Dil Dosti Dance 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 5th March 2013 Written Update

A new day arrives.The whole gang is at canteen.Swayam is showing them the website,.He asks where is Rey.Barath says must be with your sister.Rey and Taani are in Fire exit.Taani says that Rey is very busy now a days.Rey tells her sorry.She says she didn’t not mean it as taunt and tells she understands what is his situation.Rey tells he will take her out for lunch on date.Taani agrees and smiles.the team is at the class when Sharon gets a call from an unknown number.The whole team asks her to take it up and they keep discussing what would the offer be like.

Sharon says that they have got their offer.The amount is 15000 and its a birthday party…The gang gets in dilemma weather to take the it or not..They feel that this is not good as its birthday party which does not stand any chance as a performance.Aashi stands up and says she wants to say something.Swayam tells her that she is also a part of the team and can say what she feel by sitting too.Aashi sits down and starts which ends with let not not get separated Few are convincing that they are new and this is not a bad opportunity indeed.15000 is not a less sum.When they are about to ignore Swayam says that all will have issues at some place so will they be dropping all offers.Sharon is like finally someone understood me..they decide that Sharon will meet the concerned party.Sharon says that she and Rey will be the spokesperson.Rey asks why me to which all say he must be.Simmi tells about dates and Rey remembers his date with Taani and then goes to say her sorry.Taani is taking about the captain-ship.A guy agrees to become sports captain.Now dramatics does not have a captain and hence all are in discussion about what has to be done.Who has to be chosen.Rey stands at the entrance and admires Taani.Taani then sees him and comes out of the room to speak with him.Rey tells her that his friends needs him and he needs to go.Taani says its Fine.Rey replies that its not fine and Taani says when he knows then what does he expect her to say.Rey says sorry and moves out from there.

The gang is at canteen.They party is decided to meet at 1.00pm.They girls are confused what to where.Neha goes to Sharon and asks her to suggest.Aashi says first they need to decide the place of meeting.Amar says canteen where they can dance and feed.Vicky says Reherasal hall and all agree.Barath suggests why don’t they dress up in their practice dress.Nilesh tells its a good idea and all agree to where it.Rinni asks what will Sharon were.Sharon says that she is not dancing and is only the manager.Swayam says that he felt that she will dance after India fest but Sharon stops him with a No.

Rey asks Sharon that he cant understand why is she not dancing.Sharon tells him that My dear friend you need not understand me but its better if you understand Taani..Rey thinks that Taani must understand his situation.Rey comes near Swayam and says that he was in the same position few minutes before.Swayam asks what did he do to which Rey said he went called her to a place and spoke.Swayam says he cant do that as the gang will tease him.Rey tells why don’t Sharon and swayam, discuss about the strategy to welcome and convenience the client.The whole gang agrees to this.swayam and Sharon are the rehearsal hall and Sharon asks what strategy to discuss.Sharon is about to move out when Swayam says that he used to like her attitude and why is she doing this only she knows.Sharon thinks what the doctor has told her.

Precap: The client has arrived and the team shoes their dance moves.Later they come to know that they are not the ones they are expecting.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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