Best Friends Forever 5th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Best Friends Forever 5th March 2013 Written Episode, Best Friends Forever 5th March 2013 Written Update

The Sarun dance was a flashback varun reminded sanju wr he tricks sanju to dance wit him.. Varun said thr was something bw them in past nd all.. The dance was really gud. Must say RGV nd vinnie dance was also gud.

Prithvi came to canteen while Varun nd Sanju were talking. Sanju left wit Prithvi saying varun to back off.

The BFF’s decides tat dey wnt accept varun back.

In class Prithvi, sanju sit together nd Varun directly behind their back.

In Professor Anu class dey discuss something abt crimes nd punishments.

Varun tried his best to convince sanju to forgive him nd give second chance indirectly while arguing abt sme law subject. Bt sanju was adament nd refused him. Varun calls Prof Anu as Anu di infront of all by mistake. He made up something. Bt Sanju nd prithvi were suspicious i think.

At the same time Ela nd Vinnie gang plans for sanju’s birthday party.. Prof Anu caught them talking nd got angry. She send Ela nd vinnie out.

Wen prithvi he tried to talk to sanju abt her odd behavior in class wit varun she avoided it. Den Sanju went to library searching Ela nd vinnie. RGV tells prithvi ki he knows tat prithvi likes sanju. Prithvi politely declines tat. nd dey went back to plan for party.

Varun nd Prof anu talk privately. Prof Anu is angry on varun nd scolds him.

Varun gets to know abt Sanju’s birthday party nd decides he will make sanju to accept him as a frnd on her birthday.

Precap: Varun tries to talk to Ela(i guess to apologize). Mac nd varun gets in fight. Sanju scolds varun nd said tat gang knows his truth or something tat sort dono well.. she actually behaved rudely wit him in precap.

Update Credit to: Keerthi

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