to advance in life,so she needs to know the truth.

Meanwhile Baba arrives at Savitris home and asks for her.Misthi tells him she isnt there,but asks him to come inside.After Mishti leaves,Baba enters the house and keeps the Mayavi Kitab in front of Jesus Christ and asks him to take care of both Savitri as well as the book.

At the hospital,Pinkys father and Savitri slowly break the news to Pinky that her mother is no more.Pinky is distraught and bursts into tears,as everyone has tears in thier eyes seeing her grief.Savitri tells Pinky her mother is still there,and loves her very much.Pinky tells her mother that she will look after her father for hersake.Pinkys family thanks Savitri for helping them.

Savitri leaves and sits in a cab to go home,however the cab driver tries to misbehave with her.Savitri spots Satya and gets off the cab midway.

Satya is happy to see Savitri(Beta…Maan Main Ladoo Phoota?),and agress to drop Savitri home.

Satya and Savitri are on thier way back-He keeps glancing at her through his bike mirror,as Savitri sits behind awkwardsly unable to decide if she has to keep her hand on Satyas shoulder or no.

Mishti is waiting for Savitri and sees her with Satya,and begins to tease them both.

Misthi runs inside as Satya waits for Savitri to give the “one last look” as she walks away.Savitri turns behind and thanks Satya for dropping her.Once she leaves Satya is happy that all the signs are signaling that Savitri will be his only.

Inside the house Mother Superior asks Savitri where she was-Savitri replies she was there to help someone.Once Mother Superior leaves Savitri tells Jesus that she never understood why only she was blessed with such powers,but now realizes how she makes a diffrence to others and makes them happy,and thanks him.

Savitri turns to leave but see’s the Maayavi Kitab.


Update Credit to: shruti

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